Gathering of the Families of the Political Prisoners:

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran about 150 family members gathered today July 28th by the Evin Prison, all of them extremely frustrated about the lack of news and demanding to see their loved ones. Family members are extremely concerned about the safety and the well being of their loved ones, especially in light of reports of prisoners being murdered under torture.

Further about 100 people gathered in front of the Revolutionary Court today, waiting for a list of protestors who would be granted bail. Family members wanted from 8:00am to 3:00pm in hopes of any news about their loved ones. Any questions directed to revolutionary court workers were answered with brutality and insults. Families were told to check the list, and if the name of their loved one was on the list to bring their pay stub or a deed to the house, and if not to come back the next day.

New List of Individuals Arrested during the Recent Protests Published by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

1. Ramin Shojai (27)

2. Morteza Soltani Abhari (24)

3. Saeed Mohammad Rabii (26)

4. Vahid Ashtari (21)

5. Mekabil Melkan (29)

6. Farshad Lashgari (31)

7. Sina Kasmayi (24)

8. Mohammadd Mehdi Hashemi (26)

9. Mohammad Yaser Bahmani (26)

10. Ehsan Loghmani Chahar-Dange (32)

11. Amir Sahrayi (25)

12. Arash Mazinani (28)

13. Hassan Shamsi Moghaddam (20)

14. Sadegh Ghobadi (30)

15. Yousef Latifi (26)

16. Amir Mirzayi (31)

17. Ahmad Yousef Abadi (27)

18. Saber Farshchi (30)

19. Ali Ehteshami (20)

20. Armin Hassanzadeh (24)

21. Mohammad Reza Shojai (29)

22. Kaveh Kamali 25

23. Farzad Taleblu (26)

24. Kamra Homayouni (35)

25. Abdolhamih Farughiya (28)

26. Iman Mohseni (20)

27. Erfan Fahimpour (30)

Nightly Protests in Tehran Continues

According to reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, the nightly roof top protests continued tonight (July 28th 2009) in various areas in Tehran.

The protests took place between 10:00pm-10:30pm in areas such as Jenat Abad, Tehran Pars, Sadeghiye, Sedkhandan, Azadi, Mirdamad etc... Basij and other security forces watched these protests, unable to do anything to stop it.

Down with the Islamic Regime

Long Live Freedom in Iran

Translation of Reports to English by: Sayeh Hassan


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