Despite widespread internal and international pressure to halt his execution Ehsan Fatahiyan was executed in the early morning of Wednesday November 11th 2009. Like other brave Iranian heroes before him, Ehsan embraced his death, and did not allow for the executioner to pull the stool from under him when he was being hanged. He chose to do it himself, taking control of his last moments on earth.

I first heard of Ehsan’s name about nine months ago in February of 2009. He had just been sentenced to death and I along with a group of brave Kurdish students in Iran wrote about him and tried our best to publicize his case, perhaps this is why the news of his murder is so devastating, because it feels like I’ve known him for a long time.

I can only imagine the devastation his family, friends and comrades must feel on such a day and all my sympathies, prayers and thoughts go out to them. I can only hope that Ehsan knew that he was not alone and that there were thousands of people who cared about him and wanted him to live.

The fact that he did not allow for the executioner to pool the stool from under his feet reminds me of another hero Majid Kavousifar who went to death with a smile on his face and no regrets. We have lost so many young men and women in the past 30 years, so many Ehsan’s, Akbars, Majids and it does not look like the killing machine of the Islamic Regime will ever stop.

I will always remember Ehsan, as I remember Akbar Mohammadi, Majid Kavousifar, Valliolah Feyze Mahdavi and so many others and make this promise that as I have done for many years I will do everything in my power, use all my resources and energy to help with the fight to overthrow the Islamic Regime from power. This I promise.

Rest in Peace Ehsan and rest assure that your path will continue...

Down With the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

By: Sayeh Hassan


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