I want to wish everyone a very happy new year. Every year I wish and hope for a free Iran where we can all live in a secular and democratic society. This year I feel like we are closer than we have ever been to my wish.

In solidarity with the Iranians and their fight for a secular and democratic Iran

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran around 1pm today Iranians and in particular young men and women gathered in central locations in Tehran in anticipation of today’s protests. The Protests are in response to the murder of number of protestors during the “Ashura Day” Protests on December 26th and 27th.

The protestors are in particular gathering around Enghelab Square where the main protest is to take place. Security forces and the Basij are doing their best to prevent people from gathering together, are not allowing people to stand in one location, and are forcing people to keep on walking.

According to news reports from Iran Press News there are protests in various locations in Tehran including “Hafte Tir Square.” There are also protests in Enghelab Square where protestors have gathered in front of the Enghelab Square Subway Station. Security forces and Basij are very much present and are trying to prevent people from protesting. Enghelab Subway Station has been shut down.

According to “Green Power” news reports security forces are using tear gas in Hafte Tir Square against the protestors. They are also attacking and beating protestors with batons in hopes of preventing people from gathering together and protesting.

Translation By: Sayeh Hassan

Below are various videos from the protests in Iran today

1. Protestors destroying Khamenei’s picture

2. Tehran on Fire-People shouting death to Khamenei

3. People have set fire to the building for Ministry of Oil/Gas-They are shouting death to dictator

4. A protestor shot- The caption indicates that it is the nephew of Mousavi who was shot.

5. Another protestor shot to death

6. Protestors fighting back against the security forces

7. A protestor shot by security forces

8. Protestors disarming a security agent.

9. Protestors setting fire to a vehicle belonging to the security forces.

10. Another individuals wounded-It may be a security force, it is not very clear.

In other cities in Iran including Esfehan and Najaf Abad thousands of people have taken to the streets to protests against the Regime. In both cities protestors have confronted the security forces and are fighting back.

There are also protests in the city of Ghom and reports that protestors are being attacked by security forces.

There are also reports from cities of Tabriz, Arak, Erdebil, Shiraz and Babol where protestors have confronted the security forces and are fighting back.


According to various news reports people in Tehran have announced that they will be staging another protest tonight. The protestors will gather in Ferdowsi Square and from there walk to three (3) different locations.

1. The area where Regime Radio and TV Stations are Located
2. The notorious Evin Prison
3. Sepahe Pasdaran Building (Gharargahe Sarallah)

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

Iranians have taken advantage of “Ashura” to take to the streets and stage anti-Regime protests.

According to news reports from Ahmad Andaryari a journalist, at least 8 protestors in Tehran, 4 protestors in Tabriz and 1 protestor in the city of Erdebil has been killed by security forces. According to the same report eye witnesses have stated that security forces have lost control in Tehran and their vehicles and motorcycles are being set on fire by protestors.

News Reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

• Protests in Tehran started around 11:00am on Sunday Morning (a day that marks Ashura). Thousands of protestors walked towards Azadi Square while shouting anti-Regime slogans.

• Some of the slogans included:

o This month is month of blood and overthrow of Seyed Ali Khamenei
o Death to dictator
o Rape, murder, death to this velayat
o Political prisoners must be free
o Dictator should know he will be overthrown soon
o Death to Khamenei

• According to a second news report from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran from north to south and west to east of Tehran is filled with millions of protestors who were shouting anti-Regime slogans.

• Even some security forces who are against the Regime as well as children and families as a whole have joined these protests.

• According to this news report as well the security forces have lost control of Tehran and the protestors.

• In Azadi Street people have confronted the security forces and set fire to at least five (5) vehicles belonging to the security forces. (4 belonging to Garde Vije and one belonging to Niruye Entezami)

• Young men and women are fighting back against the security forces and Basij by using rocks and bricks. In some locations protestors have been able to disarm security forces and given them beatings.

• According to this news report at least seven (7) protestors have been killed while many others have been wounded. Among the wounded is a 6 years old boy who was transferred to “Amir Alem” Hospital.

France News Agency-Tehran• The Nephew of Mousavi was shot to death during the protests.

