In a new wave of sanctions against the Islamic Regime in Iran, Canada has added 98 additional individuals and entities to the list of “designated persons who are surrounding and supporting Iran’s nuclear program.”

Two of these entities are the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the paramilitary Basij forces. Those on the list will be subject to an asset freeze in Canada which is welcome news for many Iranian Canadian organizations and activists like myself who have been lobbying for these types of sanctions for many years.

Sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij is especially significant and welcome news for Iranians because of the involvement of these two entities in the systematic and brutal human right violations against the Iranian people. This includes attacking pro-democracy protesters, beating them with knives, clubs and chains, arresting them, raping and torturing them in prisons and even shooting and killing protesters in the street.

Also let us not forget about the role of the Revolutionary Guards in supporting international terrorism and dictatorship regimes in the area such as Assad’s government in Syria.

While I welcome the new sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij I urge the Canadian Government to continue to identify individuals and entities residing in Canada, who are affiliated with the Islamic Regime in Iran, and to freeze their assets and review their immigration files and make sure they do not create a safe heaven for themselves in Canada!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist.

The Student movement has always been a strong force to reckon with, and has been very active in the fight to overthrow the Islamic Regime in Iran.

The Student movement found its real strength during the July 9th 1999 uprising, which shook the Regime to the core and has continued the fight against the Regime with a tireless effort. Many student leaders and activists have been arrested, tortured and imprisoned over the years and the systematic arrest, torture and imprisonment of student activists continues.

Today I am commemorating 16 Azar the National Student Day in Iran, and dedicating this post to all brave Iranian students who are relentlessly fighting for a secular and democratic Iran, and a special dedication to Akbar Mohammadi, a student leader who was killed in the Iranian Regime prisons and who has always served as a symbol of strength and resistance against the Islamic Regime in Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom In Iran

According to Saeed Malekpours’ lawyer Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabai, Saeed Malekpours’ death sentence has been suspended. Mr. Malekpour was a Canadian resident who was arrested in 2008 when he traveled to Iran to visit his sick father. He was “convicted” of charges of creating a network of pornographic websites and sentenced to death.

It is important to note that Mr. Malekpours family has not yet received any written confirmation as to the suspension of the death sentence. Iran has been known to “suspend” death sentences and then reinstate them, as in the case of another Iranian Canadian Hamid Ghasemi Shall who also awaits execution in Iran.

The suspension of Mr. Malekpour’s death sentence ( if true and permanent) may very well be an attempt by the Islamic Regime to gain brownie points from the Canadian Government and this news must be treated with great caution.

While Mr. Malekpour may have escaped from execution, it is crucial to keep in mind that hundreds (if not more) political prisoners in Iran still face execution including a Canadian citizen Mr. Hamid Ghasemi Shall.

The Islamic Regime in Iran is a brutal dictatorship that has stayed in power through arrests, torture, rape and execution of anyone that dares to stand up against it and even non-political individuals such as Mr. Malekpour. The international community and in particular Canada must continue its hard stand against the Regime including political isolation and tough sanctions, and to condemn the brutal systematic human rights violations in Iran.

The suspension of Mr. Malekpours’ death sentence is news worth celebrating, it is important to keep in mind that this is very likely an attempt by the Regime to decrease some of the pressure that has been put on it by the Canadian Government. It is not enough for the death sentence of one prisoner to be “suspended,” unless and until the Islamic Regime is overthrown innocent Iranians will continue to be subjected to arrest, torture, rape and execution.

While we celebrate this recent news, we must continue the fight for the overthrow of the Islamic Regime and ask the Canadian Government to continue to politically isolate the Regime and show its support for the pro-democracy movement in Iran which seeks to overthrow the Islamic Regime.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist.


November 12, 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

On November 3rd 2012 an Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti was tortured and killed while in custody in the notorious Evin Prison. He was arrested on alleged charges of “action against national security on social networks and Facebook” on October 30th 2012. While in custody Mr. Beheshti had written an official letter of complaint stating that he had been subjected to torture while in custody.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activists stated: “For 32 years the Islamic Regime has used systematic detention, torture and rape against political dissidents in an effort to silence any opposition against the Regime. The very tragic death of Mr. Beheshti is only one example of this type of state sponsored torture against political prisoners in Iran. We saw another such example in 2003 when Zahra Kazemi an Iranian Canadian journalist was tortured in the Evin prison and later on died while still in custody!”

Sayeh Hassan further stated that: “Even though Iran’s state prosecutor has admitted that Mr. Beheshti’s death occurred while he was in custody, and three (3) individuals have been arrested in relation to Mr. Beheshti’s death, these actions are completely meaningless and part of a “show” by the Regime to appease the International Community, and to ease the pressure Islamic Regime has received in the past week! Torture in Iran is systematic and approved by the Government; therefore the entire Government is responsible for torture, rape and death of each and every political prisoner. The International Community and specifically Canada should not accept the arrest of three “scapegoats” as sufficient for the death of Mr. Beheshti. The Canadian Government must hold the Islamic Regime responsible and accountable for this brutal act.

Sayeh Hassan expressed “ We must keep in mind that Iran has thousands of political prisoners and while we know the names and whereabouts of some of the better known prisoners, there are thousands of prisoners that we have very little or no information about. What we do know however is that political prisoners are subjected to systematic rape and torture in order to obtain confessions and to instill fear in the heart of the Iranian community, and prevent any uprising against the Regime. Canada must be alert to the fact that the entire Regime is responsible for all acts of torture and rape against political prisoners, and the Islamic Regime must be held accountable for its actions.”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger, Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238




October 21st 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

Iranian Parliamentarians headed by Iraj Nadimi Chairman of the Executive Council of Iran’s Inter-Parliamentary Group have headed to Quebec City to attend the Inter-Parliamentary Union meetings which is scheduled for October 21st to October 26th 2012.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian Lawyer and pro-democracy activist stated: “Recently the Canadian Government ended diplomatic relations with Iran by shutting down the Iranian Embassy and expelling Iranian diplomats in Canada. While this was a correct step towards isolating the Islamic Regime politically, it seems that the Canadian Government is back peddling by allowing Iranian Parliamentarians to travel to Canada to attend international political meetings.”

Ms. Hassan further expressed “Why would the Canadian Government allow Islamic Regime officials to travel to Canada freely, and attend international political meetings which will only serve to give a boost of legitimacy and credibility to the Iranian Government? It seems that the Canadian Government is contradicting itself by expelling the Iranian diplomats on one side and then allowing Iranian Parliamentarians who are the representatives of one of the worst dictatorship regimes in the world to travel to Canada for an international political meeting.”

Ms. Hassan stated “ I would urge the Canadian Government to immediately put a stop to the travel plans of these Iranian Parliamentarians and to expel them from Canada immediately!”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238



Today I attended the No War in Iran Protest at Queens park. The protest was organized by Toronto Coalition to Stop War and the only focus was saying no to war without condemning the Islamic Regime and its human rights violations against the Iranian people.

Many Iranian/Canadians who are very much against war in Iran felt isolated by this protest as it did not address the concerns of Iranians, mainly that while we do not want any type of military intervention in Iran we also do not support the Islamic Regime in Iran!

Tens of Iranian Canadians gathered at Queens Park today with slogans of No to Islamic Regime in Iran and no War in Iran, making sure that our voices were heard. What I found most interesting about the protest was that the organizers who had managed to gather hundreds of people during their last protest in March of this year were not very successful this year. The Crowd was relatively small and there were NO Islamic Regime flags present at the rally, something that was present during the last rally and was a great cause of concern for many Iranian Canadians.

Experience has shown that anyone that claims to be against war but does not take a position against the Islamic Regime is knowingly or unknowingly supporting the Regime. This was clear from the presence of numerous known regime lobbyists at today’s protest.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran


October 4, 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

The former First Nations Chief Terrance Nelson is scheduled to travel to Iran on October 11th 2012 to meet with Islamic Regime officials despite the economic sanctions and the suspension of diplomatic ties between Canada and Iran.

Sayeh Hassan, an Iranian Canadian lawyer and pro-democracy activist stated “it is disgraceful to see Mr. Nelsons total disregard for the Iranian people whose rights are being systematically violated by the Regime on a daily basis! It is unfortunate to see that the former First Nation Chief has prioritized the perceived economic interest of his community ahead of human rights and democracy, values which is supposedly fighting for.”

Sayeh Hassan further stated “Experience has shown that the Islamic Regime will not step up and help anyone without expecting something in return. There is no telling what the Iranian Regime will expect from the First Nations Community in return for any cooperation or economic benefit. It is no secret that the Islamic Regime has been very active in spying on Iranian dissidents in Canada and has tried to infiltrate various Canadian entities. Who is to say the Regime would not require the First Nations Community to help the Regime with these goals?

