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Below is my letter to the editor in response to the article "Tone down the rhetoric on Iran"

John Mundy's faith that negotiations can resolve the impasse over Iran's nuclear weapons program rings hollow in light of the facts.

The UN's nuclear watchdog has strong, published evidence that Iran is developing the capability for nuclear weapons, and Iranian officials recently thwarted (again) the UN from inspecting nuclear sites. The Security Council has already passed seven resolutions on Iran since 2006.

This is reflective of a trend of Iranian aggression and outright violence. Iranian weaponry has been used by the Taliban against coalition forces in Afghanistan. Iranian arms and funds have ended up in the hands of terrorists in Lebanon and Gaza, and even in Syria, with its murderous government. Now imagine this same Iranian regime with nuclear weapons.

Negotiations are important in principle but not in practice when used as a stalling tactic by Iran for the completion of its illegal nuclear program.

Sayeh Hassan, Toronto

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