Fatemeh Derakhshandeh Tosarvandan an Iranian woman whose asylum request was rejected last October may be deported on Wednesday September 26th 2012.

According to an article in The Star Ms. Tosarvandan may face an unfair trial and be sentenced to death by stoning due to the alleged charge of adultery. According to this article Ms. Tosarvandan may have been falsely accused by her estranged husband in order to punish her.

While I am not personally familiar with Ms. Tosarvandan’s case I am very familiar with the Islamic Regime and the Sharia Law practiced in Iran.

Under this law women may very well be sentenced to death by stoning for the “crime of adultery.” Sharia law is extremely discriminatory against women and it would take very little more than the testimony of the estranged husband to convict Ms. Tosarvandan and sentence her to death by stoning.

I find it ironic that a woman who may face such barbaric punishment may be deported to Iran while Canada has become a safe haven for many individuals and their families who are closely linked to the Islamic Regime in Iran. For many years these individuals have been able to come to Canada, bring with them millions of dollars which rightfully belongs to the people of Iran and to build a second home for themselves.

Case in point Mahmoud Khavari the former head of the Melli (National) Bank which has been sanctioned by Canada and the United States for funding international terrorism and Iran’s nuclear program, was able to come to Canada with his family and obtain a Canadian Citizenship! Unfortunately there are many others like him who are living a comfortable life in Canada.

While I welcome Canada’s latest decision to shut down the Iranian Embassy, I believe this is only the first step. I would urge the Canadian Government to focus on identifying individuals affiliated with the dictatorship in Iran, freeze their assets and remove them from Canada instead of deporting a woman who may be executed in the most brutal way as soon as she is sent back to Iran.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist.




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