In solidarity with brave Iranian People

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Translation: Sayeh Hassan

Hossein Ali Montazeri died last night (December 19th 2009) at the age of 87, his death generating various reactions from different opposition groups and figures.

Montazeri was one of the leaders of the Islamic Revolution and at one time the designated successor of Khomeini as the “Supreme Leader.” He was a strong supporter of the Islamic Regime throughout his life and not once did he advocate for a secular and a democratic government.

Although he was a key and powerful figure within the Islamic Regime up to around 1989he never objected to the atrocities committed by the Islamic Regime which included rape, torture and execution of innocent political prisoners, during the early years of the revolution.

He did briefly object to the mass executions of political prisoners in 1988; however his objections were more so to the scale of the executions rather than the executions themselves. He also remained silent for the past 20 years against the rape, torture and execution of thousands of political prisoners. Silence against such atrocities could only be seen as approval of these atrocities.

Montazeri was a supporter of reform within the “un-reformable” Islamic Regime. His crimes against the Iranian people will never be forgotten, and had he lived he would have been tried in criminal courts for the crimes he committed against the Iranian people. His objections to the 1988 mass executions would at best be used as a mitigating factor during his sentencing hearing.

I am quite disappointed in many opposition groups and figures who have decided to create a hero out of this “reformist mullah” who has the blood of thousands of innocent Iranians on his hands.

Why is it that we are so quick to forget the real heroes’ of the people’s movement for a free and democratic Iran, while we have no problem making heroes out of undeserving dictators like Montazeri?

We don’t know or don’t remember the names of thousands of brave men and women who knowingly and willingly sacrificed their lives for a free Iran, but we are quite eager to create a brave hero from a person who may very well have been responsible for the death of those very same young Iranian men and women.

Isn’t time to put an end to this reformist propaganda which ultimately only benefits the Islamic Regime, and to support and remember the real heroes of the pro-democracy Iranian movement?

In memory of all brave young men and women who risked everything for a free, secular and democratic Iran.

In solidarity with all unknown Iranian heroes who are fighting against this barbaric dictatorship called the Islamic Regime.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Last Friday (December 11th 2009) Ehsan Fatahiyan’s head stone which is in the “Ferdows Orchid Cemetary” was broken.

This violent act was done secretly and away from the public eye and it is very clear why it was done. Islamic Regime paid a heavy price by execution Ehsan Fatahiyan. The extensive national and international campaigns to stop Ehsan’s execution once again showed the brutality and the inhumanity of the Islamic Regime in a very public way. It is only natural that the Regime would want to take revenge even in Ehsan’s death by destroying his head stone.

Ehsan Fatahiyan was a Kurdish activist who was executed on November 11th 2009 in spite of extensive national and international campaigns to try to stop his execution.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

While there has been a lot of attention to the arrest of student activist Mr. Majid Tavakoli who was arrested on National Student Day, unfortunately most activists have been virtually silent about the arrest and imprisonment of many other students who were also arrested on or around the national student day in Iran. While we must work towards the freedom of Majid Tavakoli we cannot forget all the other activists who were also arrested around the same time and probably are facing the same faith as Mr. Tavakoli.

According to Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan Ms. Lila Mohammadi, a student at Tehran University and a woman’s rights activist was arrested on November 16th 2009 during a rally in protest against the execution of a young Kurdish activist Ehsan Fatahiyan. Ms. Mohammadi is still in custody in Section 209 of the Evin Prison.

During the same protest number of other students including Mr. Ahmad Ismaili, Mr. Amanj Rahimi, Mr. Abdollah Arefi, Mr. Bakhshan Azizi, Sorveh Veysi and Hejar Yousefi were also arrested. There is currently no information about the whereabouts of these students; however it is anticipated that they might also be held in Section 209 of the Evin Prison.

According to this news report eight (8) other students were arrested on the day of National Student Day in Iran or days leading up to it.

Dr. Farzad Kalbali a PhD student at Tehran University was “kidnapped” by security forces while he was leaving the university after the protest as Tehran University on National Student Day.

On December 3rd Hajir Kord-Nejad a student from “Olume Ejtemai University” was summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran, arrested and transferred to the Notorious Evin Prison.

