• Protests in Sharif University in Tehran continue. Video 1
Video II
Two students who had been secretly filming the protests in Sharif University were identified by security forces, beaten and taken to an unknown location.

In Valiasr Square people are fighting back against the security forces, security forces are being forced to move back.

• According to news reports from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists” there is massive physical altercations between young students and the security forces around Tehran University. Number of students who intended to enter Tehran University to join the protests have been beaten by batons and a number of them have been arrested. According to this news report one of the students who has been arrested is from the “Sanati University” in the city of Yazd, his name is Ahmad Shah Rezayi.
o Although there is a heavy presence of security forces, the number of protestors is increasing in “Enghelab Square.”

According to various news reports a number of Personnel in the building of “Sedao Sima Iran” which is one of the Regime’s official news agency’s have been taken hostage. According to eyewitness reports there has been shooting sounds coming from the building, however it is not yet clear what is going on and what is the motive and goal of the hostage takers.

According to an eye witness in the city of Mashad, the “Sajad” area there is a strong presence of security forces on their motorcycles. According to this eye witness on this day the Regime has declared war against the people.

There are protests in various locations in Tehran. One of these locations is Amir Abad, where the first tear gas has been fired, and the protests have entered a new phase. The number of the protestors is increasing.

• There are also protests in Enghelab and Azadi Square where people are chanting “death to dictator.” There presence of female protestors is very strong, the are chanting without any fear.

Translations by: Sayeh Hassan


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