Today (January 3rd 2010) I attended a protest which had been organized by leftists activists in front of the Islamic Regime Embassy in Ottawa. The protest lasted an hour from 1-2pm and despite the bitter cold tens of activists, many of whom including myself had travelled from Toronto gathered in front of the Embassy to show solidarity with Habibollah Latifi a Kurdish student activist who is facing imminent execution.

I had the opportunity to speak briefly at the protest and I started with saying that even though we were there with different political stands and may not agree on many things, we defiantly agreed on one thing, and that was that the Islamic Regime is not capable of reform and that it must be overthrown by the people, Regime Change is the only viable option for the Iranian people.

I also spoke about Habibollah Latifi and other Kurdish activists including Hossein Khezri, Zeynab Jalaliyan, Shirkoh Moarefi, Habib Golparipour and all other activists who are facing imminent execution. I also urged everyone to remember and condemn the recent wave of arrests in Sanandaj. (will post the video soon).

A big thanks for everyone who took part in the protest and in hopes of a free, secular and democratic Iran in the very near future.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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