Ms. Hassan concluded “I urge the First Nations community and all Canadians to condemn Mr. Nelsons trip to Iran which in part will serve to give the Regime a much needed credibility boost.

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Pro-democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238



"ائتلاف تورنتو برای جلوگیری از جنگ"، تظاهراتی را زیر عنوان " به ایران حمله نکنید" برای روز شنبه اکتبر ۲۰۱۲ در تورنتو سازمان داده است

در حالی که بسیاری از ما ایرانی / کانادایی ها به شدت مخالف هر گونه مداخله نظامی علیه ایران هستیم،همچنین به شدت مخالف رژیم اسلامی در ایران هم هستیم و بسیاری از ما از جنبش طرفدار دموکراسی در ایران که به دنبال سرنگونی رژیم اسلامی است، فعالانه حمایت میکنیم.۰

متاسفانه ائتلاف تورنتو برای جلوگیری از جنگ و کسانی که در این نوع تظاهرات شرکت می کنند، تنها بر روی موضوع جنگ تمرکز میکنند و هیچ موضعی نسبت به رژیم اسلامی و سرکوب مردم ایران توسط آن نمیگیرند. همچنین به نظر می رسد که بسیاری از افرادی که از رژیم حمایت میکنند و یا در کانادا برای رژیم لابی میکنند، در این اعتراضات بسیار فعال هستند.۰

در واقع در طی یک تظاهرات که توسط همین سازمان در ماه مارس سال ۲۰۱۲ ترتیب داده شده بود، فعالان طرفدار دموکراسی بخاطر حمل پلاکارد هایی که رژیم اسلامی را محکوم میکرد، توسط این طرفداران رژیم بطور فیزیکی مورد حمله قرار گرفتند. یک ویدیو ازتظاهرات مارس نشان میدهد که طرفداران رژیم پرچم جمهوری اسلامی را برداشته اند و این به روشنی حمایت آنها از رژیم را نشان می دهد.۰

بدون شک این یک زمان بسیار حساس برای ایران است. با بسته شدن سفارت رژیم اسلامی در کانادا و تحریم های قوی بر روی رژیم، برای بسیاری از ما طبیعی است که نگران اقدام نظامی احتمالی علیه ایران باشیم. در این مقطع زمانی، بسیار حیاتی است که جامعه ایرانی کانادا یک موضع روشن، نه تنها در برابر اقدام احتمالی نظامی علیه ایران، بلکه همچنین علیه رژیم اسلامی در ایران بگیرد.۰

تجربه نشان داده است که کسانی که تنها باجنگ مخالفت میکنند و از محکوم کردن رژیم اسلامی در ایران سر باز میزنند چیزی جز لابی های رژیم و حامیان آن نیستند.۰

ما بعنوان جامعه ایرانی کانادایی که برای یک ایران آزاد و دموکراتیک مبارزه میکنیم باید در هر تجمع ضد جنگ حضور قوی داشته باشیم تا پیام روشن و ساده نه به جنگ و نه به رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در ایران را به گوش جهانیان برسانیم. ما نمی توانیم اجازه دهیم که این تظاهرات توسط حامیان رژیم جمهوری اسلامی که در تلاش برای جلوگیری از هر اقدام نظامی علیه این رژیم، تنها هدفشان حفظ رژیم اسلامی در قدرت است، مصادره شود.۰

بامید دیدار در تظاهرات با شعار نه جنگ و نه رژیم اسلامی در ایران

مرگ بر رژیم اسلامی در ایران

زنده باد آزادی در ایران

محل تظاهرات: کوینز پارک مقابل پارلمان انتاریو

زمان: شنبه ۶ اکتبر ۲۰۱۲ ، ساعت ۲ بعد از ظهر

Today thousands of Iranians took to Tehran streets protesting against the regime following the latest economic crisis with the Iranian economy plummeting and the Iranian currency “rial” constantly loosing value and forcing Iranians into an even deeper line of poverty.

According to various news agencies The Tehran Bazaar on Ferdowsi street has been closed down by the merchants, as thousands of Iranians entered the bazaar in protest chanting slogans and encouraging the merchants to join them in their protests. Many banks in the area have also closed for the day.

In Baharestan Ave. thousands of Iranians are protesting and shouting anti regime slogans such as “ Khamenei be aware, we are not your goons, we are the Iranian people, and Khamenei have some shame, leave Syria alone and think about the Iranian people.”

Security forces are reported to be on the scene doing their best to put an end to the protests. There have been reports of tear gas being used on the protesters. This is the largest protest Tehran has seen in months, and hopefully the start of a wave of protests that will bring the Regime down!

Toronto Coalition to Stop War is organizing a rally “Don’t Attack Iran” on Saturday October 6th 2012.

While many of us Iranian/Canadians strongly oppose any type military intervention against Iran, we also strongly oppose the Islamic Regime in Iran, and many of us are actively supporting the pro-democracy movement in Iran which seeks to overthrow the Islamic Regime.

Unfortunately the Toronto Coalition to Stop War and those who participate in these types of protests only focus on the issue of war, while taking no position on the Islamic Regime and the oppression of the Iranian people by the Regime. Also it appears that many individuals who support the Regime or lobby for the regime in Canada are very active in these protests.

In fact during a protest that was organized by the same organization in March of 2012 pro-democracy activists were physically attacked by these Regime supporters, because they were carrying signs and banners that condemned the Islamic Regime. A video of the March protest shows Regime supporters carrying the Islamic Regime flag (a clear sign of support for the Regime). There were also many pro-Palestine slogans similar to the hateful slogans chanted at the Al Qods Rally in August of this year.

No doubt this is a very sensitive time for Iran, with the closing of the Islamic Regime Embassy in Canada and strong sanctions on the Regime, it is natural for many of us to be concerned about a possible military action against Iran. At this time it is CRUCIAL for the Iranian Canadian Community to take a clear stand not only against possible military action against Iran, but also against the Islamic Regime in Iran.

Experience has shown that those who only condemn war without condemning the Islamic Regime in Iran are nothing but Regime lobbyists and supporters.

As the Iranian-Canadian Community who are fighting for a free and democratic Iran we must have a strong presence at any anti war rally with a clear and concise message of NO TO WAR & NO TO ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN! We cannot allow these protests to be taken over by Islamic Regime supporters whose only concern is to keep the Islamic Regime in power by trying to prevent any military action against the Regime.

Hope to see everyone there with the Slogan of NO TO WAR AND NO TO THE ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN!

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

PRESS RELEASE: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must be banned from Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly!



September 24th 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his entourage have arrived in New York and he will be speaking at the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly!

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist stated: “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad represents a brutal, fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship that systematically arrests, tortures, rapes and executes its own people. A regime that funds and supports international terrorism, by supporting terrorist organizations such as Hammas and Hezbollah. A dictatorship that may be on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons and is a danger not only to the people of Iran but to the international community as a whole.

Ms. Hassan expressed “while Canada has taken the right step by shutting down the Iranian Embassy in Canada, and politically isolating the Islamic Regime, unfortunately the United States has not followed suit and instead is allowing Ahmadinejad to get up on this public podium to address the international community and to continue to spread the hateful, violent and racist propaganda of the Islamic Regime.

Ms. Hassan stated “addressing the international community on such a public forum is a privilege not a right! Ahmadinejad, as the president of one of the worst dictatorships in the world, and someone who has denied the Holocaust and threatened to wipe Israel off the world map must be banned from speaking at the United Nations General Assembly!”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238



Fatemeh Derakhshandeh Tosarvandan an Iranian woman whose asylum request was rejected last October may be deported on Wednesday September 26th 2012.

According to an article in The Star Ms. Tosarvandan may face an unfair trial and be sentenced to death by stoning due to the alleged charge of adultery. According to this article Ms. Tosarvandan may have been falsely accused by her estranged husband in order to punish her.

While I am not personally familiar with Ms. Tosarvandan’s case I am very familiar with the Islamic Regime and the Sharia Law practiced in Iran.

Under this law women may very well be sentenced to death by stoning for the “crime of adultery.” Sharia law is extremely discriminatory against women and it would take very little more than the testimony of the estranged husband to convict Ms. Tosarvandan and sentence her to death by stoning.

I find it ironic that a woman who may face such barbaric punishment may be deported to Iran while Canada has become a safe haven for many individuals and their families who are closely linked to the Islamic Regime in Iran. For many years these individuals have been able to come to Canada, bring with them millions of dollars which rightfully belongs to the people of Iran and to build a second home for themselves.

Case in point Mahmoud Khavari the former head of the Melli (National) Bank which has been sanctioned by Canada and the United States for funding international terrorism and Iran’s nuclear program, was able to come to Canada with his family and obtain a Canadian Citizenship! Unfortunately there are many others like him who are living a comfortable life in Canada.

