This year the anti-Semitic Al Quds “Hate Rally” in Toronto is scheduled to take place on August 3rd 2013 at 3:00 p.m. on Queens Park!

Al Quds was founded by Khomeini the founder of Islamic Regime and an Islamist dictator responsible for the rape, torture and execution of thousands of Iranian dissidents. The Regime he created still reigns terror on the people of Iran, supports terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah and is busy trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

Al Quds is an annual protest which aims to export the Islamic Revolution, Al Quds protestors (Khomeinists) call for the conquest of Israel and its replacement with an extremist Islamic State.

In the past years protesters have held up pictures of Khomeini and the hated Islamic Regime flag as well as the flag of Hezbollah, a terror group banned under Canadian Law. The Rally has also featured pro-Khomeini speakers who promote the ideology and values of the Islamic Regime.

Canada is built on the principles of freedom, equality and respect for all. It is shocking that the Canadian Government would allow year after year for Queens Park to be used as a platform for hate speech and promotion of Islamic extremism.

To all groups, organizations and independent activists who oppose Islamic Extremism and support Canadian values:


1. Counter-Rally- Activists will gather for a counter-rally against the Al Quds Hate Rally on Queens Park on August 3rd 2013 at 3:00 p.m.

2. Write press releases, articles and blog posts and voice your concerns about this “Hate Rally.”

3. Contact the media (tv, radio, print, news blogs) and voice your concerns.

4. Use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about the counter-rally and call to action. Encourage others to get involved!

Say no to the promotion of Al Quds “Hate Rally” and promotion of Islamic Regime Propaganda in Canada!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, pro-democracy activist and blogger.


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