Toronto Coalition to Stop War is organizing a rally “Don’t Attack Iran” on Saturday October 6th 2012.

While many of us Iranian/Canadians strongly oppose any type military intervention against Iran, we also strongly oppose the Islamic Regime in Iran, and many of us are actively supporting the pro-democracy movement in Iran which seeks to overthrow the Islamic Regime.

Unfortunately the Toronto Coalition to Stop War and those who participate in these types of protests only focus on the issue of war, while taking no position on the Islamic Regime and the oppression of the Iranian people by the Regime. Also it appears that many individuals who support the Regime or lobby for the regime in Canada are very active in these protests.

In fact during a protest that was organized by the same organization in March of 2012 pro-democracy activists were physically attacked by these Regime supporters, because they were carrying signs and banners that condemned the Islamic Regime. A video of the March protest shows Regime supporters carrying the Islamic Regime flag (a clear sign of support for the Regime). There were also many pro-Palestine slogans similar to the hateful slogans chanted at the Al Qods Rally in August of this year.

No doubt this is a very sensitive time for Iran, with the closing of the Islamic Regime Embassy in Canada and strong sanctions on the Regime, it is natural for many of us to be concerned about a possible military action against Iran. At this time it is CRUCIAL for the Iranian Canadian Community to take a clear stand not only against possible military action against Iran, but also against the Islamic Regime in Iran.

Experience has shown that those who only condemn war without condemning the Islamic Regime in Iran are nothing but Regime lobbyists and supporters.

As the Iranian-Canadian Community who are fighting for a free and democratic Iran we must have a strong presence at any anti war rally with a clear and concise message of NO TO WAR & NO TO ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN! We cannot allow these protests to be taken over by Islamic Regime supporters whose only concern is to keep the Islamic Regime in power by trying to prevent any military action against the Regime.

Hope to see everyone there with the Slogan of NO TO WAR AND NO TO THE ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN!

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran


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