While I welcome Canada’s latest decision to shut down the Iranian Embassy, I believe this is only the first step. I would urge the Canadian Government to focus on identifying individuals affiliated with the dictatorship in Iran, freeze their assets and remove them from Canada instead of deporting a woman who may be executed in the most brutal way as soon as she is sent back to Iran.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist.

PRESS RELEASE: Carleton Student Association linked to the Iranian Regime must be Shut Down!



September 7, 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

Recently a Mclean’s Exclusive exposed the fact that the President of the Iranian Cultural Association of Carleton University Ehsan Mohammadi had solicited money for the club from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s close friend and chief of staff Esfandiyar Rahim Mashaei.

Ehsan Mohammadi the son of Hamid Mohammadi the Iranian Cultural Counsellor at the Iranian Embassy has written directly to Esfandiyar Mashaei’s office at least on one occasion asking for funding.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian born Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist states: “Over the recent years the Cultural Association of Carleton University has been closely associated with the Iranian Cultural Centre which operates from within the Iranian Regime’s Embassy in Ottawa. Earlier this year they organized an event commemorating the death of Ruhollah Khomeini, the founding dictator of the Islamic Regime and a hated figure by millions of Iranians. Now we have found out that the Association is not only closely affiliated with the Embassy but to key political figures within the Islamic Regime in Iran!”

Sayeh Hassan further stated “It is unfortunate that this type of close association between Iranian University Associations and the Iranian Regime or the Iranian Embassy is not unique or out of ordinary. Numerous Canadian Universities across Canada have such student groups ran by bursary students (who are given bursaries by the Regime to come to Canada and help spread its hateful propaganda within universities) or children of various diplomats or key figures associated with the Islamic Regime. The purpose of such student associations is to create an atmosphere of fear within the university and prevent pro-democracy Iranian students from carrying out pro-democracy activities while spreading the Regime’s propaganda by organizing various cultural and political events.”

Sayeh Hassan lastly stated “ Last week the Canadian Government took a strong stand against the Islamic Regime by shutting down the Iranian Embassy and ordering Iranian diplomats to leave Canada within five days. While this decision has been welcomed by many Iranians in Canada and Iran, there is some concern that Iranian Regime’s propaganda machine which had been operating out of the Embassy will now be transferred to these student organizations in Canadian Universities as well as other “cultural centers” and various mosques throughout Canada. In the same way that pro-Nazi student organizations have no place in Canadian Universities, Iranian student associations linked or affiliated with the Islamic Regime do not belong in Universities. Universities are places to learn, think, debate and engage various ideas. It is not a place to spread hatred or fear and any group or organization closely linked to an Islamic dictatorship that is responsible for torture, rape and execution of millions of Iranians as well as worldwide terrorism has no place in Canadian Universities.”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238



Tensions rise as Iran slams Canada’s ‘hostile decision’ to shut embassy

A Toronto lawyer who fled Iran 25 years ago, Sayeh Hassan, said Iranian-Canadians had pressured Ottawa for years to close the Iranian embassy. She said even Iranians in Iran had been posting approving messages on her Facebook wall. “Everybody is thrilled. We just can’t believe it,” she said.

Iranian human rights activist lauds fed's decision to close embassy:

Iranian lawyer and activist Sayeh Hassan said the closure would boost the morale of pro-democracy activists in Iran.

Iran protests Closure of Canadian Embassy in Tehran: MeanwhileIranian-Canadian lawyer Sayeh Hassan said she welcomes Ottawa’s decision.

“Putting an end to the diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran will give a much needed positive boos(t) to the morale of the pro-democracy activists in Iran who are fighting to overthrow this Islamic dictatorship (sic),” she wrote in a statement.

Read more:



September 7, 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

Canada has closed its Embassy in Iran, effective immediately and declared personae non gratae all remaining diplomats in Canada. Iranian diplomats in Ottawa have been instructed to leave Canada within five days.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist states “for many years Iranian Canadian activists have been campaigning for the Iranian Embassy (the house of terror) to be shut down and I welcome the decision of the Harper Government to suspend all diplomatic relations with Iran.”

Sayeh Hassan further states “putting an end to the diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran will give a much needed positive boos to the morale of the pro-democracy activists in Iran who are fighting to overthrow this Islamic dictatorship.”

Lastly Sayeh Hassan proclaimed “while Iranians welcome any efforts to isolate the Iranian Regime politically they would strongly condemn any foreign military interference in Iran!”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238



According to an article in Macleans a Conservative Senator Don Meredith was the guest of honour at a cultural event organized by the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa this past Saturday.

The Harper Government has taken a very strong stand against the Iranian Regime, condemning its systematic human rights violations and imposing tough economic sanctions. In the midst of media reports that the Iranian Embassy may be seeking to infiltrate/influence various Canadian entities it is shocking that a Conservative Senator would attend such an event and by doing so give some much needed credibility to the Iranian Regime and its Embassy in Ottawa.

I hope to see a strong reaction from the Harper Government in this regard. In the meantime please find below the contact information for Senator Don Meredith and contact him to voice your concerns!

Tel: 613-996-8572 or 1-800-267-7362


Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

"Little wonder that this strikes a person like Sayeh Hassan, a dissenter who fled the theocratic tyranny of Iran in 1987, as “a cynical abuse of Canadian pluralism and accommodation.” This week Hassan wrote an online Post column jointly with David Spiro of the Greater Toronto’s Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, denouncing Al-Quds Day for being “nothing less than a pep rally for an abhorrent, hate-filled ideology.”

For the origional article press on this link

Peace broke out in Toronto Saturday afternoon when competing ideas and raised voices were the only exchanges in an ongoing annual meeting of ideologies.

A controversial rally marking Al-Quds Day and a counter-rally by the Jewish Defence League (JDL) met a group of expatriate Iranians in front of the Ontario legislature as part of the yearly exchange.

Al-Quds Day was made a global event by the late Ayatollah Khomeini to mark the end of Ramadan and to call for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Last year’s Queen’s Park rally garnered attention due to Muslim journalist Zafar Bangash calling Israeli nationalists “oppressors and criminals.”

Howard Davidson from Independent Jewish Voices says the organization supports a “call for the end of war crimes committed by Israel.”

“To name them as crimes is only to name the truth,” he said.

Chants included: “Zionism is racism”, “God loves Israel”, and “down with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

A verbal spat between a man and a woman resulted in her asking him: “Would you like to kill all the Muslims in the world?” to which he replied “100%.”

When asked about the exchanged words, JDL spokesman Meir Weinstein said “some studies have shown 10% of Muslims support terrorist groups.”

“That means 90% don’t, according to the study,” he said. “But there’s about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, and if 10% of that support terrorist groups, there’s a serious problem.”

Weinstein maintained the JDL was there to peacefully oppose the rally.

“Anyone’s allowed to join us, provided they’re not coming to disrupt,” he said.

The demonstrations were also marred by a brief scuffle. Toronto Police’s 52 Division confirmed there were no arrests made.

As spokesman for the Islamic group holding the Al-Quds Day rally, Bangash said “we represent the true Canadian values.”

“We are not here to spread hatred,” he said. “We are here to support the rights of the Palestinian people.”

As crowds grew, Toronto Police erected a barrier with police bicycles between the two sides. Iranians stood on the JDL side and waved the pre-revolution flag, featuring a lion, along with denouncing the current Iranian regime.

“We’re here to say we don’t want Islamic regime supporters in Canada,” activist Sayeah Hassan said.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO August 13, 2012 Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor. Permission has been granted for the Anti-Semitic Qods Day Rally to take place on Queens Park on August 18 2012.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian Lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist states: “International Qods Day was founded by Ruhollah Khomeini, a brutal Islamic Dictator who high jacked the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and is responsible for the arrest, torture, rape and execution of thousands of political dissidents in Iran. The Islamic Regime has not only reigned terror on its own people for the past 32 years, but it’s also active in trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and is a major contributor to international terrorism through its support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Sayeh Hassan further states: “In the recent years Iranian Regime lobbyists have been active in organizing Qods Day Rallies in western countries such as Canada. Last year’s Qods Day Rally involved protestors holding up pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei (Iran’s current supreme leader) as well as carrying Hezbollah Flags (a terrorist organization banned in Canada). The rally also featured pro-Khomeini and pro-Islamic Regime supporters speakers who promoted the values and ideologies of this brutal dictatorship.”

