RCMP linked to controversial conference
By BRIAN LILLEY, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA - A Muslim imam deemed too controversial to speak at National Defence headquarters in Ottawa will speak on Thursday at another event promoted by the RCMP.

This event will be held at the Government Conference Centre across from Parliament Hill.

Zijad Delic, the president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, had his speech at military HQ cancelled earlier this month by Defence Minister Peter MacKay. MacKay’s office said Delic and his organization were too controversial.

On Thursday, Delic will moderate a panel on the topic, “Just and Sustainable Peace – A Global Challenge.”

The conference is organized by a group called the Ottawa Group of Four and is scheduled to include Bloc MP Richard Nadeau among its speakers.

The main speakers, however, come from Iran’s Tehran University. Sayeh Hassan, a Toronto criminal lawyer and activist for the Iranian democratic movement, told QMI Agency these professors are not dissidents in the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“These are all professors that are closely linked to the regime, they are not dissidents,” Hassan said.

“People like myself that have escaped the regime and the propaganda are concerned that now they’re bringing these professors promoting the regime to Ottawa.”

Another one of the speakers is Dr. Davood Ameri of the Islamic World Peace Forum. The website for that organization features graphic anti-Semitic cartoons including one showing an Israeli soldier shooting a baby next to a sign that reads Gaza. The website’s front page focuses on what it deems human rights abuses in America and labels the U.S. a terrorist state.

The conference has been promoted within the RCMP by the federal police force’s “ethnic liaison officer.”



RCMP told to drop extreme event

BRIAN LILLEY, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA - The RCMP have been told to drop any participation in a "peace" conference scheduled for Thursday night in Ottawa.

The RCMP's "ethnic liaison office" was promoting the event to members of the national force and one of the participants is a member of the Mounties' cultural diversity committee. On Wednesday, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told the Mounties to have nothing to do with events promoting hatred.

"As soon as I learned about this event I asked the RCMP to explain its involvement. I have asked it to immediately cease any participation," Toews told the Commons.

"Let me be clear. Canada's national police force must have no involvement in any event organized by those who promote extremism and hatred."

Davood Ameri of the Islamic World Peace Forum is listed as a speaker for the event called, "Just and Sustainable Peace – A Global Challenge." Ameri's group runs a website that features graphic anti-Semitic cartoons and a series of articles that call the U.S. a terrorist state and document what it deems human rights abuses in the U.S.

The event is being held at the Government Conference Centre across from Parliament Hill and also features several professors from the University of Tehran. Sayeh Hassan, an Iranian-Canadian lawyer and activist in the pro-democracy movement, told QMI Agency that the professors coming are closely linked to the oppressive regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The event is to be moderated by Imam Zijad Delic, the president of the Canadian Islamic Congress. Delic had a speaking engagement at National Defence headquarters cancelled earlier this month after Defence Minister Peter MacKay deemed him and his organization "too controversial."

Delic told QMI that he is taking part in the event as a moderator and only agreed to take part because it is a conference on peace.

"If these people propose anything that goes against Canadian values, I will oppose," Delic said.

Calls to the organizers of the conference for comment were not returned.



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