Mohammad Reza Pourshajari (53) also known as Siamak Mehr is an Iranian blogger and political prisoner who is currently serving a 4 year prison sentence for “political crimes” including “Insulting Islamic Sanctity” “Insulting the Leader” and “ Acting against national security.”

Mr. Pourshajari was arrested in September of 2010. After spending 7 months in solitary confinement where he was subjected to brutal torture, he was “convicted” in closed court and without the presence of a defence lawyer of the vague charges of “Insulting Islamic Sanctity” “Insulting the Leader” and “Acting against national security.”

While in prison Mr. Pourshajari has suffered from two heart attacks which have left him in very poor health. While prison doctors have asked for him to be given medical leave and be transferred to a hospital for long term treatment the Islamic Regime has refused to grant this request.

Mr. Pourshajari suffers from very serious health problems and it is pertinent for him to obtain long term medical treatment as soon as possible.

I am dedicating this post to Mohammad Reza Pourshajari and I urge all pro-democracy activists and human rights organizations to circulate this post and any other information in connection with Mr. Pourshajari making sure that he is not forgotten!

As always a reminder that the only way to help all political prisoners in Iran is to work towards the overthrow of the Islamic Regime in Iran and the promotion of a secular and democratic government by the people and for the people of Iran!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian Lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist

We are approaching my favourite time of the year, the Christmas season with all the lights, decorations and enjoying this time with family, friends and loved ones. While I am determined to enjoy this season I am keeping in my thoughts all political prisoners in Iran and their families, and especially those who are facing execution! In that spirit I will dedicate this post to Habibollah Latifi a Kurdish student, activist and political prisoner who has been sentenced to death by the Islamic Regime in Iran! Prisoners sentenced to death may have their sentence carried out at any moment, and it is crucial for us to keep writing about them and making sure their names and faces stay current, making it more difficult for the Islamic Regime to carry out these executions!

PRESS RELEASE: The Deal with Iran is a Dangerous Mistake: Canada is right in being skeptical and refusing to ease the sanctions in Iran!


November 27th, 2013

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

The interim agreement signed by the Islamic Regime and the International Community is a dangerous mistake which may lead to serious consequences. The Regime in Iran buckling under international pressure and the weight of the sanctions has managed to obtain an excellent deal from the international community while making almost zero concessions.

The new deal will give the regime a much needed relief from the sanctions at least for the next six months, while buying them much needed time to continue working on enriching uranium and moving closer to acquiring nuclear weapons.

Another unfortunate effect of the recent deal, which promises to give the Regime relief from back breaking sanctions is the fact that the issue of serious and systematic human rights violations committed by the regime against the people of Iran seem to have taken a back seat along with the regime’s financial support for terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

By making a deal with Iran that only focuses on the nuclear issue the international community has given a green light for the regime to continue to oppress its own people and to silence the strong voices of dissent inside Iran that has been calling for the complete overthrow of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

The threat posed by the Islamic Regime in Iran both domestically and internationally is real and should not be taken lightly. Canada is right to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions and to refuse to ease the sanctions on Iran.

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger, Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238


PRESS RELEASE: Rally on Queens Park to Oppose Mass Executions in Iran: Wednesday November 6th 2013, 12:00-2:00 p.m., Join Us to say No to Executions & No to Islamic Regime in Iran!


November 4th 2013

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

Since the [S]election of Hassan Rouhani in Iran, the Islamic Regime has gone on a rampage of mass executions in order to create an atmosphere of fear and terror among Iranians, in an attempt to prevent any opposition against the Regime. The past week alone saw the executions of more than 30 people including a well known Kurdish political prisoner Shirkuh Moarefi who was executed this morning!

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist stated “With the [S]election of Hassan Rouhani not only has the human rights conditions in Iran have not improved but they have become considerably worse. Since Rouhani’s raise to power in June of 2013 more than 300 people have been executed in Iran. Many of the individuals who have been executed are political prisoners of Balouchi and Kurdish ethnicity including well known activists Habibullah Golparipour and Shirkuh Moarefi. There are many more political prisoners who face the imminent risk of execution.”

Ms. Hassan further stated: “It is unfortunate that the Harper Government which has been one of leaders within the International Community in condemning Iran’s Human Rights violations has decided to remain silent in the face of recent mass executions in Iran. It appears that as long as there may be a chance of small concessions by the Islamic Regime regarding the nuclear issue that the International Community including the Harper Government is willing to turn a blind eye on the massive human rights violations committed by the Islamic Regime including the mass executions.”

Ms. Hassan lastly stated: “In the face of total silence of the Canadian Government and majority of the main stream media on the issue of mass executions in Iran, Iranian Canadian activist have organized a rally for Wednesday November 6th 2013 on Queens Park from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in order to raise awareness about the mass executions and to urge the Canadian Government and media to break their silence with respect to this issue. We invite all groups and organizations who condemn the recent executions in Iran to join us on Queens Park and say No to Executions and No to Islamic Regime in Iran!

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger, Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238


PRESS RELEASE: Canada must continue to take a tough stand on Iran, In the face of recent mass executions by the Islamic Regime!


October 28th 2013-10-28

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

On Saturday October 26th, 18 prisoners including two Kurdish political prisoners were executed by the Islamic Regime in Iran. Hundreds of prisoners have been executed by the Islamic Regime since the so called “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani came to power in June, but executing 18 prisoners in one day is a new record even for the Islamic Regime.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist stated “While the so called “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani has been smiling his way through the United Nations and working hard to remove the tough sanctions against Iran, the Islamic Regime has been busy executing prisoners including political prisoners in record numbers. The latest example is the execution of 18 ethnic minority prisoners including 16 Balouchi’s and two Kurdish political prisoners.

Ms. Hassan further stated: “One of the political prisoners executed was Habibullah Golparipour, a young man arrested in 2009, subjected to brutal torture and “tried” behind closed doors. According to various reports Mr. Golparipour was executed secretly without the knowledge of his family or lawyer and without the execution date being announced. No doubt the Islamic Regime felt it was necessary to carry out the execution in secret to prevent major protests!”

Ms. Hassan expressed: “Islamic Regime’s killing machine has been operating full force since June of this year, unfortunately many countries including the United States have turned a blind eye to the mass killings in Iran and have agreed to enter into a political dialogue with the Islamic Regime in Iran.”

Sayeh Hassan lastly stated: “ Many Iranian Canadians are extremely concerned that Canada will follow the lead of the United States and renew diplomatic relations with the Regime in Iran. Unfortunately we have already started seeing signs of Canada “softening” its stand on Iran by allowing Iran to operate an unofficial consulate in Montreal and most recently appointing the country of Oman as the official representative of Iran in Canada. There is no doubt that the Conservative Government in Canada would lose not only the support but also the respect of Iranian Canadians if it chooses to ignore the mass executions in Iran and renews its diplomatic relations with Iran.

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger, Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238


Oman has been named as Iran's representative in Canada which means they will look after Iran's affairs and interests including consulate affairs. Last June Canada cut all diplomatic ties with Iran including shutting down Iran’s embassy in Ottawa. Since last June Canada has had no diplomatic relations with Iran and has not allowed for any country or entity to act as Iran’s representatives in Canada.