Lastly Sayeh Hassan proclaimed “this is not a Jewish or an Iranian issue. Every Canadian citizen must be concerned about the fact that an Islamic extremist government is able to spread its hateful propaganda and ideology on Canadian Soil and at a location which symbolizes Canadian values such as democracy, freedom and equality. The Canadian Government must think twice before allowing individuals who have no respect for Canadian values and who are on a specific mission to spread the hateful ideologies and propaganda to enter into Canada and carry out their objectives.”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238



فراخوان برای اقدام: نه! به "تظاهرات نفرت" روز قدس در کوئینز پارک در روز۱۸ آگوست ۲۰۱۲ قرار است یک "تظاهرات نفرت" ضد یهودی به بهانه رژیم ساخته "روز جهانی قدس" در مقابل کوینزپارک در تورنتو برگزار شود. روز قدستوسط روح الله خمینی، یک دیکتاتور بی رحم اسلامی که انقلابایران در سال ۱۹۷۹ را دزدید و دستور داد هزاران مخالف ایرانی را دستگیر، شکنجه،هتک حرمت، و اعدام کنند، پایه گذاری شد. رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در ۳۲ سال گذشته به بطور سیستماتیک به شکنجه،تجاوز، و اعدام مخالفانش ادامه داده است. همچنین، رژیم اسلامی در تلاش برای بدستآوردن سلاح های هسته ای و پشتیبانی از تروریسم بین المللی از طریق حمایت مالیسازمان های تروریستی مانند حزب الله و حماس فعال بوده است. همه ساله رژیم حاکم در ایران "راهپیمایی نفرت" روز قدس رادر ایران برگزار میکند که در آن طرفداران رژیم شرکت میکنند و شعار های "مرگبر آمریکا" و "مرگ بر اسرائیل" سر میدهند. در سالهای اخیر لابی های رژیم ایران در سازمان دادن "تظاهرات نفرت" روز قدس درکشور هایی مانند کانادا فعال بوده اند. "تظاهرات نفرت"روز قدس سال گذشته در کوئینز پارک برگزار شد و در آن تظاهرکنندگان تصاویر خمینی و خامنه ای ( رهبر "عالی" کنونی ایران)، و نیز پرچم های حزب الله (یک سازمانتروریستی ممنوعه در کانادا) را حمل میکردند. این تظاهرات همچنین شامل سخنرانانطرفدار رژیم اسلامی میشد که ارزش ها و ایدولوژی این دیکتاتوری بی رحم را تبلیغ میکردند. کانادابر اساس اصول آزادی، برابری، و احترام به همه ساخته شده است. دولت کانادا نباید اجازه دهد که از زمینشبعنوان سکویی برای سخنرانی های نفرت و تبلیغ ایدولوژی های یک رژیم خطرناک و بی رحماستفاده شود. دعوت از همه گروه ها، سازمان ها وفعالان مستقل که مخالف رژیم اسلامی در ایران هستند و به ارزش های کانادایی برابریو احترام به همه معتقدند: اقدام: مطالبیرا در قالب اطلاعیه مطبوعاتی، مقاله، وبلاگ و غیرهبنویسید و نگرانی های خود را در مورد این "تظاهراتنفرت" ابراز کنید با رسانه ها (روزنامه، تلویزیون، رادیو، وبلاگ ها وسایت های خبری) تماس بگیرید و نگرانی های خود را ابراز کنید. از فیس بوک و تویتر برایگسترش پیام واطلاع رسانی به هر چه تعداد بیشتری از افراد استفاده کنید. آنها رابه شرکت کردن در این کارزار تشویق کنید به نماینده خود در پارلماناستان نامه بنویسید و یا به دفتر او زیگ بزنید و نگرانی خود را نسبت به شکل گرفتنیک "تظاهرات نفرت" در کوینز پارک ابراز کنید به "راهپیمایی نفرت" روز قدس و گسترش تبلیغات رژیم اسلامی درکانادا نه! بگویید

An anti-Semitic “Hate Rally” is scheduled to take place on International Qods Day (August 18th 2012) at Queens Park Toronto.

Qods Day was founded by Ruhollah Khomeini a brutal Islamist dictator who high- jacked the Iranian revolution in 1979 and ordered the arrest, torture, rape and execution of thousands of Iranian dissidents. The Islamic Regime has continued to systematically torture, rape and execute its opponents for the past 32 years. As well the Islamic Regime has been active in trying to obtain nuclear weapons and supporting international terrorism through financial support for terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Every year the Iranian Regime organizes the Qods Day “Hate Rally” in Iran where Regime supporters attend and chant slogans such as “Death to USA” and “Death to Israel”.

In the recent years Iranian Regime Lobbyists have been active in organizing Oods Day “Hate Rallies” in countries such as Canada.

Last year’s Qods Day “Hate Rally” took place at Queens Park and involved protestors holding up pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei (Iran’s current “supreme” leader) as well as carrying Hezbollah Flags ( a terrorist organization banned in Canada). The rally also featured pro-Khomeini and pro-Islamic Regime speakers who promoted the values and ideologies of this brutal dictatorship.

Canada is built on principles of freedom, equality and respect for all. The Canadian Government should not permit its grounds to be used as a platform for hate speech and promotion of ideologies of a dangerous and brutal Regime.

To: All groups, organizations and independent activists who oppose the Islamic Regime in Iran and who believe in the Canadian values of equality and respect for all.


• Write press releases, articles, blog posts etc.. and voice your concerns about this “Hate Rally” • Contact the media, (print, tv, radio, blogs and news sites) and voice your concerns • Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and inform as many people as possible. ENCOURAGE THEM TO GET INVOLVED! • Write to your local MPP or call their office and voice your concern about a “Hate Rally” taking place on Queens Park!

Say No to the Qods Day “Hate Rally” and the Promotion of Islamic Regime’s Propaganda in Canada!

Sayeh Hassan Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist

For Immediate Release

CANADIAN BANKS Should Shut Down the Accounts of All Individuals Affiliated with the Islamic Regime in Iran

CANADIAN GOVERNMENT Should Shut Down the Iranian Embassy

July 15th 2012-Toronto
TD Bank has started closing the bank accounts of Iranian-Canadians under recent changes to the Special Economic Measures (Iran) Regulation, Canadian financial institutions are forbidden from providing financial services to anyone in Iran or for the benefit of Iran.

The Canadian Government has also taken a tougher stand against the Islamic Regime Embassy in Ottawa. On Tuesday July 10th 2012 Canada’s Foreign Affairs Department issued a warning to Iranian diplomats who may be using the Embassy to recruit Iranian-Canadians to serve the Islamic Regime’s interests.

Many high ranking individuals affiliated with the Islamic Regime in Iran including Mahmoud Reza Khavari the former head of the Melli (National) Bank in Iran come to Canada each year bringing along millions of dollars for investment purposes.

Canadian Banks must cooperate with the Canadian Government to identify all individuals associated with the Islamic Regime in Iran and to freeze their accounts. Millions of dollars brought to Canada by these individuals are monies stolen from the people of Iran and must be returned to the people of Iran once the current dictatorship is overthrown and a democracy is established in Iran.

In an interview with the National Post on Thursday July 11th 2012, Sayeh Hassan an Iranian-Canadian criminal defense lawyer and a pro-democracy activist stated “[Iranian-Canadians] call it the ‘house of terror (the Embassy) , ... I don’t want to see Canada become a safe haven for the Islamic regime and those affiliated with the dictatorship, rather than a safe haven for people who are running away from the dictatorship.”

In an interview with The Source Ms. Hassan stated “Iranians would not support any type of military intervention in Iran, the International Community and especially Canada can support the pro-democracy movement in Iran by isolating Iran politically, shutting down the embassy and allowing the Iranians in Iran to overthrow the Regime.

Canadian Government needs to cooperate with Canadian Finacial Institutions to prevent Canada from becoming a safe haven for individuals who are affiliated with dictatorship regimes such as the Islamic Regime in Iran!

