After more than a week the strike of the merchants in Tehran continues, and has spread to other cities as well. While the merchants (Bazaari’s) have traditionally always supported the Regime, their strike will (even if inadvertently) support the pro-democracy movement in Iran, as the Bazaar has always been a key economical factor in Iran. Below is my translation of various news reports about the strike of the Grand Bazaar in Tehran as well as in other cities.

Strike in the city of Tabriz

According to Iran Press News, the strike of merchants in the Bazaar in Tabriz continued today. It must be noted that the Regime has tried to scare the merchants into breaking their strike by threatening to attack their homes and families, however so far these threats have had the opposite effect and the strike continues, with the support of many ordinary people. Today the stores in the small city of “Valiasr” close to Tabriz was also closed in solidarity with the Tabriz merchants.

Following are two videos from today’s strike in Tabriz. Video 1, video 2

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Today the merchants in the Grand Bazaar in Tehran continued their strike which started last Monday in response to the proposed tax increase by the government. Last week the merchants were attacked by security forces and Basij, and a well known merchant was stabbed and later on died in the hospital. Although the Regime has backed down and has announced a tax decrease, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the strike of the merchants in the Grand Bazaar in Iran.

Video 1

There are also reports that the strike of the merchants has spread to number of other cities including Esfehan, Mashad, Kermanshah, Hamedan and numerous cities in the Kurdistan of Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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