While many mothers all around the world celebrated Mother’s day with their children, 5 mothers in Iran had a bloody mother’s day, when they found out that their beloved children had been executed at the notorious Evin Prison early this morning (May 9th 2010).

This morning many of us woke up to the tragic news that five Kurdish political prisoners who had endured years of imprisonment and torture had been executed this morning. These individuals were Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydariyan, Farhad Vakili, Ms. Shirin Alam Hooli and Mehdi Eslamiyan.

As devastating as this news was to me and to all other freedom loving people in the world, I try to take comfort in the fact that these individuals were executed because they did not bow their heads to the Islamic Regime and they refused to cooperate. Unlike many other “activists” who have cooperated with the Islamic Regime and have made a name for themselves in Washington, LA, Toronto, Ottawa and many other cities, these individuals refused to surrender to the Islamic Regime. They chose to fight to the very last minute, and die with dignity rather than to live like cowards. In this I try to find some comfort and peace.

I also see this latest atrocity as a sign of weakness and desperation coming from the Islamic Regime. The fear of people and their demands for a free and democratic Iran has forced the Islamic Regime to murder these five innocent freedom fighters in a desperate attempt to instill fear and hopelessness in the heart of the Iranian people. What they do not (or maybe they do) realize is the fact that Iran is full of Farzads, Ali’s, Farhad’s, Shirin’s and Mehdi’s and the fight for a free, democratic and secular Iran will continue until the overthrow of the Islamic Regime.

Today many activists and different groups and organizations in Toronto gathered at the Mel Lastman Square to protest against the Islamic Regime and the latest executions. We also commemorated the memories brave men and women whose memories will always stay with us. They may be gone but their path continues and will continue until the overthrow of the Islamic Regime.

Tomorrow activists in Toronto will gather at Queens Park, while activists in Ottawa will protest in front of the Islamic Regime Embassy against the Islamic Regime and it’s atrocities, while Iranian activist, as well as families of those who were executed today will gather in front of Tehran University to protest against these atrocities.

My condolences go out to the families of those who have lost their loved ones today, and to the entire Iranian nation as todays loss is all of our loss, we’ve all lost our brothers and sister today, and we can only take comfort in the fact that they went, with their heads high, and without giving the Islamic Regime what it wanted from down. Their path must and will continue, until VICTORY.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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