This is a very interesting news article I came across today. It's very similar to what I have been saying about the bursary students in Canadian Universities especially Carleton, Ottawa, Toronto, York and Waterloo Universities. The purpose of these students is to spy on activists and opposition abroad.

There is a reason why while some students are expelled from university, some are imprisoned and some aren't even allowed to register because of their faith, these students are granted a free education in a foreign country. This education comes with a price tag; the price is to work for the Islamic Regime abroad by spying on the opposition, intimidating and threatening them, even if it is done anonymously.

In this case however it is not a very heavy price tag since these students already support the Regime, and carrying out Regime’s propaganda is more of a hobby rather than something they are forced to do. One must keep in mind the fact that in order to be given a bursary by the Regime the student and his/her family must have an impeccable history of loyalty to the Islamic Regime. That is the only way they will be granted a bursary, so it’s no wonder they come into Canadian Universities and raise the flag of the Islamic Regime a symbol of oppression and hatred, to further the Islamic Regime propaganda.

Enough said about this topic, please take a look at this article, I am sure you will find it as interesting as I did.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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