In September of this year an Islamic Centre in Montreal started carrying out Iran’s consulate affairs going as far as creating a website which clearly indicated that the Islamic centre would be Iran’s official consulate in Montreal.

Many Iranian Canadians were extremely concerned about this new development not only because this consulate was operating against Canadian law, but also because they were against Islamic Regime’s political presence in Canada, whether official or unofficial. Many Iranian Canadians contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, their members of parliament and the media to voice their concerns about this issue.

A facebook group named “Shut Down Iran’s Consulate in Montreal” was created and a protest was scheduled in front of the Islamic Centre in Montreal on Saturday October 26th 2013.

Unfortunately in the meantime the Canadian Government decided not only against shutting down Iran’s consulate in Montreal, but they also designated the country of Oman to act as Iran’s representative in Canada essentially allowing Iran to once again have a political presence in Canada.

This comes as a major disappointment and surprise to Iranian Canadians who applauded Canada’s tough stand on the Regime in Iran. There is great concern that this maybe the beginning of the renewal of Canada-Iran diplomatic relations which would not be welcome by Iranian Canadians who have been fighting against the dictatorship in Iran.

Please note that the scheduled protest of October 26th 2013 in Montreal has been cancelled, but there will be a protest in front of Oman Embassy in Ottawa as well as at Parliament Hills. Please stay tuned for the new date.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian Lawyer, Pro-Democracy Activist and Blogger

October 10th World Day Against the Death Penalty

Today marks the world day against the death penalty. We mark this day at a time when the Islamic Regime in Iran is carrying out executions both publicly and privately on a daily basis. We are constantly bombarded with news from Iran about public hangings, stoning and executions in prisons. Today is a good opportunity to take a stand and say “No to Executions and No to Islamic Regime in Iran.” It is crucial that we do not separate the fight against the regime with the fight against executions as it is impossible to stop the killings in Iran unless we stop the killing machine.

If you are in Toronto please join us at Yonge/Dundas square at 6:30 pm and say NO TO EXECUTIONS AND NO TO ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN!

My latest article on Freedom Press Canada on needs to be done with Islamic Regime's Assets in Canada

How Should Canada Deal with the Iranian Regime’s Assets?

On September 9, 2013, the Canadian Government identified some of the Islamic Regime of Iran’s (IRI) assets in Canada, which amount to millions of dollars.

The list of the Islamic Regime’s assets were released by the Department of Foreign Affairs to assist victims who want to collect damages from the IRI due to its support of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The list of assets is divided in two. The first set are the diplomatic assets, which include the Iranian Chancery, the ambassador’s official residence, the staff headquarters in Ottawa, and two Embassy bank accounts. These diplomatic assets are protected and cannot be claimed by victims of terror.

The second set of assets are non-diplomatic. These include the Iranian Cultural Centre in Ottawa, a parking spot in Ottawa, 13 bank accounts amounting to 2.6 million dollars, and a visa account in the amount of $325,000 (currently frozen under UN sanctions); these non-diplomatic assets can be awarded to terror victims.

The Canadian Government has taken a step in the right direction by identifying the IRI’s assets. Questions remain, however, about whether what has been identified is the entirety of the assets known to the Canadian government—and whether, indeed, they should be made available to the victims of terror.

There is no mention in the government list of the assets of the former head of Iran’s National Bank (Bank Melli), Mahmoud Reza Khavari, who was the Chairman and Managing Director of Iran’s largest state-owned bank. Bank Melli has been sanctioned by the United States and the European Union for its funding of terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In 2011, after a 2 billion dollar embezzlement scandal, it was discovered that Mr. Khavari was residing in a 3-million-dollar home in Toronto’s affluent Bridle Path neighborhood. Not only was Mr. Khavari residing in Canada, but he had actually obtained Canadian citizenship and brought at least the 3 million dollars necessary for his home purchase, and probably more, into the country. It is difficult to believe that the identity of Mr. Khavari was not known to the Canadian government at the time that he obtained his citizenship. And there are likely many other high ranking IRI affiliates living and investing in Canada; these individuals and their assets have not been identified or frozen by the Canadian Government.

As an Iranian-Canadian pro-democracy activist, I welcome Canada’s attempts to identify and freeze the IRI’s assets, but I am disappointed that our government has chosen to exclude the property of individuals like Mr. Khavari, who have been closely affiliated with the Islamic Regime. Moreover, I am concerned about the IRI’s non-diplomatic assets being made available for victims of terror to claim as compensation. The fact is that these assets do not rightfully belong to the IRI at all; the Regime has no legitimacy, having managed to stay in power for 34 years not through the will of the people but through the use of force, torture, rape, and execution.

By rights, the assets of the IRI belong to the people of Iran and not to its illegitimate government. I submit that these assets should indeed be frozen and should be held in trust by the Government of Canada to be handed over to a democratically-elected government after the overthrow of the Islamic Regime in Iran

Jeffery Simpson of Globe and Mail suggests the Canadian Government should keep an "open mind" about the Islamic dictatorship in Iran. He asserts (naively) that there is a new Government in Iran which is different from the previous Government.

Clearly Mr. Simpson is not very well versed on the structure of the Iranian Government. While the president is [s]elected every four years among candidates handpicked by the "Supreme Leader" Khamenei, the government itself which is ruled by Khamenei and is an Islamic dictatorship never changes. Instead it hangs on to power by using force, torture, rape and execution.

The fact that 11 very high profile political prisoners were released from prison recently does not mean there is a new government in Iran or that things have changed. It simply means that sanctions and political pressure on Iran is working to weaken the Regime, and it forcing them to back down. Instead of keeping and open mind the Canadian Government needs to thread very carefully when Rouhani and the Islamic Regime is concerned!

!اطلاعیه مطبوعاتی: قتل عام مخالفان ایرانی در کمپ اشرف باید محکوم شود

برای انتشار فوری

4 سپتامبر، 2013

قابل توجه: سردبیران مطبوعات

در سحرگاه روز اول سپتامبر 2013 حدود 100 نفر از ساکنان ایرانی کمپ اشرف که از مخالفین نظام جمهوری اسلامی و از اعضای مجاهدین ( سازمان مجاهدین خلق ) هستند با خشونت مورد حمله قرار گرفتند. تعداد 52 تن از آنها به قتل رسیدند و حداقل 7 نفر از ساکنان توسط مهاجمان ربوده شدند. بسیاری از قربانیان یا از جانب سر و یا از ناحیه بالای سینه مورد ضرب گلوله قرار گرفته و کشته شدند در حالیکه دست تعدادی از آنها از پشت سر بسته شده بودند! روایت های مختلفی از این رویداد در رسانه ها در گردش است ولی به نظر می رسد که نیروهای امنیتی عراق این حمله وحشیانه را انجام داده اند .

