Rooftop Protests in Tehran

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 18 Tir (July 9th 1999) pro-democracy student demonstrations, residents of Tehran took to their rooftops and shouted the slogan of “death to the dictator.” According to reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran people also used this opportunity to advertise and inform each other of the 18 Tir demonstrations which are to take place in most major cities in Iran tomorrow. The rooftop protests lasted until approximately 10:30pm.

According to reports from Payam News the Basiji forces attacked protestors who had gathered in the Saadat Abad area in Tehran, by beating and using tear gas on them. According to this news report the Basij attacked protestors in response to their shouting of slogans such as “death to the dictator.”

Furthermore according to this news agency in order to suppress any possible 18 Tir protests in Tehran thousands of security guards most of them on motorbikes, are circulating the city and in particular the area around Tehran University and its dormitories.

Arrest of Students in Coffee Net’s in Kermanshah and Sanandaj

According to Payam News the security forces have attacked numerous coffee net’s in Kermanshah and Sanandaj arresting many students. Thos arrested have been charged with viewing anti Islamic Regime news websites.

Torture of Students of Nourshirvani University in the City of Babol

According to Payam News Mr. Nima Nahvi and Mr. Ali Taghipour have both been transferred to solitary cells in the detention centre of Ministry of Intelligence and are being subjected to severe torture.

Five other students Mr. Iman Sadeghi, Mr. Mohsen Barzgar, Mr. Hamid Jahantigh, Mr. Siavash Saliminejad and Mr. Ehsan Bagheri have been transferred to Babol Prison after spending 10 days in the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence and being subjected to brutal torture.

18 Tir Protests in Toronto

A reminder that there will be an 18 Tir Protest in Toronto tomorrow. I encourage everyone to attend with their Lion and Sun Flags and their down with the Islamic Regime Slogans.

Where: Mel Lastman Square
When: July 9th 2009, 6pm-10pm

A reminder that Regime sympathizers (Committee for Solidarity with Iran) will be at Mel Lastman Square from 8-10 pm according to their facebook page. Let’s make sure our Lion and Sun Flags are flying high and proud.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom Iran Iran


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