According to news report from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the families of political prisoners arrested in the recent months are continuing with their daily protests in front of the Evin Prison and the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. Today the families were angry and shouting “what is the crime of our children? All they want is freedom.”

About 100 family members gathered in front of the Revolutionary Court this morning at 8:00am asking for the immediate and unconditional release of their loved ones. The family members shout anti-Khamenei and anti-Ahmadinejad slogans.

Around 10:00am names of 28 individuals who had been granted bail was posted. The bail for most individuals was 10 million Tooman. There were many families who were unable to come up with such a large sum of money and did not have any property to put up as bail. In response to their protest to such an unreasonably high amount of bail court officials stated “this is how it is, if you don’t come up with the money you loved one will remain in jail.”

Further about 50 family members gathered in front of the Evin Prison hoping to be able to visit with their loved ones, however they were told by Prison officials that they would only be able to visit their loved ones when the Judge in charge of their case allows for visitation.

Below is a list 17 other individuals who have been arrested during the recent protests-Provided by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran:

1. Mr. Ali Hashemi, 30

2. Mr. Alireza Bahrami, 20

3. Mr. Sagher Mohammadi, 25

4. Mr. Ali Akbar Naderi

5. Mr. Mohammad Javad Motamedi, 26

6. Mr. Mehdi Shayan, 21

7. Mr. Amir Misaghi, 23

8. Mr. Masoud Karimi Nejad, 25

9. Mr. Saeed Hossein MirTaheri, 27

10. Mr. Kamran Nasiri Sarkuhi, 19

11. Mr. Mohammad Reza Hadipour, 31

12. Mr. Mohammad Yaseri, 29

13. Mr. Kourosh Falahi, 27

14. Mr. Nader Saadati Niya

15. Mr. Mohsen Fatemi Nasb, 24

16. Mr. Naser Azimi, 22

17. Mr. Khosro entezami, 28

Continuation of Nightly Rooftop Protests in Tehran-Sunday August 9th

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the nightly rooftop protests in Tehran continues. Tonight once again people took to their rooftops and shouted “death to dictator.” The protest took place between 10:00pm-10:30pm.

The nightly protests took place in various areas in Tehran including “Tehran Pars, Tajrish, Mir Damad, Sedkhandan, Vanak and Shams Abad.”
In some areas security forces were riding their motorbikes in an effort to intimidate the protestors, however they were not successful and people in these areas increased the intensity of their protests.

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan


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