Further three (3) other students Amjad Kordnejad, Naser Ahmadi and Abbas Kakayi were summoned to court, arrested and taken to an unknown location. There is currently no information about their whereabouts.

Also Edris Moludi, resident of the city of Baneh and student at “Alameh Tabatabayi University” was arrested in his home.

Two (2) other students from Tehran University Alireza Moradi and Sajad Moradi have also been arrested.

Further Mr. Sohrab Karimi was arrested on December 6th in the city of “Ghoraveh” while he was on his way to Tehran.

Lastly Mr. Kamran Asa, the brother of Kianoosh Asa ( a student who was murdered by Regime agents during the recent presidential [s]elections) was also arrested in Tehran on the National Student Day and there is currently no news about his whereabouts.

I urge all human rights organizations and activists to remember the names of as many students as possible when starting campaigns for imprisoned students. Every life matters and each life is just as important as the other one.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

وزير امور خارجه كانادا با صدور بيانيه ای از مبارزات مردم ایران برای سرنگونی فاشیسم مذهبی حاکم بر این کشور حمايت كرد و نسبت به وضعيت رو به وخامت حقوق بشر در ایران ابراز نگرانى نمود.

لارنس كانن، وزير خارجه كانادا در بیانیه ای اعلام كرد، كانادا عميقا نگران وضعيت رو به وخامت حقوق بشر در ايران است كه از زمان انتخابات رياست جمهورى به طور قابل توجهى وخيم تر شده است. در هفتم دسامبر (16 آذر)، نيروهاى امنيتى يكبار ديگر با خشونت تظاهركنندگان را سرکوب كردند. تلاشهاى حكومت ايران در محدود كردن آزادى بيان و اجتماعات تاسف انگيز است. مردم ايران حق دارند صدايشان شنيده شود و از حقوقى كه شايسته آن هستتد برخوردار باشند.

This comes as a really nice surprise.

The Liberal Party of Canada is calling on the government to officially designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran as a terrorist organization.

“The IRGC of Iran is a paramilitary organization involved in domestic repression, military operations and support for terrorist networks, and yet Canada has not yet listed the IRGC as a terrorist organization. That must change,” said Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae.

Liberal Public Safety Critic Mark Holland said the IRGC is known for providing material support to the Taliban and a number of listed terrorist groups in Canada, including Hezbollah and Hamas. The United States and the Netherlands already list the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

“Security experts and media around the world report that a primary focus for the Qods Force of the IRGC is training Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups,” said Mr. Holland. “In fact, the IRGC has become Iran’s most powerful economic, social and political institution.

“It’s time for Canada to speak out against the IRGC and push the rest of the world to follow. We strongly urge the Harper government to make this official designation immediately.”

Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan: Mr. Sohrab Karimi a Kurdish student activist was arrested last night on the eve of National Student Day.

He was arrested in his home by security forces in the city of “Ghorove” in the Iranian Kurdistan. According to reports Mr. Karimi’s neighbours tried to prevent the security forces from taking him away by gathering in front of his house, but they were not successful and he was eventually arrested and taken to an unknown location.

Mr. Karimi was arrested during the National Student Day in 2007 and spent 76 days in solitary confinement in Section 209 of the Evin prison before being released on a 150million Tooman bail. He was sentenced to two years of imprisonment and 74 lashes however his sentence was eventually converted to a fine.

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan: Mr. Kamran Asa the brother of Kianoush Asa (a Kurdish student who was murdered during the recent protests after the presidential [s]elections) and one of their close family friends Mr. Bijan Rezayi were arrested yesterday on December 7th 2009 National Student Day in Iran.

Mr. Asa had been invited as a representative of the Asa family to attend the Student Day demonstrations at “Elmo Saanat” Univeristy. He was arrested along with Mr. Rezayi as they were leaving the demonstration.

Mr. Asa through a phone conversation last night alerted his family of his arrest as well as Mr. Rezayi’s arrest, stating that he did not know where they were being held. The Asa family is extremely concerned about the health and well being of both of these young men.

Kianoush Asa was finishing up his last term of an Engineering Degree at Elmo Saanat University when he was shot to death by Regime Agents during a protest.

Recently Kianoush Asa’s mother and brother wrote a letter to the head of judiciary asking for an inquiry into the death of Mr. Asa, as well asking that those who were responsible for his death be punished.

