Yesterday I attended a Woman’s Day event organized by Green Seculars Toronto branch at the North York Centre in Toronto.

The event was very well organized and I was especially impressed with the presence of the Lion and Sun Flag and the singing of the “Ey Iran” anthem. What was also wonderful about this event was the fact that many of the individuals involved in organizing the program were women.

During the event a number of women including myself were given a “recognition award” for our work in the fields of human rights, politics, arts and social issues. Other noteworthy women who received an award included Ms. Homan Arjomand, Ms. Mina Ahadi, Ms. Parvaneh Radmeh and Ms. Hengameh Afshar. I was proud to be the youngest female among these well known and distinguished activists. The event was concluded with a speech by Ms. Hengameh Afshar.

I hope to see other similarly well organized events in the near future and wish to thank everyone who was involved in organizing this event.

Also a big thanks to Faramarz Shiravand for taking these wonderful pictures.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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