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan

Tel: 416-363-9238



  نیروهای طرفدار دموکراسی در تورنتو کنفرانس اصلاح طلبان را که در آن سخنران کلیدی مجتبی واحدی بود به یک اعتراض علیه رژیم تبدیل کردند. "مرکز بین المللی برای حقوق بشر در ایران" به رهبری اصلاح طلب شناخته شده در تورنتو بنام حسن زارع زاده اردشیر برنامه ای با شرکت مجتبی واحدی، مشاور ارشد سابق کروبی و کسی که بنا به گفته خودش هنوز احترام زیادی برای هر دو نفر کروبی و موسوی قائل است، سازمان داده بود. افراد دیگر شرکت کننده در این پانل فرخ زندی از سکولارهای سبز تورنتو، رضا مریدی عضو پارلمان استانی در استان انتاریو، و خود اردشیر زارع زاده بود.  فعالان مستقل مثل خود من و همچنین گروههای متعدد مخالف رژیم یک حرکت اعتراضی را، هم بصورت تظاهرات در بیرون محل برگزاری مراسم در میدان مل لستمن، و هم در داخل جلسه در قالب پرسش و پاسخ و یا اظهار نظرهای مختلف، اعلام کرده بودند.   در حالی که ده ها معترض در خارج از میدان مل لستمن با در دست داشتن پرچم شیر و خورشید جمع شده بودند و شعارهای ضد رژیم می دادند، ده ها تن از فعالان درداخل سالن سخنرانی حاضر شدند و در اساس، با در دست گرفتن زمان پرسش و پاسخ، مخالفت خود را نه تنها با مجتبی واحدی که هنوزهم رابطه نزدیکی با کروبی دارد، بلکه با تمامیت رژیم اسلامی ابراز کردند. سخنران اول من بودم و گفتم "درجایی که رژیم اسلامی از جمله هر دو جناح تندرو و اصلاح طلب باید سرنگون شود، واحدی این واقعییت آشکار را که او کسی است که به مدت 30 سال برای رژیم اسلامی کار کرده است و دستش به خون مردم ایران آلوده است، بسادگی نادیده میگیرد و از آن میگذرد". من گفتم که او "به این آسانی نمیتواند دست های خود را از خون بشوید و بگوید که من دیگر یک اصلاح طلب نیستم (به خصوص با توجه به احترام آشکاری که او هنوز برای موسوی و کروبی احساس می کند.)" من تاکید کردم که "هر دو کروبی و واحدی کسانی هستند که باید بخاطر جنایات خود علیه مردم ایران تحت پیگرد قانونی بگیرند". همچنین من به روشنی بیان کردم که "من نه او را و نه اردشیر زارع زاده را بعنوان اپوزیسیون نمیشناسم و فرخ زندی هم با پیوستن به این برنامه اصلاح طلبی، یک خط روشن بین خود و اپوزیسیون کشیده است". در حالی که مجتبی واحدی قصد پاسخگویی به بیانات من را داشت، من گفتم که نه سازمان دادن این برنامه و نه خود واحدی هیچ اعتباری ندارند و من هیچ سوالی از او ندارم، من فقط برای اعتراض به آنجا آمده ام. فعالان دیگر درست پشت سر من ابراز مخالفت خود را با این عامل رژیم که با دیدن سرنگونی قریب الوقوع رژیم، بدون هیچ گونه پاسخگویی برای نقش بالای خود در درون رژیم اسلامی در 30 سال گذشته، میخواهد از آن بگذرد، ابراز داشتند. تا این اواخر، کروبی یکی از مقامات بلند پایه رژیم بود که به عنوان رئیس مجلس خدمت میکرد، بنیانگذار بنیاد شهید بود که در آن نقض سیستماتیک حقوق بشر علیه مردم بی گناه صورت میگرفت، و همچنین به عنوان یکی از چهار نفراز میان ۴۰۰ کاندید بود که اجازه شورای نگهبان را برای شرکت در انتخابات (بخوانید انتصابات) ریاست جمهوری را به دست آورد. به عنوان یک مشاور ارشد کروبی برای نزدیک به 30 سال، واحدی هم شریک جرم در نقض سیستماتیک و وحشیانه حقوق بشر علیه مردم ایران است. چیزی که برای من در این برنامه بسیار عجیب بود اظهارات سخنرانان دیگر بود که حد اکثر سعی خود را کردند که جنایات مرتکب شده توسط مقامات بالای رژیم مانند مجتبی واحدی را توجیه کنند و بگویند که "اشتباهات"ی که آنها در گذشته مرتکب شده اند مهم نیستند، اشتباهات باید به فراموشی سپرده شوند و به آنها باید فرصت دیگری داده شود. رضا مریدی بخصوص مقامات عالی رتبه رژیم اسلامی را با مقامات دولت کانادا که ممکن است اشتباهاتی در گذشته داشته باشند مقایسه کرد. من باور نمی کنم هیچ یک از مقامات دولت کانادا لکه خون هزاران کانادایی را در دست داشته باشد. این بسیار ناراحت کننده است که یک مقام دولتی کانادا که توسط عموم انتخاب شده، پذیرفته است که با یک مقام عالیرتبه رژیم اسلامی که هنوز باید تمام روابط خود با رژیم را قطع کند، در یک پنل بنشیند، چه رسد به اینکه تلاش کند رفتار گذشته او و سایر مقامات رژیم اسلامی را توجیه کند. فرخ زندی رئیس سکولارها سبز در تورنتو نیز هر چه ممکن بود تا کنون اعتبار داشته باشد را با انتخاب نشستن در یک پنل با مجتبی واحدی در چشم اپوزیسیون از دست داد. روی هم رفته، بدون شک این رویداد یک شکست بزرگ برای سازمان دهندگان آن و خود مجتبی واحدی بود که در چند سال اخیر سخت تلاش کرده است تا خود را بعنوان "اپوزیسیون"، و نه یک مقام جمهوری اسلامی مسئول نقض فاحش حقوق بشرعلیه مردم ایران بوده و باید در دادگاه قانون محاکمه شود، نشان دهد. در این رویداد، اپوزیسیون طبق معمول حاضر و قوی بود و ما توانستیم یک پیام روشن بفرستیم که از مجتبی واحدی و امثال او در تورنتو استقبال نمی شود و قطعا در میان اپوزیسیون جایی ندارند. مرگ بر رژیم اسلامی در ایران زنده باد آزادی در ایران

Pro-democracy forces in Toronto turned the reformist event where the key note speaker was Mojtaba Vahedi into an anti-Regime protest.

International Centre for Human Rights in Iran headed by a well known reformist in Toronto, Hassan Ardeshir Zarazadeh had organized an event featuring Mojtaba Vahedi, the former chief advisor to Karoubi and a current advisor, who according to his own speech still has a lot of respect for both Karoubi and Mousavi. Other individuals on this panel were Farokh Zandi from the Green Seculars of Toronto, Reza Moridi a member of the Provincial Parliament in Ontario and Ardeshir Zarazadeh himself.

Independent activists like myself as well as various opposition groups had announced a protest both outside of the venue of this event at Mel Lastman Saquare, as well as protests inside, in form of question and answers and various commentary.

While tens of protestors gathered outside of Mel Lastman Square with Lion and Sun flags and chanted anti Regime slogans tens of activists attended the event and essentially took over the question and answer period voicing their opposition not only to Mojtaba Vahedi who is still closely linked to Karoubi, but to the Islamic Regime itself.

I was the first speaker and stated that “while the Islamic Regime must be overthrown including both the hardliners and reformists, Vahedi had overlooked the obvious point that he is someone that has worked for the Islamic Regime for 30 years, and his hands are dirty with the blood of Iranian people. I also stated that it was not so easy to wash his hands off of the blood and cross over and state that he is no longer a reformist (especially in the face of obvious regard he still feels for Mousavi and Karoubi.) I also stated that both Karoubi and Vahedi were two of the individuals who had to be prosecuted for their crimes against the Iranian people.” I also clearly stated that I do not regard him or Ardeshi Zarazadeh as opposition and that Farokh Zandi had drawn a clear line between himself and the opposition by joining this pro-reform event. While Mojtaba Vahedi wanted to respond to my comments I stated that this event and Vahedi had no credibility and that I had no question for him, I was only there to voice my opposition.

Many other activists were also in line, voicing their opposition to this Regime Agent who seeing that the Regime is about to be overthrown has decided to cross over without any accountability for his high profile role within the Islamic Regime in the past 30 years.

Until recently Karoubi was a high ranking Regime official who served as head of Parliament, he was the founder of Martyrdom Foundation where systematic human rights violations were carried out against innocent people, as well as one of the only four individuals (among 400) who was permitted by the Guardian Council to participate in presidential [s]elections. As a chief advisor to Karoubi, for close to 30 years, Vahedi is also guilty of systematic and brutal human rights violations against the Iranian people.

What I found amusing during this event was the comments of other speakers who did their best to try to excuse the crimes committed by high ranking regime officials such as Mojtaba Vahedi, by stating that the fact that they had made “mistakes” in the past was not important, that the mistakes should be forgotten and that they should be given a second chance.

Reza Moridi in particular compared high ranking Islamic Regime officials to Canadian Government officials who may have made mistakes in the past… I don’t believe any Canadian Government official carries the blood of thousands of Canadians on his/her hand.

It is extremely disturbing that a publicly elected Canadian Government official would accept to sit at a panel with a high ranking Islamic Regime official who is yet to cut all ties with the Regime, let alone trying to excuse the past behavior of this and other Islamic Regime officials.

Farokh Zandi the head of Green Seculars in Toronto also lost what ever credibility he may have had in the eyes of the opposition by choosing to sit on a panel with Mojtaba Vahedi.

All in all no doubt this event was a great disappointment for the organizers and Mojtaba Vahedi himself who has tried hard for the past few years to pose himself as “opposition” rather than a high ranking Islamic Regime official who is responsible for gross human rights violations against the Iranian people and must be prosecuted in a court of law.

The opposition was present and strong as usual and we were able to send the clear message that Mojtaba Vahedi and the likes of him are not welcome in Toronto and certainly not welcome among the opposition.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

دوستان عزیز،

ما باید در برابر این رویداد به هر شکلی که ممکن است دست به اعتراض بزنیم ، چه بصورت تظاهرات واقعی، چه با نوشتن یا صحبت کردن در مورد آن، و یا شرکت حضوری در مراسم و بلند کردن صدای اعتراض از داخل مراسم. فرا خوان به اعتراض: به سرقت جنبش طرفدار دموکراسی در ایران توسط اصلاح طلبان در تورنتو "نه" بگوییم! سالگرد تظاهرات سراسری دموکراسی خواهی در ایران که در ۹ ژوئن ۲۰۰۹ بوقوع پیوست، نزدیک می شود و در حالی که گروه های مخالف و فعالان در داخل و خارج از ایران خود را برای بزرگداشت این روزآماده میکنند، عناصر اصلاح طلبی در تورنتو هستند که آرزو دارند جنبش دموکراسی خواهی مردم را به غارت برده و آنرا به جای خواستی برای سرنگونی رژیم اسلامی در ایران، حرکتی وابسته به اصلاحات قلمداد کنند. در تاریخ سه شنبه، ۹ ژوئن ۲۰۱۲ درساعت ۲ بعد از ظهر یک برنامه توسط این عناصر اصلاح طلب در مرکز تجمعات نورت یورک (میدان لستمن) ترتیب داده شده است که ویژگی آن حضور مجتبی واحدی به عنوان سخنران اصلی میباشد. مجتبی واحدی از سال ۱۹۸۲ مشاور ارشد مهدی کروبی بوده است. درک من اینست که هنوز هم، هر چند که دیگر در ایران زندگی نمیکند، به عنوان مشاور مهدی کروبی عمل می کند. این یک خدمت به بلندی ۳۰ سال به رژیم اسلامی است! در حالی که تظاهرات طرفداران دموکراسی با انتخابات (بخوانید انتصابات) ریاست جمهوری در ژوئن ۲۰۰۹ شروع شد، این تظاهرات بسیار سریع صورت رادیکال به خود گرفت و در برابر تمامیت رژیم اسلامی از جمله تندروها و اصلاح طلبان جهت گرفت. یکی از محبوب ترین شعارهایی که در ایران شکل گرفت "موسوی بهانه است، کل رژیم را نشانه است" بود. در آنزمان اعتراضات به سرعت رادیکال شد و بنیان رژیم اسلامی را به لرزه در آورد. در حالی که میلیون ها نفر از ایرانیان شعار مرگ بر رژیم میدادند یک گروه کوچک از اصلاح طلبان در داخل و خارج ازایران سعی کردند که اعتراضات را محدود وآنرا منحصر به یک تقاضای ساده برای اصلاحات و نه سرنگونی کامل رژیم اسلامی نشان دهند. ایرانیان نه وعده های تو خالی اصلاح طلبانی مانند خاتمی، موسوی و کروبی و نه خون ریزی ها و نقض سیستماتیک حقوق بشر که در طول دو دوره ریاست جمهوری خاتمی به اصطلاح اصلاح طلب صورت گرفت را فراموش کرده اند. رژیم اسلامی قادر به اصلاحات نیست و توسط مردم ایران سرنگون خواهد شد. ما به عنوان فعالان ایرانی باید در برابر عناصر اصلاح طلب فرصت طلب در تورنتو محکم بایستیم و از سرقت جنبش مردم که به دنبال سرنگونی کامل رژیم اسلامی هستند، جلوگیری کنیم. من تمام گروه های دموکراسی خواه مخالف رژیم و نیز فعالان مستقل را به اعتراض در برابر این رویداد فرا میخوانم (همانطور که ما در مقابل مسجد المهدی در ماه آوریل کردیم). ما باید از تبدیل شدن تورنتو به خانه راحتی برای اصلاح طلبان وابسته به رژیم اسلامی جلوگیری کنیم. تاریخ: شنبه: ۹ ژوئن زمان: ساعت ۲ بعد از ظهر محل: مرکز نورث یورک (مل لستمن) مرگ بر رژیم اسلامی در ایران زنده باد آزادی در ایران

CALL TO PROTEST- Say NO to the High Jacking of the Iranian Pro-Democracy Movement by Reformists in Toronto!

The anniversary of the June 9th 2009 nation wide pro-democracy protests in Iran is approaching and while opposition groups and activists inside and outside of Iran are getting ready to mark this day there are pro-reform elements in Toronto who would love nothing more than to high jack the people’s pro-democracy movement and affiliate it with reform rather than the overthrow of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

On Saturday June 9th 2012 at 2pm an event is being organized by those reformist elements in the North York Community Centre which features Mojtaba Vahedi as the main speaker.

Mojtaba Vahedi has been the senior advisor for Mehdi Karoubi since 1982 and it is my understanding that still acts as Karoubi’s advisor even though he does not live in Irananymore. That’s a 30 year long service to the Islamic Regime!

While the June 2009 pro-democracy protests were triggered by the Presidential [s]elections the protests turned radical very quickly and against the entirety of the Islamic Regime including the hardliners and the reformists. One of the most popular slogans coming out of Iranwas “Mousavi is an excuse, the entire Regime is targeted.” and the protests quickly became radical shaking the Islamic Regime to the core.

While millions of Iranians were chanting death to the Islamic Regime a small group of reformists both inside and outside of Irantried to “contain” the protests and affiliate it with a simple demand for reform rather than a complete overthrow of the Islamic Regime.

Iranians have not forgotten about the empty promises of reformists such as Khatami, Mousavi and Karoubi, nor have they forgotten about the blood shed and systematic human rights violations which took place during the two terms the so called reformist Khatami was the Iranian President.

The Islamic Regime is not capable of reform and will be overthrown by the Iranian people. As Iranian activists we must stand firm against opportunist reformist elements in Torontoand prevent them from high jacking the people’s movement which seeks the complete overthrow of the Islamic Regime.

I call on all pro-democracy opposition groups and independent activists to protest against this event (as we did in front of the Al Mehdi Mosque in April) and prevent Torontofrom becoming a comfortable home for reformists affiliated with the Islamic Regime.

Date: Saturday June 9th 2012

Time: 2:00pm

Location: North York Community Centre

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

Sayeh Hassan interview with Ms. Pari Saffari on Bidari Tv on Friday May 11th 2012. Regime lobby in Canada, what Iranians need to do to help with the overthrow of the Islamic Regime. (The interview starts 30 minute into the show)

About 100 Iranians gathered in front of the Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre to protest the mosque's ties and affiliation with the Islamic Regime in Iran, as well as the presence of a speaker Mr. Mir Bagheri, a religion professor who is also linked to the Regime in Iran.

Today once again we were able to show the Regime that Iranians can unite and when we do our voice is loud, clear and strong. It was wonderful to see people from many different groups and organizations including leftists, Mojahedin, monarchists and those who support a secular republic all stand together with various flags and signs chanting "down with the Islamic Regime in Iran."

The strong voice of unity was able to shake down the walls of the mosque and the cores of the Islamic Regime. We will not allow the Regime to make Canada into a safe heavan to promote its barbaric Islam!

Big thanks to everyone who came, and let's keep it up, keep our voices loud and strong and force the Regime and its lobbies into the holes that they belong.

Today victory was ours!!!!

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

مرکز اسلامی امام مهدی (عج) یک سری سخنرانی از دکتر میر باقری، را سازماندهی کرده است ، که در آوریل ۳ آغاز شده وتا ۱۳ آوریل ادامه پیدا خواهد کرد است. آقای میر باقری استاد علوم دینی و یکی‌ از افرادی است که نفوذ زیادی در بین حاکمیت رژیم اسلامی ایران را دارد.

مسجد امام مهدی ، یکی‌ از مساجدی هست که وابسته به رژیم جمهوری اسلامی ایران در تورنتو است,که ظاهراً آرام ولی‌ بسیار فعال حرکت می‌کند. مثله بسیار مهمی‌ که در حل حاضر مطرح است این مرکز اسلامی با دعوت از کارشناسان دینی از ایران و یا نقاط دیگر با استفاده از مسلمانان ساکن تورنتو در حال تشکل دادن این افراد در گروه‌های اسلامی که در صورت لزوم مورد بهره برداری و یا استفاده رژیم قرار بگیرند، مانند مواردی ممندتزاهرت ضدّ جنگ که در ماه گذشته شاهد آن بودیم.