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

Today thousands of Iranian students took to the streets to make the National Student Day in Iran. The protests were nationwide with students protesting in Tehran, Mashad, Shiraz, Esfehan, Kerman, Gilan and Tabriz just to name a few.

The students were not alone as ordinary people, particularly in Tehran joined the protests to show solidarity with the Iranian students. In Poly Tehchnique University students broke down the main doors to the University to allow for people on the streets to join their protests.

Iranian students from various cities were able to post video clips of the protests on You Tube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure their voices were heard clearly by the International Community.

The videos showed students shouting slogans such as “death to dictator, Basiji have shame and leave the university, we are men and women of war, fight and we will fight back, what happened to the oil money? it has gone to the pocket of the Basiji, Freedom, Freedom and Iran Iran. There has also been reports of protestors shouting “Mousavi is an Excuse, the Entire Regime is a Target”. Students also sang the student solidarity song “Yare Dabestani” (The Classmate).

It is interesting to note that there was very little “green” or any sign confirming that people were supporting Mousavi as an " opposition leader" in these videos. In fact brave students in Tabriz University had written their slogans on red cardboards asking for drastic social change such as equality and freedom for everyone. There was very little if any reference to Mousavi or reform during the protests. At least in Tehran University, for the first time inside the country after 30 years, students raised the Iranian Flag without the Allah symbol in the middle (which represents the Islamic Regime). Protestors also did not take the attacks of Basij and security forces quietly and fought back with bricks and rocks.

While Iranian students were on the streets risking their very lives shouting “the blood in my body is a gift to my people” (contrary to its official Islamic Regime version which states “my blood is a gift to the supreme leader” ), as they have so many times before, in order to bring real change and democracy to Iran, the main stream media like CBC, CNN and BBC were busy putting a reformist spin on today’s protests, rather than reporting truthfully and candidly on the students wants and demands.

It seems like regardless of what the Iranian people want the main stream media will continue to mis-report on the real demands of the Iranian people.

Being a Canadian I am particularly disappointed about the way CBC has chosen to report on today’s protests in Iran. In one of their news reports CBC states “The protests were the largest in months, as university students — a bedrock of support for the pro-reform movement — sought to energize the opposition with rallies at campuses across the country. The opposition has been reeling under a fierce crackdown since turmoil erupted over the disputed presidential election in June.”

It seems like along with other main stream media they are determined to carry out a pro-reform agenda which only benefits the Islamic Regime, by not reporting on the real demands of the Iranian students, and the Iranian people. The real demand of Iranian students is Regime Change and Democracy, not the sham Reform by Regime insiders.

It is more important than ever for the non-main stream media and bloggers to work hard to make sure the real voices and the real demands of the Iranian people are heard.

sure the real voices and the real demands of the Iranian people are heard.
On a different note Iranians abroad also organized protests in solidarity with the Iranian students and their pro-democracy demands. Iranians in Toronto gathered at Mel-Lastman Square starting at 3pm tonight and shouted slogans such as “down with the Islamic Regime, Regime change for Iran, Freedom for Iran, Free political prisoners and house of terror (Iranian Embassy in Ottawa) must be closed.” The Lion and Sun had a very strong presence as always and despite the cold weather and the first snow of the winter there was a larger turn out.

Today the brave Iranian students took another big step towards freedom and democracy in Iran, and showed the Islamic Regime that torture, arrests and its militia ( Sepah and Basiji’s) no longer have an effect, and people of Iran won’t stop until they topple this murderous, criminal, terrorist regime.

In Solidarity with the Iranian Students

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

By: Sayeh Hassan

This is a Video of Students at PolyTechnique University break down the University doors to allow for the Iranian people to join them during the protests.

Video of the students at Mashad University Protesting

Video of Broujerd University Students singing the “Yare Dabestani”

Video of students at Gilan University singing “Yare Dabestani”

Video of Tabriz University Students singing “Yare Dabestani.” It’s interesting to note most of the students are carrying red signs rather than green signs.