سایه حسن که یک وکیل کانادایی ایرانی ، وبلاگ نویس و فعال طرفدار دموکراسی است اظهار داشت: " ساکنان کمپ اشرف در سال 2003 خلع سلاح شدند و به آنها موفعیت افراد حفاظت شده تحت کنوانسیون چهارم ژنو داده شده بود. دولت عراق موظف به حفاظت از ساکنان اشرف و تضمین امنیت آنها می باشد . متاسفانه دولت عراق تعهد خود را در حصول اطمینان از ایمنی و امنیت اپوزیسون ساکن کمپ اشرف انجام نداده است .

سایه حسن در ادامه اظهار داشت: " نگرانی بزرگ اینست که در حالی که نیروهای عراقی این حمله را انجام داده اند، دستور خود را از رژیم اسلامی در ایران گرفته اند. رژیم ایران برای انجام حملات و ترور علیه اپوزیسیون ایران به بدنامی شناخته شده است. این را هم باید توجه داشت که این اولین بارنیست که کمپ اشرف با خشونت مورد حمله قرار میگیرد . "

سایه حسن بیان نمود: " در حالی که برخی صحبت از این میکنند که دولت عراق در رابطه با این حمله خشونت آمیزیک تحقیق و تفحص " بی طرف " انجام خواهد داد، این راضی کننده نیست . از آنجا که نیروهای عراقی خود مسئول حمله و قتل بیش از 52 مخالف هستند تحقیقات باید به جای دولت عراق توسط یک شخص ثالث بی طرف صورت گیرد. "

سایه حسن در آخر گفت: " من این حمله خشونت آمیز توسط نیروهای عراقی را محکوم میکنم وبا قربانیان این حمله عمیقا همدردی مینمایم. قتل ساکنان کمپ اشرف باید توسط کانادا و جامعه بین المللی محکوم شود و لازم است یک تحقیق مستقل و بیطرفانه در مورد این کشتار انجام شود ".

تماس برای رسانه ها : سایه حسن، وکیل جنایی دفاع، بلاگر، فعال طرفدار دموکراسی

تلفن : 9238-363-416 Email: Blog:

PRESS RELEASE: Massacre of Iranian Dissidents in Camp Ashraf must be condemned!


September 4, 2013

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

On September 1st 2013 about 100 Iranian Camp Ashraf residents who are dissidents and members of Mujahedin-e-Khalg (MEK) were violently attacked and as many as 52 of them were murdered while at least 7 of the residents were held hostage by the attackers. Many of the victims were either shot in the head or in the upper chest area and a number of them had their hands tied behind their backs! While different accounts of the event have been circulating in the media it appears as though it was the Iraqi security forces who carried out this brutal attack.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist stated “The residents of Camp Ashraf were disarmed in 2003 and were given the status of Protected Persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Iraqi Government has an obligation to protect the residents of Camp Ashraf and guarantee their safety. Unfortunately the Iraqi Government has not carried out its obligation in ensuring the safety and security of the dissidents of Camp Ashraf.

Sayeh Hassan Further stated: “There is great concern that while the Iraqi forces carried out the attack, the order itself came from the Islamic Regime in Iran. The Regime in Iran is notorious for carrying out attacks and assassinations against Iranian opposition. It must also be noted that this is not the first time that Camp Ashraf has been violently attacked.”

Sayeh Hassan expressed: “While there has been some discussion that the Iraqi government will carry out an “impartial” investigation with respect to this violent attack, this is not satisfactory. Since the Iraqi forces themselves were responsible for the attack and the murder of more than 52 dissidents the investigation must be carried out by an impartial third party, rather than the Iraqi Government.”

Sayeh Hassan lastly stated: “ I condiment this violent attack by Iraqi forces and deeply sympathize with the victims of this attack. The murder of Camp Ashraf residents must be condemned by Canada and the International Community, and there must be an independent and impartial investigation into the deaths.

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger, Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238


I am very disturbed to hear about the tragic news coming out of Camp Ashraf in Iraq! According to various news sources at least 47 individuals at Camp Ashraf have been killed after a attack to the Camp Ashraf. There are various allegations flying around with respect to who is responsible for these attacks. Is it the Iraqi forces or the Al Quds Iranian forces? There is no question that an immediate investigation must be conducted with respect to who is responsible for this senseless violence. I condemn the violence against activists in Camp Ashraf notwithstanding the fact that I do not agree or support the ideology or the policy of MEK.

This is a good time to remember that if we don't speak up today against this violent atrocity tomorrow it may become our turn... and at that point there may be no one left to speak on our behalf

An Ontario Cleric has stated that Stoning is "good for the soul of the person being stoned" This might not come as such a shock if this cleric was speaking in an Islamic dictatorship such as Iran or Saudi Arabia where these types of sermons are the rule rather than exception, but for this to happen right here in Ontario fills me with shock and disgust! It also raises the question of why Canada is allowing Islamic extremists to preach MURDER right here on Canadian soil.

Will these Islamic extremists try to carry out the practice of stoning in Canada next???

Watch for yourself.

This year the anti-Semitic Al Quds “Hate Rally” in Toronto is scheduled to take place on August 3rd 2013 at 3:00 p.m. on Queens Park!

Al Quds was founded by Khomeini the founder of Islamic Regime and an Islamist dictator responsible for the rape, torture and execution of thousands of Iranian dissidents. The Regime he created still reigns terror on the people of Iran, supports terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah and is busy trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

Al Quds is an annual protest which aims to export the Islamic Revolution, Al Quds protestors (Khomeinists) call for the conquest of Israel and its replacement with an extremist Islamic State.

In the past years protesters have held up pictures of Khomeini and the hated Islamic Regime flag as well as the flag of Hezbollah, a terror group banned under Canadian Law. The Rally has also featured pro-Khomeini speakers who promote the ideology and values of the Islamic Regime.

Canada is built on the principles of freedom, equality and respect for all. It is shocking that the Canadian Government would allow year after year for Queens Park to be used as a platform for hate speech and promotion of Islamic extremism.

To all groups, organizations and independent activists who oppose Islamic Extremism and support Canadian values:


1. Counter-Rally- Activists will gather for a counter-rally against the Al Quds Hate Rally on Queens Park on August 3rd 2013 at 3:00 p.m.

2. Write press releases, articles and blog posts and voice your concerns about this “Hate Rally.”

3. Contact the media (tv, radio, print, news blogs) and voice your concerns.

4. Use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about the counter-rally and call to action. Encourage others to get involved!

Say no to the promotion of Al Quds “Hate Rally” and promotion of Islamic Regime Propaganda in Canada!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, pro-democracy activist and blogger.

On June 15th 2013, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird noted of the Iranian election of “moderate” Hassan Rowhani that “…none of the eight regime-approved candidates represents a real alternative for Iranian voters. The person tagged to replace Ahmadinejad will simply be another of Ayatollah Khamenei’s puppets in the tragic and dangerous pantomime that is life for all Iranians.”

These were heartening words for Iranian-Canadian exiles, an astute assessment of the brutal reality of the Iranian regime.

Baird’s words appropriately recognized that the "moderate" Rowhani has always been a loyal supporter of the Islamic regime during all its phases of oppression, torture, rape, and executions. In July of 1999, during the largest pro-democracy protests Iran had seen in 20 years, while another so-called reformist, Mohammad Khatami, was the Iranian President, Rowhani was responsible for ordering the arrest, torture and murder of students who were fighting to bring genuine democracy to Iran.

For the past three decades, Iranian-Canadian pro-democracy activists have encouraged the Canadian government to take a firm stand against the regime in Iran: to condemn its human rights violations, to isolate the regime politically, and to close the regime's embassy in Ottawa. Baird’s condemnation of the sham election was a sign of hope that the Harper government was choosing to stand with the people of Iran against the Islamic dictatorship.

Not surprisingly, however, the Iranian regime’s agents and lobbyists in Canada quickly initiated and orchestrated a response not only to give meaning to the sham election but also to generate credibility for the regime both inside and outside Iran. Please click HERE for the link to the original article

On June 14th 2013 Hassan Rowhani, one of the handpicked candidates by Khamenei and the Guardian Council became the 11th President of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Hassan Rowhani, in the past 34 years, has been a loyal supporter and a key figure within the Islamic Regime - the regime of: oppression, torture, rape, executions and more.... In 1999 during the presidency of another "reformist" Mohammad Khatami, Hassan Rowhani was a man responsible for sending the Basij Islamic Militia (paramilitary) into the residences of the University of Tehran students to brutally suppress and kill those University students.

In reaction to this sham [s]"election, on June 15th 2013, the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister; John Baird, made a statement “commending the bravery of the Iranian people” and correctly and bravely stating that “…none of the eight regime approved candidates represent a real alternative for Iranian voters. The person tagged to replace Ahmadinejad will simply be another of Ayatollah Khamenei’s puppets in the tragic and dangerous pantomime that is life for all Iranians.”

This heartwarming message was welcomed by many Iranian-Canadians who have been forced to flee Iran and have chosen Canada as their second home post rise of the Islamic dictatorship in Iran.

For the past three decades, many activists within the Iranian-Canadian communities have been continuously encouraging the Canadian Government: to take a tough stand against the regime in Iran, to condemn the Islamic regime’s human rights violations and the mass murder of political prisoners in Iran in the 1980's and summer of 1988, to recognize the Massacre of 1988 as "Crime Against Humanity", to isolate the Islamic regime politically and to shut down the regime's Embassy in Ottawa. As a matter of fact after so many years of lobbying and struggling, the Canadian Government has finally decided to listen to the Iranian-Canadians. This was a sign of hope that the Canadian Government was choosing to stand with the people of Iran against the Islamic dictatorship.

However, the regime's agents and lobbyists in Canada through "media" support with strong financial support, quickly initiated and orchestrated a pressured response on Mr. Baird; in an attempt, not only to give "meaning" to a "meaningless" sham "election"; but to give the Islamic regime credibility and legitimacy both inside and outside Iran.

The activities of the Islamic Regime's agents have been evident; according to Iranians American Forum published Article about Mr. Ali Tabatabai, brother-in-law of Mr. Tajzadeh, "reformist political prisoners" - Mr. Tajzadeh appraised his brother-in-law for the petitions/minister-baird-must-retract-his-disparaging-comments-on-iran-s-election-results . In his letter from "prison", Mr. Tajzadeh addressed the "Iranian-Canadians" who signed the petition: "you include Iran’s regime as part of yourself and while the Iranian Embassy is closed you act on behalf of that embassy." (a petition with 378 signatures among more than a hundred thousand Iranian-Canadians)

Unfortunately, on June 21st 2013, many of us were sourly disappointed when we read Mr. Baird’s An open letter to the People of Iran published in the Globe and Mail. In his open letter Mr. Baird appeared to have backed down from his original statement of June 15th 2013 when he recognized the [s]elections for what it really was: a sham orchestrated by the Islamic Regime as an attempt to gain some credibility and legitimacy.

There is no question the pro-regime agents and lobbyists in Canada are very active with a strong financial backing. This is something that the Iranian pro-democracy activists in Canada have been concerned about for years and have tried very hard, to expose these agents and their activities. However, it is unfortunate to see that these pro-regime elements have sufficient resonance with Mr. Baird in influencing his original stand which condemned the Islamic Regime in Iran and promoted freedom and democracy for all Iranians.

It is sad to witness that, despite the claim of connecting "Iranians - in the country with those in the Diaspora" - who are struggling for freedom and democracy, the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have connected the pro-regime lobbyists/"reformists" in the country with those in Canada to prolong the life of a mass murderer regime. "Lest We Forget" that for the past 34 years under the "Islamic Republic of Iran", Iran has undergone the darkest period in the history of the world - comparable to: Inquision Period, Fascism and Nazism. Furthermore, under an Islamic dictatorship in Iran, Iranians have no "rights" to choose their own clothing, food and sexual orientation; the notion that the people of Iran could "elect" their own president, it is nothing but a lie.

We have been witnessing the agents of the Islamic regime propagating that the people of Iran have "Voted for Hope" and inviting politicians to congratulate the outcome the "choice of hope". A "hope" which was handpicked by Ali Khamenei and Must-be a Male Shi'a Muslim. It is a crime to congratulate people who live in the Islamic Concentration Camp of Iran for choosing their prison guards: Fascists or Nazis.

The Islamic regime is a tragic book which consists of many chapters: "fundamentalists", "reformists", "moderate-reformist" and full of characters: Khomeini, Rafsanjani, khatami, Ahmadinezhad, ... and Rowhani; regardless, it is the same book.

We, the Iranian- Canadian activists who strongly oppose the theocratic dictatorship regime in Iran, would encourage the Government of Canada to take side with the Iranians whom have been oppressed and silenced for 34 years - regardless of changes of the prison guard (president): fundamentalist hard- liner such as Ahmadinejad or quickly "transformed fundamentalist" to a “moderate-reformist” clergyman such as Rowhani.

We appreciate John Baird's support of the Iranian people in their struggle for democracy and freedom; and also wishfully hope that other western countries will put diplomatic pressures on the Islamic Regime.

Sayeh Hassan, Iranian-Canadian lawyer, pro-democracy activist and blogger,

Mansoureh Nasserchian, Iranian-Canadian activist, radio producer and documentary maker,

Faramarz Shiravand, Iranian-Canadian investigative reporter and political activist

Hassan Rowhani is anything but a "moderate", he is a wolf hidden in sheep's clothing and will be an extremely helpful tool for the Islamic Regime, to decrease some of the pressure they are receiving both at home and abroad. We must be diligent in exposing his true colours and his involvement in the crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic Regime to the international community, and make sure they are not fooled by another "smiling mullah!"

Today is the International Day to Support Political Prisoners in Iran. It is also a day to remember Neda Agha-Soltan, a young woman who was shot to death by regime agents during the 2009 protests. What was special about Neda was that she had not participated in the [s]elections, she was not "green" and she supported democratic change in Iran. I am dedicating this post to Neda as well as all political prisoners in Iran, especially those whose names and whereabouts we might not know. I stand with them in their dedication and hope for a free Iran!

