According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran around 1pm today Iranians and in particular young men and women gathered in central locations in Tehran in anticipation of today’s protests. The Protests are in response to the murder of number of protestors during the “Ashura Day” Protests on December 26th and 27th.

The protestors are in particular gathering around Enghelab Square where the main protest is to take place. Security forces and the Basij are doing their best to prevent people from gathering together, are not allowing people to stand in one location, and are forcing people to keep on walking.

According to news reports from Iran Press News there are protests in various locations in Tehran including “Hafte Tir Square.” There are also protests in Enghelab Square where protestors have gathered in front of the Enghelab Square Subway Station. Security forces and Basij are very much present and are trying to prevent people from protesting. Enghelab Subway Station has been shut down.

According to “Green Power” news reports security forces are using tear gas in Hafte Tir Square against the protestors. They are also attacking and beating protestors with batons in hopes of preventing people from gathering together and protesting.

Translation By: Sayeh Hassan


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