Video of protestors getting ready to fight against security forces (it is not clear where this video was taken)

Video of people protesting by Tehran University, we can hear the voices of many women who are shouting “Death to Dictator”

Video of protestors fighting back against the Security Forces

Ajans Iran News News Agency: Shiraz

Students at Shiraz University are protesting, there are physical altercations with security forces and students are shouting anti-government slogans.

Video Clips from National Student Day in Iran (16 Azar)

Protests in Esfehan University

Protest in Kerman University, students shouting "death to dictator" "freedom, freedom, freedom"

Tehran University students singing "Yare Dabestani"

Protests at Amir Kabir University: I think they're saying "death to you" but it's not quite clear.

An elderly lady that has been attacked by the security forces

Protests in Sharif University

Protest at Sharif University (2)

Protests at Alame Saanat University: Students shouting " we are men and women of war, fight with us and we will fight back"

Tehran University Protests (2) Students shouting "death to dictator"

University of Tehran Video (3): The Iranian Flag without the symbol of Allah in the middle, at Tehran University, please look closely.

Iranian People joining the Iranian Students at Tehran University

In Solidarity with the Iranian Students

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Fierce clashes between people and oppressive forces and “Death to Khamenei” in Fakhre Razi intersection

Based on reports received by Human Rights and Democracy activists in Iran, students in Sooreh Educational Centre came out and started marching in Azadi Avenue, in front of the labour ministry.

They are going toward Enqelab Avenue and are being joined by people. Students and people are shouting “Death to Dictator/Death to Khamenei” while moving forward.

Also in Aboreyhan intersection there are thousands of youth demonstrating and young girls are the leading force of this demonstrations and clashes. People and youth are shouting Death to Khamenei and “Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is void”. There is a vast clash between people and youth on a side and oppressive forces on the other. Youth arrested one of the Basijis that had been attacking on them with motorcycles; they punished him well and burned his motorcycle. There were all walks of people in the current protests from pupils and teenagers to very old people, workers, teachers, shopkeepers, civil servants, girls and women.

Oppressive forces started shooting and unverified sources reported injury of two girls by bullets.

People’s solidarity is fantastic. People’s doors are open to demonstrators. People let demonstrators take refugee and supported them with giving them water and whatever they need.

Activists of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

06th of December, 2009

Translation- Persian2English


درگیری شدید مردم با نیروهای سرکوبگر و شعار مرگ بر خامنه ای در تقاطع فخر رازی

بنابه گزارشات رسیده به فعالین حقوق بشر و دمکراسی در ایران،دانشجویان مرگز آموزش سوره از این مرکز آموزشی خارج شدند و در خیابان آزادی درمقابل وزارت کار شروع به راه پیمائی کردند.

دانشجویان مرکز آموزش سوره از این مرکز خارج شدند و در خیابان آزادی شروع به راه پیمائی نمودند آنها از مقابل وزارت کار به سوی میدان انقلاب در حال حرکت هستند و مردم به آنها می پیوندند. دانشجویان و مردم با شعار مرگ بر دیکتاتور /مرگ بر خامنه ای در حال حرکت هستند .

همچنین در تقاطع ابوریحان هزاران نفر از جوانان در حال تضاهرات هستند و دختران جوان رهبری این تضاهرات و جنگ و گریزها را به عهده دارند. مردم و جوانان با شعارهای مرگ بر خامنه ای و خامنه ای قاتله ولایتش باطله سر میدهند.و جنگ و گریز گسترده ای بین مردم و جوانان از یک طرف و نیروهای سرکوبگر ادامه دارد. جوانان یکی از بسیجیان که با موتور بسوی آنها حمله ور شده بود دستگیر کردند و بشدت کوشمالی دادند و موتور این فرد را به آتش کشیدند. در اعتراضات امروز همه اقشار مردم شرکت دارند از نوجوانان دانش آموز،تا افراد بسیار مسن، کارگران ،معلمین ،بازاریان ،کارمندان و دختران و زنان نقش عمده ای را دارند.