Sayeh Hassan in the National Post-Re: Iranian [s]Elections:

Mr. Rowhani “may be a moderate, but that is moderate within the Islamic Regime. He was one of the only eight people out of 600-plus who were allowed to run for presidency and approved by Khamenei and the Guardian Council,” said Sayeh Hassan, a Toronto lawyer who fled Iran 25 years ago, and is a pro-democracy activist against the regime.

“They were essentially hand-picked,” she said. “The regime is weak and facing so much pressure, and has lost of most its legitimacy at home and abroad. It needed a high voter turn out and it needs someone moderate to engage the west and stop some of the pressure on Iran. So enters Rowhani… This is not a victory.”

“We may see some small but non fundamental changes, maybe lesser strict rules on the dress code and maybe women will be able to have nail polish on their hands without being arrested, but there will be no change in the real issues and real oppression,” Ms. Hassan said.

Iranian election will be another undemocratic charade

1987 was a dangerous time to be Iranian. With the passing of eight years since the Islamic revolution, the regime’s promises of dignity, prosperity and independence for the Iranian people had taken on their characteristic Orwellian tone. Iranians were told that freedom was slavery and war was peace. The regime’s war with Iraq had ground on for seven years, decimating an entire generation of young Iranians and Iraqis alike. As a seven-year-old from Tehran, fate had it that I was not forced by the regime to clear live minefields – unlike thousands of Iranian children in the 80s who were roped together and marched forward as expendable cannon fodder.

It was in 1987 that my family fled Iran. After spending five years as refugees in Turkey, we were fortunate to make our way to Canada. That I am now a practising lawyer and a proud Canadian reflects the incredible opportunities afforded by our great country. Moreover, it underscores my responsibility to speak out against the regime that devastated the country of my birth and continues to brutalize the people of Iran to this day.

On June 14, I will not be joining millions of fellow Iranians who will be forced to endure the charade of another presidential election. The potential for genuine democratic change is as bleak today as it was in 2009. Of more than 800 prospective candidates, the ayatollahs have determined that only eight are ideologically fit to be included on the ballot.

To my knowledge, not a single eligible candidate has called for political change, such as the establishment of a secular (rather than Islamic) legal code, respect for the rule of law, freedom of the press and the right of peaceful assembly. None have advocated for an end to clerical rule, for the simple reason that the clerics are their ideological kin and the guarantors of their very right to be a candidate.

Not one eligible candidate has advocated for an end to the stoning of women and the public hanging of homosexuals. None have condemned Iran’s direct involvement in the horrific Syrian civil war, including Tehran’s ongoing provision of military advisers, funds, and weaponry to the Assad regime.

None have called for an independent investigation into the arrest, torture and murder of scores of Iranian political protestors in the wake of the last election. In this regard, the international community must recognize that what the world witnessed online in 2009 was only a short excerpt of a long record of regime brutality. In the year that followed my departure from Iran, for example, some 2,800 political prisoners were executed for “apostasy” and other spurious charges in a single month.

Lastly, not one eligible candidate in this month’s election has called for an end to the regime’s illegal nuclear program, a development that foremost poses a threat to the Iranian people. If you think a nuclear North Korea enjoys dangerous impunity to violate the rights of its people, just wait until the dark day when Tehran obtains a nuclear weapon – the ultimate insurance policy in regime sustainability. While the international community and Iran’s neighbours are rightly concerned about the regional fallout, Canadians should not overlook the link between the regime’s nuclear ambitions and its ability to continue abusing the Iranian people.

To outline the above aspirations – for democracy, human rights and an end to a reckless Iranian foreign policy – is not to simplify the issues or claim that political change will come easily. But Canadians must be cautious not to view the regime in simplistic terms. We must understand that the notion of “moderates” running within the system is ultimately a paradox; those who are truly moderate have been denied a platform altogether, and fear for their lives should they publicly criticize the regime. You won’t see their names on a ballot, as they can do little more than live in quiet submission, organize underground, waste away in prison or live abroad in exile. For those who have made the painful decision to leave, the ayatollahs’ Revolutionary Guards Corps continues to pose a threat far beyond Iran’s borders.

Sayeh Hassan is a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto and a pro-democracy activist fighting to change Iran’s Islamic regime.

On Wednesday June 5th 2013 Canada’s federal Parliament unanimously passed a Resolution recognizing the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran as “Crime Against Humanity”. A big thanks to all of the activist who have been involved in lobbying the Canadian Government to stand with the Iranian people and to take a tough stand against the Regime in Iran. Also a big thanks to the Canadian Government for taking this big step and standing in solidarity with the people of Iran, and especially those who lost loved one's during the brutal summer of 1988!

Protest against the Anniversary of Khomeini in Toronto was a Major Success!

On Sunday June 2nd 2013 many Iranian Canadians came together to protest against an event held to commemorate Khomeini’s anniversary in Toronto. This event was organized by the “Muslim Community of GTA” and took place at the Islamic Society of York Region.

The original location for the event had been at the Al Huda Islamic Centre which is more centrally located and accessible by public transportation, however the organizers were forced to change the location one day before the event, once they realized that there would be major protests against this event. The new location was outside of the city of Toronto, in a very isolated location and not accessible by public transportation. No doubt this was done in order to prevent protesters from attending!

I am happy and proud to say that despite the isolated location and despite heavy rain during parts of the protest there was a large turnout at the protest and individuals from many different groups and organizations, as well as independent activists were present and able to create a unified front against Islamic extremism. It should be noted that Jewish Defence League had also called for a protest against this event and were present in large numbers.

Khomeini was not only an “Islamic Butcher” responsible for the rape, torture and execution of thousands of political dissidents he was also an Islamic extremist who advocated and supported international terrorism! The Regime he founded 34 years ago continues to oppress its own people, fund and support international terrorism and is actively building a nuclear weapon.

Canadians should be extremely concerned about the fact that there are Islamic extremists living among us who are openly supporting the violent and hateful ideology of this man. Who is to say that Khomeini’s supporters will not decide to FOLLOW his teachings by becoming active terrorists themselves? How do we know that today’s Khomeini supporter will not be tomorrow’s terrorist?

We cannot AFFORD to remain silent and allow these Islamic extremists to organize such events which serve no purpose but to promote hateful Islamic extremist ideology. I for one will be keeping my eyes and ears open for any similar future events and will be there to voice my grave concerns.

There is no place in Canada for Islamic extremism and those who support that ideology!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian Lawyer, blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist

فراخوان به تظاهرات در سالگرد مرگ خمینی در تورنتو!

زمان :یکشنبه ۲ جون ۲۰۱۳ در ساعت ۵ بعد از ظهر

محل: مرکز اسلامی الهدی واقع در شماره ۹۷۵ خیابان کندی در تورنتو (کندی، یک بلوک جنوب لارنس)

"جامعه مسلمانان کلانشهر تورنتو" به مناسبت ۲۴ مین سالگرد مرگ روح الله خمینی، مراسم بزرگداشتی در تورنتو ترتیب داده است. در پوستر تبلیغی، موضوع برنامه بطور طعنه آمیزی "مبارزه امام خمینی برای عدالت برای مظلومان" عنوان شده است.