توجه داشته باشید که سکوت جامعه ایرانی‌ تورنتو در مقابل این اقدامات رژیم و افراد تحت عنوان آنها باعث خواهد شد که این افراد با قدرت بیشتری به این کارها ادامه بدهند. ما افراد فعال جامعه که مخالف رژیم جمهوری اسلامی هستیم باید به صورتی متحد در مقابل این افراد ایستاده و با آگاه کردن جامعه

As many of you may have noticed, Toronto is increasingly being targeted by Islamist to promote Islam and Islamism, to recruit Muslims, especially younger individuals into the Islamic movement, and to create a certain united Islamic front.

The Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre which was created in 2004 by “certain Iranians” is one such place. While the Centre keeps a low profile and flies under the radar of non-Muslims and non Islamists, it is quite active within the Islamic community, promoting the Islamic ideology practiced by the Islamic Regime dictatorship in Iran, and recruiting individuals into the Islamist movement.

The Centre has organized a series of events featuring Dr. Mir Bagheri which started on April 3rd and will continue until April 13th. Mr. Mir Bagheri is an influential religion professor under the Islamic Regime.

It is no secret that the Regime is active in sending religious and cultural attaches to Canada in order to “normalize” and promote the Islamic Regime and the type of Islam practiced by the Regime. These cultural and religious representatives can take the shape of film makers, directors, actors and singers, influential scholars and professors etc… These individuals through cultural or religious events try to hide the brutal dictatorship that has been oppressing the Iranian people for 32 years, and instead focus on culture or religion in an attempt to show a different side of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

The organizers of this event have tried to keep the event low key, no doubt to prevent protests and any other type of criticism.

It is crucial to realize that this is not an Iranian issue or an Iranian problem. The promotion of the Islamic Regime and its brutal values which is actively taking place in Canada affects all Canadians. It is the responsibility of each one of us to become engaged, vocal and active against this dangerous trend.

The first step to take is awareness, to become informed and inform others around us of such activities taking place. Once we are aware and armed with knowledge we must take action through protests, writing, and voicing our concerns with the Canadian Government.

Let’s Get Started!

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Dear Friends,

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Nowrouz. I hope this will be the year of the overthrow of the Islamic Regime in Iran and Iranians will be able to celebrate Nowrouz in a free, secular and democratic Iran next year.

On this happy occasion please keep in your thoughts and hearts political prisoners, their families and the families of those who have lost a loved one at the hands of the Islamic Regime. In hopes of a day not very far, when Iran will no longer have any political prisoners.

Wishing everyone a joyous season full of love, laughter and happiness.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran.

Today Iranians celebrate Chahar Shanbe Soori also known as the Fire Festival where bonfires are lit and people jump over the fire in hopes of happiness in the new year to come. The Islamic Regime has always tried to stop Iranians from celebrating this festival and especially from lighting bonfires, but according to news coming from inside Iran, young Iranians have taken to the streets of Tehran lighting bonfires, celebrating and turning the celebrations into a fight against the Islamic Regime, by chanting "death to dictator and death to Khamenei."

Let's celebrate Chahar Shanbe Soori wherever we are, and let our joy and happiness be a slap in the face to the Islamic Regime in Iran.

Wishing everyone a happy Chahar Shanbe Soori and a very happy new year to come.

Today we celebrate women (past and present) who have taken an active role in the fight for freedom and equality for women. While the women’s movement has come a very long way over the past 120 years, there are still many countries in which women live under poverty and oppression.

Iran is one of the countries where women do not have even the most basic rights. While some activists choose to focus solely on the women’s rights issues in Iran, the reality is that women’s rights and freedoms can never be realized under the current Islamic dictatorship.

The broader fight must be a political fight against the entirety of the Islamic Regime, as only when the regime is overthrown can women have the rights and freedoms they are entitled to.

Today I honour all Iranian women, especially those who are inside Iran, fighting on the very front lines to bring down the Islamic Regime. While today we honour and celebrate women I also want to celebrate and honour men who stand side by side with female activists and share the struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Yesterday I attended a Woman’s Day event organized by Green Seculars Toronto branch at the North York Centre in Toronto.

The event was very well organized and I was especially impressed with the presence of the Lion and Sun Flag and the singing of the “Ey Iran” anthem. What was also wonderful about this event was the fact that many of the individuals involved in organizing the program were women.

During the event a number of women including myself were given a “recognition award” for our work in the fields of human rights, politics, arts and social issues. Other noteworthy women who received an award included Ms. Homan Arjomand, Ms. Mina Ahadi, Ms. Parvaneh Radmeh and Ms. Hengameh Afshar. I was proud to be the youngest female among these well known and distinguished activists. The event was concluded with a speech by Ms. Hengameh Afshar.

I hope to see other similarly well organized events in the near future and wish to thank everyone who was involved in organizing this event.

Also a big thanks to Faramarz Shiravand for taking these wonderful pictures.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Dear Friends, is a newly created website seeking to connect and unite the youth and encourage them to take part in the “future making” through participation in world affairs.

We are currently seeking submissions from young activists worldwide to write about various political, social, religious and economic issues which affect Iran and Iranians. What is unique about this project is the fact that we are not looking to just state the problems and the current state of affairs. Through our writing we want to offer solutions and suggest different ways for youth and other interested activists to get involved and try to change the current circumstances.

The articles should preferably be in English or Parsi with an English translation.

For further information or any questions please contact me or the creator of the site Ms. Sheri Alvandian at

We look forward to receiving your “progressive” submissions, comments and suggestions.

Let’s start participating in a “future making.”

Below is my letter to the editor in response to the article "Tone down the rhetoric on Iran"

John Mundy's faith that negotiations can resolve the impasse over Iran's nuclear weapons program rings hollow in light of the facts.

The UN's nuclear watchdog has strong, published evidence that Iran is developing the capability for nuclear weapons, and Iranian officials recently thwarted (again) the UN from inspecting nuclear sites. The Security Council has already passed seven resolutions on Iran since 2006.

This is reflective of a trend of Iranian aggression and outright violence. Iranian weaponry has been used by the Taliban against coalition forces in Afghanistan. Iranian arms and funds have ended up in the hands of terrorists in Lebanon and Gaza, and even in Syria, with its murderous government. Now imagine this same Iranian regime with nuclear weapons.

Negotiations are important in principle but not in practice when used as a stalling tactic by Iran for the completion of its illegal nuclear program.

Sayeh Hassan, Toronto

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Why we should encourage our Younger Generation to get involved in the pro-democracy movement in Iran? Empower the youth.

It was the involvement of one Egyptian freedom fighter, a young man that forced Vice President Hillary Clinton to personally step foot on Tahrir Squrare; it was the camera footages of young Iranian side walkers in Tehran that caused Neda to be instantly viewed on world screens as she was dying in her own blood in the name of freedom. These are all pro-democracy movements, some of them in Iran, all of them for freedom, that need support and encouragement from you and me, the silent viewers. It is time we stop repeating the past patterns and together participate in a future in making.

We blamed our parents, our children blame us, and their children will blame them. For as long as making of youths' future is not put in their own hands, we will all remain indebted to our future generations, for the world that we created and left behind for them. Generational lack of communication is a major problem. Over 60% of the Iranian population is under the age of 30 and it is much easier for them to relate to people from their own generation who will have a better idea of challenges that face the younger generation in Iran. Communication is the key.
The unique attribute of the youth is that they possess purity in determination and commitment. This quality is unparalleled by any other stage of adult life in that it is not motivated by material gains. In addition to that, while the older generation may have political experience, the younger generation makes up for part of the lack of political experience through access to technology, wider networks through various social media such as facebook and twitter, and ability to speak multiple languages; all necessary tools in helping to promote the pro-democracy movement in Iran.

The language skills may include reading, writing, and speaking fluently in English or other international languages such as French and German. This is crucial because an important part of the pro-democracy movement includes lobbying the governments of the countries we live in, and raising awareness about the human rights situation and the pro-democracy movement in Iran. The younger generation is also more likely to have connections to various non Iranian pro-democracy groups and organizations as well as connections to various government agencies and officials, which can be helpful in promoting and bringing awareness of the pro-democracy movement in Iran. Awareness is not only something to teach and promote as knowledge or as a personal power, but also something to practice and utilize as a tool to bring about the desired changes. Awareness is only a theory, until it is effectively communicated. Creating a youth based community advisory committee that has functional power in every branch and ruling body of the governments in all countries, will bridge the generation gap that may have been otherwise neglected.

What should the Iranian opposition do to encourage and motivate the younger generation to get involved in the pro-democracy movement in Iran?

The opposition groups must realize that the future does not belong to any group. It belongs to every single living body and every single baby born in the world for the entire future to come. Assuming this responsibility, a common language must be adopted. Opposition groups need to realize they must engage in horizons that are further and farther than they have presently reached. The youths in every opposition group must be given a chair to participate in the events and be able to rule judgments. The youth should in turn update and educate the past generation with advances in technology and mass communication modalities.