نیروهای سرکوبگر اقدام به تیراندازی کردند و بنابه اخبار تایید نشده حاکی از زخمی شدند 2 دختر بر اثر اثابت گلوله است

همبستگی مردم بی نظیر است دربهای منازل بر تظاهر کنند باز است. مردم با پناه دادن به تضاهر کندگان و دادن آب و سایر مایحتاج آنها از تضاهر کنندگان حمایت می کنند

فعالین حقوق بشر ودمکراسی در ایران

16 آذر 1388 برابر با 06 دسامبر 2009

Translation by Freedom Messenger Blog

December 7th marks the National Student Day in Iran. The student movement is a power to be reckoned with and has been for many years. Students in Iran have been actively and consistently working against the Islamic Regime for many years.

We all remember the pro-democracy student demonstrations in July of 1999, as well as numerous anti Regime protests and demonstrations we have witnessed in the past 10 years. Since the elections students have once again been very active and very involved in asking for a secular/ non religious, free and democratic government. As a result the number of arrests and imprisonment of students has increased in the past few months.

Iranian students have marked the National Student Day with protests and demonstrations every year to show their opposition against the Regime. This year will not be any different.

As the Student Day approaches numerous different groups and organizations including many student organizations have organized protests and gatherings in solidarity with the Iranian students.

A protest was organized today (December 5th) by the students of University of Toronto in front of the Hart House building. This event was extensively advertised on Facebook, which gave me the opportunity to write to the organizers on their discussion board, and openly ask whether this was a Anti-Regime or a pro-reform or another kind of gathering. The answer I received from one of the organizers was that this was NOT an Anti-Regime event and that it was organized in support of the students in Iran.

I truly want to believe that some or most of these students had the best of intentions, however they were either grossly misinformed or are being taken advantage of by Islamic Regime Agents who are amongst them.

The students in Iran are not protesting in a vacuum, and for no particular goal. They are protesting against tyranny and for a secular and democratic Iran. Things that will clearly not be possible until the Islamic Regime in it's entirety is removed from power.

It is difficult to understand how anyone can claim to support the Iranian Students ( who are risking their education, their freedom and ultimately their lives to fight against the Regime) and yet organize an event that is NOT anti-Regime.

If an event is not Anti-Regime then what can it be? Pro Regime? There doesn't seem to be a middle ground. If one is not part of the solution one is part of the problem, as it has happened in the case of these students.

The irony is in the fact that students in Iran cannot fathom how anyone can live in a free country such as Canada and not be openly against the Islamic Regime. However we must keep in mind the fact that many of the Iranian students in Canadian Universities are bursary students, and the Islamic Regime funds their education. This of course does not come easily as the Regime will not give a bursary to anyone until they do extensive research on their backgrounds to make sure they are loyal to the Regime! This explains at least in part why these students would not want to organize anti-Regime demonstrations. Another explanation is the fact that many students have no problem with the Regime, are not politically active and want to be able to go to Iran for their summer vacations, therefore they would never risk that by organizing anything that may even be perceived as anti-Regime. This leaves the other group who probably have the best of intentions and who really want to help and support the students in Iran but are misinformed about what the student movement in Iran wants and what the students are fighting for.

Perhaps these students should first focus on doing some research and speaking to some of the students inside the country and informing themselves about what the students in Iran want, before organizing demonstrations which clearly and openly are NOT against the Regime, to supposedly support students in Iran.

It's interesting that students at Waterloo University have gone even a step further by stating in their advertisement in Facebook that "The Police would not allow for anyone to bring flags to the demonstrations!" It seems that these students do not realize that we live in Canada, where people are entitled to freedom of speech and expression, rights that are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The police are not allowed to take these rights away from the people. Now if the organizers themselves have asked the police to not allow for flags, in fear of having any Lion and Sun flags present, that is a different story.

These very students have promised to provide protesters with green bracelets to wear during the protest. it is very clear that these students have no respect for people's freedom of expression and they have done everything in their power to make sure their demonstration is a pro-reform, pro-Regime event, and not surprisingly they've threatened people with police and arrests to make sure things go exactly as they have planned.

According to a famous saying "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions." It seems as though students in Toronto and Waterloo at best lack clear perspective and knowledge about the student movement in Iran, what it stands for and what it seeks to achieve. Perhaps they will be in a better position to help their compatriots in Iran (if that is in fact their goal) once they realize the goals of the student movement in Iran. Otherwise they only open themselves up for criticism and harm, instead of hurting the very same people and the movement they are trying to support.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran