Dear Friends,

As many of you may have already heard Trita Parsi had been invited to speak at the “Iran in Context Conference” in Ottawa which is organized by Canada International Council and scheduled for May 5th. Upon hearing this news a campaign was started by prominent Iranian activists in Canada and the United States to expose Mr. Parsi and his agenda for lobbying for the Islamic Regime.

Following an eloquently written open letter by Dr. Arash Irandoost, which was signed by a number of prominent Iranian and non Iranian activists, and an op-ed in the National Post co-authored by Kenneth Timmerman and myself, Canada International Council announced that Mr. Parsi would not be speaking at the conference due to “family and health reasons.”

This is another clear example of how coming together and working in a unified fashion towards a common goal can be very effective. We have managed to keep Mr. Parsi from coming to Canada and lobbying for the Islamic Regime, at least for the time being. We need to keep vigilant and continue to work together in order to keep the voice of the real Iranian opposition strong.

I want to send my sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in this campaign, Dr. Irandoost for being the pioneer in this campaign and writing the letter, everyone who signed and helped circulate it, Mr. Timmerman for co-authoring the op-ed and everyone behind the scenes who helped with editing and publication, as well as other activists and organizations who wrote to the Canada International Council about their concerns in regards to the conference.

Congratulations on job well done.

Sayeh Hassan
Barrister & Solicitor


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