The Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War has invited Phil Wilayto an Ahmadinejad sympathizer to speak at McMaster University in Hamilton on Wednesday January 27th at 6:30pm.

The talk is titled “Media Myth in Iran” and he is to argue that the current movement in Iran does not represent the Iranian people who are supposedly by large supporters of the Islamic Regime.

Given the recent brutal crackdown on thousands of Iranian protestors which consisted of imprisonment, torture, rape and even murder of protestors by the Islamic Regime it is distasteful to say the least for this Coalition to invite a pro-Islamic Regime speaker to speak at their event.

While pro-democracy Iranians both inside Iran and abroad celebrated the 27th birthday of Neda Aghasoltan (young Iranian woman shot by security forces during protests in Iran) The Hamilton Coalition to Stop War is stepping on the blood of thousands of innocent Iranians and disrespecting the Iranian people and the memories of those who have lost their lives by organizing a pro-Islamic Regime event.

A number of pro-democracy Iranians in Toronto will be attending this event to protest against this untimely absurdity, and I encourage all Iranians who are able, to attend to voice their concerns. Given what the Iranian people have suffered at the hands of the Islamic Regime for the past 31 years it is the least we can do.

I would also urge readers to contact The Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War at to voice your concerns and to condemn this anti-peace, anti-freedom and anti-democratic event.

It is also my understanding that the McMaster Iranian Student Association has threatened potential protestors with security, once again clearly demonstrating that they are standing with the Islamic Regime and against the Iranian people.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran.

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  1. Rebecca Witonsky said...
    Sayeh, I'm appalled that this regime sympathizer will be speaking at McMaster. He doesn't deserve an audience at such a respected Canadian university.

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