این جالب است که خمینی یک دیکتاتور اسلامی وحشی بود که انقلاب ایران در سال ۱۹۷۹ را ربود و "مقام معظم رهبری" یک دیکتاتوری اسلامی بود که نه تنها مردم خود را در۳۴ سال گذشته سرکوب میکرده، بلکه بسیار درگیر در تروریسم بین المللی در سراسر جهان هم بوده است.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian Lawyer, blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist

Call to Pickett Ruhollah Khomeini’s Anniversary Event in Toronto!

Date: June 2nd 2013

Time: 5:00pm

Place: 975 Kennedy Road, Toronto, Ontario-Al Huda Islamic Centre

An event has been organized by the “Muslim Community of GTA” to mark the 24th death anniversary of Ruhollah Khomeini in Toronto. Ironically the theme of this event as identified on the flyer is “Imam Khomeini’s Struggle For Justice of the Oppressed.”

This is ironic as Khomeini was the brutal Islamic dictator who high-jacked the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and was the “Supreme Leader” of an Islamic dictatorship that not only has been oppressing its own people for the past 34 years, but is also very much involved in international terrorism worldwide.

Khomeini is a widely hated figure in Iran and is seen by many as the Iranian “Hitler”. He is responsible for the arrest, torture, rape and imprisonment of thousands of Iranian political dissidents after the revolution.

After the revolution millions of Iranians were forced to flee Iran in order to save their own lives or the lives of those they loved. Over the past 34 years many Iranians have come to Canada to escape for that type of Islamic extremism and have embraced the Canadian values of freedom, democracy and secularism.

It is unfortunate that Canada which is a safe haven for many Iranians who have escaped from Islamic extremism and terrorism has become a breeding ground for Islamic extremists who view Islamic dictators as heroes to be celebrated and worshiped.

Canada is a free country and while these individuals may have the right to hold such events on private property we also have the right to picket such events and voice our concern over these types of events which serve to disseminate Islamic extremism and hateful propaganda throughout Canada.

Hope to see everyone there!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist



May 15, 2013

Ms. Janice Stein Director Munk School of Global Affairs

Ms. Janice Stein,

As Canadian-Iranian activists, deeply involved in struggle for a free, democratic and secular Iran, we would like to praise the Munk School of Global Affairs for facilitating an “International Dialogue” about the future of Iran.

However, we are deeply concerned that only, for the benefit of window-dressing, an insignificant number of invitees were from the opposition which are closely linked to the struggle for democratic movement in Iran.

It is extremely disappointing to see that Munk School, for an unknown reason/s, chose to exclude the opposition groups instead inviting the pro-regime “Reformists”.

As you may be aware there are opposition groups, with divers political perspectives, who have been deeply involved in the struggle to end the tyranny of Islamic regime - in order to bring about a form of freely and democratically elected governance that respects freedom, Human Rights and the will of people. We truly believe that the insight of these organizations, which have supporters in Iran and representatives in Canada and in other Western countries, would have been extremely beneficial in any type of dialogue dealing with the future of Iran.

As the Islamic regime's "Presidential [s]election" fast approaches, it would have been not only important but very relevant for the Munk School of Global Affairs, to provide a venue to the Iranian opposition. It is extremely concerning and disappointing that this opportunity was not granted.

It is our great concern that many invitees in the, so called, “Global Dialogue on the Future of Iran” were individuals who either have been part of the Islamic regime (i.e. Mojtaba Vahedi) or the pro-regime “reformists” chapter (i.e. Mehrangiz Kar), or “cultural attaché” (i.e. Mehrdad Aiannejad) and of course "academic elites" (i.e. Ramin Jahanbegloo) in favour of "Dialogue" with the regime.

We were particularly disgusted with the presentation of Bahman Kalbasi and Mehrangiz Kar under the pretext of “moderators” with agenda in promoting the Islamic regime and its anti-Human Rights “Constitution”.

Sadly, the only person, Ms. Shiva Mahboubi, who really alluded to the subject of ending the Islamic dictatorship, was subjected to gagging by the moderator/dominator, pro-regime reformist, Ms. Mehrangiz Kar.

It should be noted that the “Future” begins today; unfortunately, there was no discussion on how to overcome the obstacle of today - Islamic dictatorship - and to arrive at the presumed "Future". In addition, during the two-day sessions, none of the selected topics or questions dealt with the subject of facilitation of ending the tyranny of “Islamic Republic” in Iran – with a free democratic secular government.

Please note that in the eyes of the Iranian people, neither the Islamic regime, the regime of: rape, torture and execution, has any legitimacy nor do individuals who persistently insist to promote a different version of Islam in an attempt to salvage the “Islamic Republic”.

Unfortunately, this was a lost opportunity to have a real "GLOBAL DIALOGUE ON THE FUTURE OF IRAN" - a dialogue which includes Iranian opposition, individuals, and groups opposing the totality of the Islamic regime in Iran. However, we are hopeful that the Munk School of Global Affairs will be more inclusive in its future events; and in addition, more transparent in demonstrating its stance with and its support for the people of Iran in their struggle for freedom.

In conclusion, we would like to inform you that for the people of Iran, one of the significant factors in their struggle - for ending the Islamic dictatorship and quest for freedom and democracy - is “memory and remembrance”.

Yours truly,

Sayeh Hassan Canadian-Iranian lawyer, pro-democracy activist and blogger,

Faramarz Shiravand Canadian-Iranian investigative reporter and political activist

CC: John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs

In memory of Farhad Vakili, Shirin Alam Hooli, Farzad Kamangar, Mehdi Islamian and Ali Heydari who were executed by the Islamic Regime in Iran on May 9th 2010. Three years later we still Honour their memory and the memory of all brave Iranians who have been executed at the hands of this Regime for fighting for freedom and democracy. As the Presidential [S]Elections of June approaches, I hope we will keep the memories of these brave freedom fighters alive and say No To Executions, No to Torture and NO TO ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN!


Perhaps Mr. Trudeau would be wise to engage the “pro-democracy” movement in Iran instead of the dictatorship. He can either stand with the Iranian people or with the Islamic Regime, but he cannot do both. Let’s hope he chooses the side that adhere to the Canadian values rather than a dictatorship that is a global threat to us all.

Sayeh Hassan, lawyer and activist, joins Ezra Levant to speak about Justin Trudeau’s suggestion that Canada should re-engage with the dangerous Iranian regime:

Justin Trudeau believes in "engagement" and dialogue with the Islamic Regime in Iran which is one of the worst dictatorships in the world not to mention a major supporter of worldwide terrorism!!!! This is not only a threat to the pro-democracy movement in Iran but to our very own democracy and freedom in Canada!

Alghabra refutes charges that Trudeau is a lightweight on policy. "On the issue of Iran, Trudeau has clearly stated that he is for engagement. He's also criticised Harper's government policy as being unhelpful in the Middle East and said that it ceases to be useful," he says. But the international community can look forward to Canada coming back to its role as a facilitator, and "not being someone who is an antagonistic voice to the United Nations", he adds.

There have been recent reports that the Turkish police are “exiling” Iranian refugees to small and unsafe cities in Turkey close to the border of Iraq and Syria. These refugees are living in constant fear for their lives and safety. One such refugee is Mr. Farid Shoolizadeh.

