Arrest of Students in “Nourshirvani University” in the City of Babol

According to “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” security forces attacked the “Nourshirvani University” in the city of Babol today, and arrested at least two students. One of the students who were arrested was Mr. Nima Nahvi. The second student was Mr. Ali Taghipour, both of these students have been taken to an unknown location.

Further four (4) other students, Mr. Iman Sadeghi, Mr. Mohsen barzgar, Mr. Hamid Jahan Tigh and Mr. Siavash Saliminejad have been arrested in the past few days, and there is currently no information about their whereabouts. It must be noted that those arrested are at risk of severe torture and their lives may be in danger.

Torture of Protestors Arrested During the Recent Protests

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran report on the torture of those arrested during the recent protests. According to this news report, those arrested are first beaten with batons, kicked and punched mostly on the head. The protestors are then blindfolded and transferred to prisons, where once again they are attacked and beaten with batons; many suffer from broken nose, head, arms or legs during these beatings.

Prisoners are subjected to lengthy interrogations, sometimes up to eight (8) hours at a time where they are subjected to brutal torture. There have been occasions where a prisoner has not been brought back to his cell after these interrogations, because they have died under torture. Many of these protestors are forced to sign “confessions” of setting mosques on fire or similar accusations.

Some of the protestors currently detained in the notorious Evin Prison are:

1. Mr. Ali Soleymani Nejad (18)
2. Mr. Daniel Amiri (23)
3. Mr. Mehdi Zovalghadr (29)
4. Mr. Sohrab Salimi (25),
5. Mr. Arash Alavi (27),
6. Mr. Mahmoud Hamidi (25)
7. Mr. Behrouz Mostaghavi (20)
8. Mr. Saeed Reza Mousavi (19)
9. Mr. Mohsen Beygi (30)
10. Mr. Naser Samadi (24)
11. Mr. Erfan Asadi,
12. Mr. Sadegh Mahdipour (25),
13. Mr. Hamed Ismaili (19)
14. Mr. Vahid Kavousi (24)
15. Mr. Yasin Barzgar (22)
16. Mr. Sina Afshar (23)

It must be noted that these are names of only 16 protestors among 1000’s that have been arrested so far.

Strong Presence of Security Forces in the City of Tabriz

According to Payam News, yesterday Tuesday June 30th 2009, security forces gathered in the main square in the city of Tabriz, attacking those who wanted to protest. Protestors were forced to leave, however not before they shouted anti-Islamic Regime slogans.

Protests in Tehran-July 1st 2009

Payam News further reports that thousands of protestors in Tehran tried to gather around Vali Asr and Enghelab Square this afternoon, however 100’s of security forces attacked the protestors and tried their best to prevent the protest from taking place, however it has been reported that people fought back and were not passive by any means.

Finally tonight many protesters in Tehran took to their roof tops between 10:00pm-11:00pm tonight and shouted “Allaho Akbar” and “Death to the Dictator”, while security forces and Basij threw rocks at people’s homes and tried to break down the doors of people’s homes with batons. It has also been reported by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran that tonight people also started shouting “Death to Khamenei” who is the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Regime.

Down with Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran


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