According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran Behrouz Javid Tehrani, a pro-democracy political prisoner has gone on a hunger strike to protest against his imprisonment in the solitary section of the Gohardasht prison also known as the “dog house.”

Mr. Javid Tehrani is the only remaining prisoner from the 18 Tir (July 9th 1999) pro-democracy student demonstrations. Mr. Javid Tehrani started his hunger strike 7 days ago because of the extension of his solitary confinement sentence, as well as the brutal physical and psychological torture he has been subjected to. According to this news report Mr. Javid Tehrani’s health is currently in a very poor state due torture and his hunger strike.

The Warden of Gohardasht (Rajaiishahr) Prison Ali Mohammadi has extended Mr. Javid Tehrani’s solitary sentence for a second time to a further 15 days. According to this news report Mr. Javid Tehrani has been transferred to one of the worst solitary cells in prison and is being subjected to brutal torture by Mohsen Khalesi and Mohsen Bandad.

Besides Mr. Javid Tehrani three other prisoners are also in the solitary cells and are also on hunger strike. These prisoners are Mr. Reza Jalali, Mr. Hossein Karimi and Mr. Mohammad Rezayi.

The condition in the solitary cells also known as the “dog house” is as follows:

1. The prisoners are only allowed to use the bathroom facilities 3 times a day

2. The quality of food is much lower then other parts of the prison and prisoners are only given enough food to survive.

3. Prisoners are tortured with electrical and other types of baton’s on a regular basis.

4. Prisoners are handcuffed and their feet are cuffed as well while in their cells.

5. The prisoners have no access to medical care or medication

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran warn of the serious danger Mr. Javid Tehrani may be facing and urge all human rights groups and organizations and all freedom loving people to break the silence and to help save Mr. Javid Tehrani’s life.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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