According to news from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran Tehran saw a new wave of protests today (Friday July 17th 2009) when thousands of protestors took to the streets, especially around the area of Tehran University where Friday Prayer’s was to take place. Protestors shouted slogans such as “death to dictator” and “free political prisoners.”

After Friday prayer demonstrators continued their protest by continuing to walk around Tehran University and streets around it and continuing to shout slogans such as “death to dictator.” Security forces including Basij and Sepah attacked the protestors, beating them with batons and using tear gas against them, in their attempt to suppress the protests. Many protestors were wounded while many more were arrested and taken to unknown locations.

Further, nightly rooftop protests continue, as once again people took to their rooftops tonight around 10:00pm shouting slogans such as “death to dictator.” There were also people gathered in the main streets of Tehran shouting slogans, while cars passing by honked their horn to show support and solidarity with the protestors. The rooftop protests continued past the usual 10:30pm.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran


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