PRESS RELEASE: Carleton Student Association linked to the Iranian Regime must be Shut Down!



September 7, 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

Recently a Mclean’s Exclusive exposed the fact that the President of the Iranian Cultural Association of Carleton University Ehsan Mohammadi had solicited money for the club from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s close friend and chief of staff Esfandiyar Rahim Mashaei.

Ehsan Mohammadi the son of Hamid Mohammadi the Iranian Cultural Counsellor at the Iranian Embassy has written directly to Esfandiyar Mashaei’s office at least on one occasion asking for funding.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian born Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist states: “Over the recent years the Cultural Association of Carleton University has been closely associated with the Iranian Cultural Centre which operates from within the Iranian Regime’s Embassy in Ottawa. Earlier this year they organized an event commemorating the death of Ruhollah Khomeini, the founding dictator of the Islamic Regime and a hated figure by millions of Iranians. Now we have found out that the Association is not only closely affiliated with the Embassy but to key political figures within the Islamic Regime in Iran!”

Sayeh Hassan further stated “It is unfortunate that this type of close association between Iranian University Associations and the Iranian Regime or the Iranian Embassy is not unique or out of ordinary. Numerous Canadian Universities across Canada have such student groups ran by bursary students (who are given bursaries by the Regime to come to Canada and help spread its hateful propaganda within universities) or children of various diplomats or key figures associated with the Islamic Regime. The purpose of such student associations is to create an atmosphere of fear within the university and prevent pro-democracy Iranian students from carrying out pro-democracy activities while spreading the Regime’s propaganda by organizing various cultural and political events.”

Sayeh Hassan lastly stated “ Last week the Canadian Government took a strong stand against the Islamic Regime by shutting down the Iranian Embassy and ordering Iranian diplomats to leave Canada within five days. While this decision has been welcomed by many Iranians in Canada and Iran, there is some concern that Iranian Regime’s propaganda machine which had been operating out of the Embassy will now be transferred to these student organizations in Canadian Universities as well as other “cultural centers” and various mosques throughout Canada. In the same way that pro-Nazi student organizations have no place in Canadian Universities, Iranian student associations linked or affiliated with the Islamic Regime do not belong in Universities. Universities are places to learn, think, debate and engage various ideas. It is not a place to spread hatred or fear and any group or organization closely linked to an Islamic dictatorship that is responsible for torture, rape and execution of millions of Iranians as well as worldwide terrorism has no place in Canadian Universities.”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238




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