The Iranian opposition groups should be conducting more meetings and events in English or other official languages of the countries they live in, as many young Iranians who left Iran at an early age may not be fluent in Farsi, and are more likely to attend political gatherings that are conducted in a language that they are able to understand and participate in. If the older generation accepts learning English or any other language for the sake of understanding the young generation, the young generation also will have to accept learning Farsi for their own sake. This exchange should not be put aside and expected to resolve by itself, because it won't. Effort must be made by family members whenever possible.

The political events and social gatherings should also be more geared towards these younger generations. This could be done by using film and music and advertising with non-Iranian media, as well as on social networks such as facebook and twitter where it is much more accessible. Formation of a global network to promote youth awareness and unity across borders has been part of the modern civilization since early twentieth century. Different government funded scholarships and student exchange programs have been initiated and started functioning since. This effort must continue at the required pace by today's growth and today's need for understanding each other and communicating awareness.

Younger people, more than the older generation, should have access to the podium during political meetings and social gatherings and should be encouraged to speak, ask questions, and make statements about their own wishes and desires. Seeing younger pro-Freedom people involved in the social and political movements in this way will send a ray of hope to the younger generation in Iran who will see that their own generation who live abroad have not forgotten about them, and is trying to connect with them. It is crucial to have a mix of speakers at events and meetings which represent various generations, including most importantly the younger (under 30) generation. It is necessary to make the youth aware of their ability to determine policies for making their own future as they desire it to be. They must also become aware of assuming responsibility for it. It is the existing generation's duty to respect the desires of the youth, help them develop it, and then let them run with it. What else is as meaningful in life?

Participation of the younger generation must be encouraged by all pro-Democracy and pro-Freedom social and political Iranian groups, by asking the youth for their input and allowing them to grow and advance within these groups and organizations and allow them to take part in their decision making process.

What can the youth do to help the pro-democracy movement in Iran?

While one of the ways to help the pro-democracy movement in Iran may be by joining various groups and organizations, this is not necessary to help and make a difference. The most important thing is to take the first step to communicate with each other in whatever way we can. No step is too small and any one person can have a major impact. We as mature and responsible adults must make it our duty to encourage the youth to get in touch with their own genuine dreams, wishes, and desires for building the world that they want to live in and leave behind, and encourage them to act on it. We will be surprised how original and delightful their contributions can be.

One of the most important things the younger generation can do is WRITE in English or other international languages in order to bring awareness about the pro-democracy movement in Iran. One can create a blog or a website, write articles on facebook and promote it through twitter and other social media, as well as writing for various media outlets and social, community, and scholar periodicals. While a lot of information comes out of Iran, very little of that information is ever translated and related to non-Iranian activists, individuals, groups and organizations. This is a task that is necessary and extremely helpful. It can start with a student club posting or a chat room comment or a blog. It will have major impact once everyone makes it a habit, just like brushing their teeth, and it is a lot more creative!
Forming various pro-democracy groups in high schools and universities can also be helpful, especially in the face of many student organizations which are created by bursary students who are supporters of the Islamic Regime in Iran. Pro-democracy groups are needed to combat these existing pro-regime groups in universities and educational venues. It must be realized that the youth inherently and by themselves do not possess the agenda of heresy. It is brought upon them as a result of lack of perspective in respecting their personal abilities and their own decisions. We all know of legendary grave impacts of this mistake.

Lobbying is another important activity that can be done within groups or individually. Activists can book appointments with their local government officials, inform them of their views and input about the situation in Iran and suggest ways that their government can help the pro-Democracy and pro-Freedom movement in Iran. This can be one of the most useful things we can accomplish as Iranians who live abroad. To make this an individual yet organized effort, is one of the most powerful ways to make the desired change. This is an example of thinking globally, and acting locally. We encourage and believe that learning to understand, relate to, and work with government officials brings well deserved self confidence to the youth, and it will impact the rest of their lives.

The best way to change a future is by participation in "A Future in Making". Look in your local phone book and online directories for your local government officials, members of parliament, senator, governors, congressmen, whatever officials you want to send a message to, and start to think and write to them. Get on their mailing, emailing, twitter, and facebook lists. Send them your views, and most importantly, talk about it with your peers and friends and encourage them to do the same. Contact the media in any language, and discuss your findings. Let us support the wave. It will wash on our own shores. Let us find our power.

No effort is too small and everyone can make a difference. While getting involved may seem intimidating at first, the most important thing is to take the first step, and to keep in mind that we can be the change we want to see in the world.
Now go break a leg!

By: Sayeh Hassan, Barrister & Solicitor, Pro-democracy Activist
Sheri Alvandian, Pro-democracy and Human Rights Activist, Publisher, Producer

Last Sunday I attended an event organized by the Iranian Canadian Congress, an organization that claims to represent the Iranian Canadian Community.

The event was about Canadian Policy towards Iran with a panel of speakers which included Ramin Jahanbegloo, Ali Ehsasi, Houshang Hassan Yari, Kaveh Shahrooz and David Mousavi.

The general view of the panelists was: no to war, no to sanctions and no to the hard stand the Canadian Government has taken against the Islamic Regime. In fact one of the panelists went as far as to say the Harper Government was irresponsible in its dealings with the Regime, and criticized the Prime Minister for having stated on numerous occasions that he was “afraid of Iran.”

Some of the speakers also urged the Iranian Canadians to contact their local politicians and voice their “concerns” over the tough stand Canada has taken against the Iranian Regime.

Not surprisingly there was very little talk about the threats posed by the Islamic Regime, including the real possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons, as well as Iran’s financial support for international terrorism. While the speakers were quick to condemn the Canadian Government for taking a tough stand against the Regime, no such condemnation was forthcoming against the Regime in Iran and no solutions were offered on the issue of helping the Iranian people over throw the Islamic Regime in Iran.

Disturbingly enough the views of the panelists and the interests represented were very much in line with the view points and the interests of the Iranian Regime. There were no speakers on the panel who discussed the views and interests of the Iranian People.

During the question and answer period I made the statement that “while I condemn war or any military intervention in Iran, this was a panel discussion and the only views and interests that were represented were views and interests of the Regime. Where were the panelists speaking out on behalf of Iranian people and their interests? I further stated that the Iranian Canadian Congress does not represent the Iranian Canadian Community and their views, and that we would make sure Canadian Government was aware of this.”

It is important to note one activist was removed from the premises and threatened with arrest for peacefully handing out flyers outside of the venue, while a second activist was threatened with a civil suit for voicing his concerns about the organization and the event itself.

This is a crucial time in history for Iran and Iranians. The Regime is becoming weaker every day, the international community including Canada is finally taking a tougher stand against Iran including the imposition of smart sanctions related to gas and oil. Dissent in Iran is very strong.

As the Iranian Canadian Community we need to become active and vocal and politically involved in Canada, in order to prevent opportunistic organizations such as Iranian Canadian Congress to take advantage of our silence by posing themselves as the representatives of our community.
We need to make sure the Canadian Government is aware of the views and interest of the Iranian people, whether its support for smart oil and gas sanctions or diplomatic isolation in order to weaken the Regime and allow the Iranian people to overthrow the Regime.

I urge the Iranian Canadian Community to get involved, we need to be loud and clear in sending the message that the Iranian Canadian Congress or any other organization whose interests are aligned with the interests of the Islamic Regime do not represent our community.

Special thanks to Faramarz Shiravand for providing the pictures.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom In Iran

By: Sayeh Hassan, Barrister & Solicitor, Pro-democracy activist and blogger

Below is my response to the following article from the Hamilton Spectator yesterday (Jan. 11th 2012), I found the article to be nothing but an apology for the Iranian Regime which is known for its brutality and dictatorship. Anyone who is interested can log onto their site and leave a response.

The link to the original article:

While Mr. Stone seems to have had a great visit in Iran, having been invited by Iranian Government Officials, I wonder if his trip took him to any of the Iranian prisons including Evin, Gohardasht, and Sanandaj, where thousands of political prisoners are being tortured, raped and executed on a daily business.

The Iranian Regime is a Regime that has not mercy or tolerance for its own people, it is a Regime that has used violence, torture and murder for the past 32 years against its own people. It is also a Regime that has been very active in funding international terrorism, and despite Mr. Stone’s assertions it is a Regime that is on its way to developing nuclear weapons. There is no telling what the Regime is capable of doing to those who sees as its enemies once it has acquired nuclear weapons, and we should not sit and wait until it is too late.

The majority of the Iranian people do not support any type of military intervention in Iran, however many of them agree that smart sanctions which include oil sanctions, as well as total isolation of the Iranian Regime from the international community is necessary in order to weaken the Regime, and allow the Iranian people to take advantage of this weakness and overthrow the Government, before it’s too late.

Sayeh Hassan
Barrister & Solicitor
Iranian-Canadian Pro-Democracy Activist