Tonight 50% of Torontonians came out and voted for their mayoral candidate, a higher voter turnout than we had seen in the past two municipal elections. Tonight Toronto voted for change and elected Rob Ford by 47% of the votes (as of the time I am writing this article) as its 64th Mayor.

Following the campaign over the past few months and especially the weeks leading up to the elections has been exciting and thrilling for me. It is no secret that I have supported Rob Ford all along, and I couldn’t be more thrilled by Toronto’s decision tonight.

However I think an even bigger victory tonight has been the large voter turnout, as well as the civility between Rob Ford, George Smitherman and Joe Pantalone tonight. I watched the concession speech of both Smitherman and Pantalone and I was quite impressed with both candidates. In particular George Smitherman was very gracious and all class, for the very first time since he announced his candidacy for Mayor of Toronto I was impressed with him.

In my opinion the best man won tonight, however watching the democratic process in action over the past few months has been a reward in itself. I feel lucky and privileged to be living in Canada and able to participate in free and fair elections.

Long Live Freedom and Democracy


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