Iranians have taken advantage of “Ashura” to take to the streets and stage anti-Regime protests.

According to news reports from Ahmad Andaryari a journalist, at least 8 protestors in Tehran, 4 protestors in Tabriz and 1 protestor in the city of Erdebil has been killed by security forces. According to the same report eye witnesses have stated that security forces have lost control in Tehran and their vehicles and motorcycles are being set on fire by protestors.

News Reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

• Protests in Tehran started around 11:00am on Sunday Morning (a day that marks Ashura). Thousands of protestors walked towards Azadi Square while shouting anti-Regime slogans.

• Some of the slogans included:

o This month is month of blood and overthrow of Seyed Ali Khamenei
o Death to dictator
o Rape, murder, death to this velayat
o Political prisoners must be free
o Dictator should know he will be overthrown soon
o Death to Khamenei

• According to a second news report from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran from north to south and west to east of Tehran is filled with millions of protestors who were shouting anti-Regime slogans.

• Even some security forces who are against the Regime as well as children and families as a whole have joined these protests.

• According to this news report as well the security forces have lost control of Tehran and the protestors.

• In Azadi Street people have confronted the security forces and set fire to at least five (5) vehicles belonging to the security forces. (4 belonging to Garde Vije and one belonging to Niruye Entezami)

• Young men and women are fighting back against the security forces and Basij by using rocks and bricks. In some locations protestors have been able to disarm security forces and given them beatings.

• According to this news report at least seven (7) protestors have been killed while many others have been wounded. Among the wounded is a 6 years old boy who was transferred to “Amir Alem” Hospital.

France News Agency-Tehran• The Nephew of Mousavi was shot to death during the protests.

In solidarity with brave Iranian People

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Translation: Sayeh Hassan

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    You are doing your fellow countrymen and women a great service and honor.

    Freedom to the Iranian people!

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