Farid Shoolizadeh is a 37 year old Zoroastrian Iranian writer, journalist and political activists who was forced to flee from Iran approximately a year ago and has become a refugee in Turkey.

Until approximately a month ago Mr. Shoolizadeh was residing in the city of Nevsheir and participating in various peaceful political events and activities in support of political prisoners in Iran.

Approximately one month ago Mr. Shoolizadeh was “exiled” to the city of Sirnak by the police in Nevshehir. Mr. Shoolizadeh believes the reason for his “exile” is his religion as well as his involvement in peaceful political and human rights activities.

It must be noted that the city of Sirnak is located on the border of Iraq and Syria and there is constant armed conflict between the Turkish army and the armed Kurdish group PKK. There are also regular protests against the Turkish Government. The military has dealt with the protest by using tear gas or helicopters that pour scalding hot water/pepper on protestors.

Mr. Shoolizadeh suffers from asthma and has difficulty breathing, which has been exasperated by the tear gas he has been exposed to on regular bases. Also the cost of living in the city of Sirnak is extremely high, due to the constant armed conflict, making it extremely difficult for him to buy his medication or inhaler for his asthma or to even obtain basic food necessary for his survival. Mr. Shoolizadeh does not receive any financial assistance from the UNHCR.

There are no other Iranians living in the city of Sirnak, and because Mr. Shoolizadeh does not speak Turkish or Kurdish he is completely isolated from society. It must be noted that five other Iranian refugees have been transferred to small cities in Turkey close to the border where they live in grave danger and fear for their lives.

During my email exchange with Mr. Shoolizadeh I asked him what his expectations are of the Turkish Government and the UNHCR. He indicated that he hopes that the Turkish Government will transfer him to a safe city where other Iranian refugees reside, and that he hopes the UNHCR will review his file and grant him an interview at the earliest opportunity.

I call on all human rights activists, human rights organizations and groups and organizations who work with refugees to show solidarity with Mr. Shoolizadeh and all other Iranian refugees facing a difficult time in Turkey.

Action to be taken:

• Write letters/emails/faxes to the Turkish Embassies in your country voicing your concern about the Iranian refugees and urging the Turkish Government to transfer all Iranian refugees to safe cities within Turkey.

• Write directly to officials in Turkey urging them to transfer all Iranian refugees to safe cities within Turkey.

• Speak/write to the media about your concerns with respect to the situation of Iranian refugees, the more noise we make the better the chances of Turkish Government listening.

• Write to UNHCR voicing your concern about the situation of Mr. Farid Shoolizadeh and urging them to review his case as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist



According to news reports from various human rights activists the Turkish police has been involved in transferring Iranian refugees into war torn areas in Turkey where there is armed struggle between an armed Kurdish organization (PKK) and the Turkish Army.

A well known Zoroastrian activist and refugee Mr. Farid Shoolizadeh is the latest victim of the Turkish Police and has been transferred to the small city of Sirnak (a city bordering Syria and Iraq) where there is constant armed struggle between PKK and the Turkish Army, not to mention the dangerous of being at the Syrian border!

At least four other refugees have also been transferred to war torn areas in Turkey and face grave danger to their lives.

Unfortunately this is not the first time we have heard about the brutality of the Turkish Police against Iranian Refugees. In the past the Turkish police has been responsible for assisting Islamic Regime agents in kidnapping of Iranian refugees and their illegal return to Iran, as well as random arrests and beatings of refugees.

The Turkish Government has a serious responsibility to protect asylum seekers in Turkey and must make sure that it carries out its obligations to protect asylum seekers on its soil by keeping the Turkish Police in check and making sure they act within the law.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian-Canadian Lawyer, Blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist


February 5, 2013

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

Saeed Mortazavi a current senior Islamic Regime Official and the former general prosecutor who was linked to the death of the Iranian Canadian Journalist Zahra Kazemi has been arrested and reportedly transferred to the Evin Prison. The reason for his arrest is not clear however there are some reports that his arrest may be linked to his involvement in the Kehrizak Camps (a brutal detention system where thousands of pro-democracy activists were tortured, raped, electrocuted and killed under severe torture).

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activists stated: While some Iranian activists both inside and outside of Iran are happy with this new development, it is crucial to keep in mind that the arrest of Saeed Mortazavi is a result of a power struggle within various fractions of the Islamic Regime, rather than the result of any attempt by the Regime to reform itself in any way or to adhere to the rights of the Iranian people.

Sayeh Hassan further stated: It is no secret that as of late there has been a great power struggle between the president Ahmadinejad and his ally Saeed Mortazavi and the Parliamentarians who oppose him. With the June Presidential Elections fast approaching, it is not surprising that a power struggle has begin between Ahmadinejad and his rivals. It is important to recognize this for what it is, a power struggle between dictators that has nothing to do with the rights or interests of the people of Iran.

Sayeh Hassan concluded: While Mortazavi may be in the “Evin Prison” which certainly won’t be given the same treatment given to political prisoners who are taken to Evin or any other notorious prison in Iran. Even though Mortazavi may have been temporarily prevented from committing atrocities against the Iranian people his counterparts including Ahmadinejad himself and every other senior official within the Islamic Regime is still free to continue to carry out their dictatorship. Until the Islamic Regime is overthrown and all of his senior officials are prosecuted in courts of law for their crimes against the Islamic people, we should be very skeptical and hold off the celebrations about these singular and strategic arrests in Iran.

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist



PRESS RELEASE: Iran’s Assets in Canada must be Frozen and Given back to the People of Iran after Regime Change!


January 23, 2013

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

Ontario Court of Appeal has ordered costs against Iran to an American once held hostage by terrorist backed by the Islamic Regime. In November of last year an Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued a restraining order against the Regime’s property in Canada including the Embassy in Ottawa and a former cultural centre in Toronto, as the family of an American woman killed in a terrorist attack tries to collect a $13 million judgment against Iran.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and a pro-democracy activist stated: for years the Iranian-Canadian pro-democracy activists have urged the Canadian Government to free the assets of not only the Regime but private assets of individuals affiliated with the Regime who come to Canada and bring along millions of dollars for investment in Canada. The Islamic Regime in Iran does not represent the Iranian people and has not allowed for free elections for 32 years. The Regime has managed to stay in power through the use of violence and force. While the Iranian people have become poorer and poorer over the past 32 years the Regime and individuals affiliated with the Regime become richer and richer by stealing the monies which rightfully belong to the people of Iran.

Sayeh Hassan further stated: The Regime’s assets in Canada is an example of such monies as is the millions of dollars brought into Canada by individuals like Mahmoud Reza Khavari for the purposes of investment.

Sayeh Hassan expressed: While I would support and encourage the Canadian Government to freeze all assets belonging to the Regime and affiliates for the purpose of returning those monies to a democratically elected government once the current Regime is overthrown, I am strongly against any judgment coming from Canadian Courts to freeze these assets for the purpose of any type of civil action.

