In the past three weeks the Islamic Regime has executed at least 6 political prisoners, 5 of whom belonged to an ethnic minority.

On May 9th 2010 four well known Kurdish political prisoners Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydariyan, Farhad Vakili and Ms. Shirin Alam Hooli were executed in the notorious Evin Prison along with another political activist Mehdi Eslamiyan.

The Regime claimed that these activists were “Mohareb” (enemy of god) for their alleged involvement in PJAK a Kurdish opposition group. It must be noted that these political prisoners were tortured for months in order to obtain “confessions”, they were “tried” without lawyers behind closed doors, and their rights were violated every step of the way.

On May 24th 2010 Abdolhamid Rigi a senior member of the Balouchi armed rebel group Jondullah was executed in the city of Zahedan. Abdolhamid was the brother of Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of Jondullah who was arrested by Islamic Regime forces in February of this year.

While many may have disagree with Mr. Rigi’s political view and activities, there is no doubt that he was also tortured, “tried” behind closed door and executed while his rights being violated until the very end.

We are in the wake of the one year anniversary for the so called presidential [s]elections and the nationwide anti-Regime demonstrations which followed. The Iranian people are once again getting ready to pour into the streets and demand freedom, democracy and secularism. It is therefore no wonder that the Islamic Regime is stooping to new lows, out of shear fear of the power of people.

The execution of these political prisoners so close to the one year anniversary of the presidential [s]elections is no doubt a technique to instil fear among the Iranian people in a desperate attempt to keep people from taking to the streets and demanding the overthrow of the Islamic Regime. By executing ethnic minorities the Regime may very well be trying to cause a minority rift among the Kurds and Balouchis’ once again brining the issue of separatism to the forefront. After all as long as the attention is on separatism, it is NOT on the Islamic Regime.

The Regime has also “leaked” out a video of a prisoner in Gohardasht Prison being tortured to death, no doubt in order to create a further atmosphere of terror and show the brave Iranian activists what may be awaiting them if they dare to raise their voice against the Islamic Regime.

What the Regime does not realize (or does) is the fact that it is too late for such ploys, today the people’s slogans are “Guns, tanks, and Basiji are no longer effective” and “Independence, freedom, Iranian Republic.”

I hope in the coming weeks we can keep the focus squarely on the Islamic Regime and do not get distracted by peripheral issues. This is the time, and freedom is within the grasp of the Iranian people.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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