Mr. Mostafa Kiyarostami was attacked during the Friday Prayer protests on July 13th 2009. He was hit on the head with a baton and was injured so badly that he called his mother so that she would come and get him. His mom took him to Kasrayi hospital where he died from a brain stroke, caused by the trauma he suffered on his head.

Mr. Ramin Aghazadeh Ghahremani had been charged with breaking the windows of a bank during the recent protests. Accompanied by his mother he turned himself in at the police station claiming his innocence. He was held in custody for two weeks and was brutally tortured. He died suddenly shortly after his release from prison.

Mr. Alireza Davoudi is another young man who lost his life in the recent days. Mr. Davoudi was 26 years old and an accounting student at Esfehan University. He was also a leftist activist and the editor of the “Khak” publication.

Mr. Davoudi was arrested, imprisoned and tortured during the recent protests. Once released from prison he suffered from depression and spent 20 days in the hospital when his heart stopped working suddenly and he lost his life.

News report provided by Arez Andaryari
Translation by: Sayeh Hassan


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