Sayeh Hassan lastly stated: I deeply sympathize with all victims of the Regime in Iran (Iranian and non-Iranian), however any issue of civil compensation must be addressed after the overthrow of the Regime in Iran by a democratically elected Iranian Government and not through Canadian Courts.

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238



On Thursday January 10th 2012 three female Kurdish activists Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez were found shot to death in the Kurdish Information Centre in Paris. Ms. Cansiz was a founding member of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) while the other two women have been described as lobbyists for Kurdish rights.

These political assassinations come amid peace talks between Turkey and the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan who is currently serving a life sentence in Turkey. There is great speculation as to who is responsible for these killings. While Turkey has referred to these killings as “internal conflict,” Kurds have pointed the finger at the hard liner elements within the Turkish Government who may want to sabotage the peace talks between Turkey and PKK.

It is shocking and unacceptable that such political killings can take place so easily in France and unfortunately this is not the first time that political killings have taken place in France.

In 1989 three political activists Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, leader of Kurdistan Democratic Party as well as Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and Fadhil Rassoul were assassinated by agents associated with the Islamic Regime in Iran.

In 1991 Shahpour Bakhtiar a former Iranian Prime Minister who led the National Movement of Iranian Resistance against the Islamic Regime in Iran was assassinated in France along with his secretary Soroush Katibeh.

It is unfortunate to see that France has become a place where political killings can take place so easily and more often than not without any consequence for those who order and carry out the assassinations.

Regardless of whether we agree or disagree with the political stand of these three female political activists, we must all raise our voice loud and clear and condemn these political killings! France must also be held accountable for not preventing these killings from taking place and must find those responsible for these killings immediately and punish them according to the French law.

France is a country where many political refugees from Iran and Turkey and other countries reside in and carry out their political activities. We cannot allow for France which is deemed to be a safe country for refugees to become a breeding ground for political assassinations. If today Kurdish activists are assassinated tomorrow it may become our turn.

As activists we must make it clear that these killings are not acceptable and hold France accountable and make sure those responsible for these brutal acts are apprehended and punished for their crimes!

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist.

Two Iranian me Zaneyar and Loghman Moradi n are facing imminent execution after being arrested without charge and having been subjected to brutal torture which forced them into making "confessions" which were used against them in a 20 minute trial after which they were sentenced to death.

Recently Zaneyar Moradi wrote a letter from prison urging the international community to speak out against their execution and show the Regime in Iran that the international community is watching and will not turn a blind eye on what the Regime in Iran is doing.

Arrests without charge, torture and forced confessions are systematically used by the Islamic Regime as a tool to instil fear in the hearts of political activists in Iran and prevent people from standing up for freedom and democracy in Iran. We cannot remain silent and watch these two men be executed!

Below is the letter from Zaneyar Moradi:

To all the people of the world who are in my age group:

I despise thinking about my death; I do not want to take my life aspirations to the grave with me.

My name is Zaneyar Moradi.

Currently, I am sitting on a death row, my prison cell in Karaj, Iran, and I want to talk to you young people in Europe and America, I want to speak to people, who are my age who are living in Japan, Australia, France, and Africa and all over the globe.

Please DO NOT LET THEM HANG ME! Is this world so cruel, to watch both my cousin and I hang in public from a crane on the street? And not say anything? And not do anything?

I realize that it is only through the Internet that I am voicing to you my fear and my plea to you. So please be patient with me and give me few minutes and seconds of your time and hear me. It is hard to be twenty-one and to face my death. To live everyday with the nightmare of death, to shiver every time I hear their footsteps coming to take me to my death.

It has been three years since I have been imprisoned. I am Zaneyar Moradi and my co-defendant is Loghman Moradi, we were tortured for nine months. They would beat us so hard that we could not walk, even today I still suffer from side effects of torture—my back is hurting and I have two fractured vertebrate. The torturers told us that if we did not confess to everything they told us that they would rape us and we just signed whatever they put in front of us. And now we are waiting for the hanging rope of death while standing or hanging on the streets of Tehran or Urūmiyeh (where we were born).

They tell us now plans are being set for our execution, and the hang man has been sick for the past four days and I can’t sleep at nights. So I decided to help myself by writing this letter. Whatever you can do, please don’t let them execute us.

Please use your youth, your creativity, and let this regime know that we are not alone. Please voice your protest to this verdict. If you protest, if you complain to them we will here it! I am waiting to hear YOUR voices of protest.

Zenyar Moradi
Raja-e-shar Prison
January 4, 2013
به همسن و سالهاي خودم در سراسر جهان

از فکر کردن به مرگ٬ بيزارم٬ نميخواهم با آرزوهايم به زير خاک بروم!

من اسمم زانيار مرادي است. الان از سلول مرگي در آن سوي دنيا در شهر کرج درکشور ايران نشسته و ميخواهم با شما جوانان در اروپا و امريکا٬ با شما جوانان همسن و سال خودم در ژاپن و استراليا و فرانسه و افريقا و در همه جاي دنيا حرف بزنم. نگذاريد مرا اعدام کنند! آيا دنيا آنقدر بيرحم است که اين صحنه را تماشا کند که من و پسر عمويم در خيابان اعدام شويم و چيزي نگويد و کاري نکند؟

ميدانم که اين ترس من و اين درخواستم از طريق امکانات اينترنتي به گوش شما ميرسد. پس فقط چند دقيقه صبر کنيد٬ چند ثانيه وقت بگذاريد و از من بشنويد که چقدر سخت است در بيست و يک سالگي با مرگ مواجه شدن٬ با کابوس مرگ زندگي کردن و هر لحظه از صداي پاي زندانبانان ترسيدن و بر خود لرزيدن!

ما سه سال است که زنداني شده ايم . من زانيار مرادي و هم پرونده اي من لقمان مرادي٬ ۹ ماه را زير شکنجه بوديم. ما را چنان کتک ميزدند که ديگر توان راه رفتن نداشتيم و همين امروز نيز کمرم بشدت درد ميکند و دو مهره کمرم شکستگي دارد. به ما گفتند اگر حرفهايي که آنها ميخواهند را نزنيم٬ به ما تجاوز ميکنند و ما نامه هايي را که آنها آوردند امضا کرديم. و اکنون در يک قدمي مرگ با طناب دار در خياباني در تهران و يا مريوان شهر محل تولدمان ايستاده ايم. اين روزها شنيدم که دارند مقدمات اجراي حکم اعدام ما را فراهم ميکنند و چهار روز است که حالم خوب نيست٬ شبها خوابم نميبرد و فکر کردم شايد با اين نامه بتوانم بخودم کمک کنم.

نگذاريد ما را اعدام کنند. بهر طريقي که ميتوانيد ٬ سعي کنيد از ابتکارات جوانانه استفاده کنيد و کاري کنيد که حکومت اسلامي ايران ببيند که ما تنها نيستيم و دنيا به اين حکم ظالمانه اعتراض دارد.صداي اعتراض شما و هر حرکت و اعتراضي که بکنيد به گوش ما فورا ميرسد. منتظر شنيدن اخبار اعتراضات شما همسن و سالهاي خودم هستم.

زانيارمرادي – زندان رجايي شهر کرج

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