According to news report from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” hundreds of family members of those recently arrested continue to gather in front of the Revolutionary Court and the Evin Prison in Tehran on a daily basis, in hopes of obtaining some news about their loved ones.

According to this news report some Revolutionary court officials have told the families that they should not give any interviews if they want their loved ones to be released soon. This has caused anger among the family members who have indicated that they have NOT been giving any interviews but that they would start if their loved ones were not released soon.

The families are extremely concerned about their loved ones and particularly of the fact that their loved ones are very likely being subjected to physical torture. According to this news report the mothers of those arrested started shouting slogans such as “Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, we hope one day you mourn your children, we hope you will be overthrown soon.”

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran have published a new list of some of the individuals arrested during the protests.

1. Mr. Javad Sadighifar, (29)

2. Mr. Mohammad Kazemzadeh, (24)

3. Mr. Ashkan Aghazadeh (26)

4. Mr. Farhad Lashkari (26)

5. Mr. Jalil Nourifar, (30)

6. Mr. Mohammad Hossein Vasighi (32)

7. Mr. Mohammad Ali Salehi (22)

8. Mr. Amin Maghbeli (25)

9. Mr. Salar Nejarzadeh, (31)

10. Mr. Arash Mohammadi, (27)

11. Mr. Reza Eskandari, (26)

12. Mr. Hossein Heydari (28)

13. Mr. Ali Aghdasiniya, (24)

14. Mr. Armin Nouri, (21)

15. Mr. Ahmad Hosseini (29)

16. Mr. Hadi Molavi, (27)

17. Mr. Fariborz Golkuhi, (30)

18. Mr. Hesam Eldyin Ebrahimi Dari, (28)

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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