Tonight I had the pleasure of attending Shadmehr Aghili’s Concert in Toronto. Shadmehr Aghili is arguably one of the most talented young Iranian musicians out there. He does not only write and sing songs but plays numerous instruments, and is someone I consider a true musician.

The reason I decided to write a few lines about this concert was the fact that near the end of the concert he played the Iranian National Anthem (Ey Iran)with his violin while everyone in attendance (close to 500) people stood up and sang the Iranian national anthem together. After the national anthem number of people in attendance started chanting the slogan “death to dictator” while at least one person chanted “death to the Islamic Regime.”

I was very impressed with Aghili for daring to play the Iranian National Anthem at a time when so many artists and musicians are trying their best to stay away from politics in Iran. I am very happy that I attended, it was a great night, and hope to see Shadmehr in Toronto again very soon.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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