Transfer of Political Prisoners in Evin Prison to an unknown location in Esfehan

Number of political prisoners in Evin Prison have been transferred to an unknown location in the city of Esfehan.

On Tuesday July 28th 2009, members of parliament visited the Evin Prison, in order to do an inspection and meet with political prisoners. However a few hours before their arrival, the prisoners had been transferred to an unknown location in the city of Esfehan.

As a result members of parliament were not able to visit with many political prisoners and to report on their health and well being.

Threats Against the Families of Protestors who have been Killed During the Recent Protests

Mehdi Mahmoudiyan Reports: Regime agents have taken 7 million Tooman from the mother of one of the individuals who was killed during the recent protest. She was further warned to tell everyone her son was killed as a result of an accident, she was threatened that if she told anyone what REALLY happened to her son she might end up with three (3) dead sons instead of one.

Concern for the Health and Well being of “unknown” Political Prisoners

Mehdi Mahmoudiyan Reports: According to various reports around 4000 protestors have been arrested during the recent protests. Although some of those arrested are well known activists and journalist, the majority are people who are not well known, especially in smaller cities. There is great concern for the health and well being of all prisoners but in particular those who are imprisoned in smaller cities, where it is almost impossible to obtain any news from them.

News Reports above are provided by Mr. Arez Andaryari, a well known journalist, and translated by me.


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