Today was the 40th day of Neda’s death who was shot to death during peaceful protests in Tehran. To commemorate this occasion Iranian’s held protests in many major cities in Iran including Tehran, Shiraz, Esfehan, Mashad and Ahvaz. Please find below news reports pertaining to each city.

Protests in TEHRAN:

There were large scale protests in Tehran today including in “Vali Asr, Beheshti Street, Motaheri, Hafez Shomali Street, Zartosht and Fatemi. In Vali Asr street protestors set fire to garbage cans and shouted slogans such as “death to dictator” “Our Neda is not dead, this government is dead”, “unity, freedom, Iranian Republic (Rather than saying Islamic Republic), and “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid we are all together.” Those driving along were also honking their horns in support for the protestors.

Security forces attacked protestors and those honking in support of the protestors in Vali Asr, Takhte Tavous and Abbas Abad in their attempts to put an end to the protests, however protestors fought back by setting garbage cans on fire and continuing with their protests.

In Vezra Street people set a Basiji motorbike on fire. Number of people have been arrested in Abbas Abad and taken to unknown locations. There has also been reports of security forces firing at unarmed protestors.

As of 8:00pm Tehran time the protests were continuing and the number of protestors was continuing by each passing moment, in spite of attacks by Basij and other security forces. At least 6 people have been wounded so far as a result of attack by Basij and security forces and at least 12 people arrested.

Further hundreds of people gathered at Neda’s Grave (Beheshte Zahra); however they were surrounded and attacked by security forces. Number of well known film makers and directors who had gone to Beheshte Zahra to put flowers on the graves of those who have been killed during the protests have been arrested. Mr. Jafar Panahi and Ms. Mahnaz Mohammadi are among those arrested.

Protests in AHVAZ:

There were large scare protests taking place in the city of Ahvaz where at least 30 people have been arrested so far. According to eye witnesses this is one of the largest protests Ahvaz has ever seen. The protests took place in Kianpars area, where security forces attacked and beat the protestors. As of time of this report security forces were roaming the streets in large numbers.

Protests in RASHT:

People gathered in City Park (Parke Shahr) at 6:30 pm to commemorate the 40th day of Neda’s death. People were holding candles and pictures of Neda and Sohrab (another young person who was shot to death during the protets).

As soon as the police cars started arriving people started shouting “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we are all together” while holding out a “V” sign with their fingers. Police did not attack the protestors, only asked them to leave the park, however people did not listen and continued their protests. Basij forces arrived shortly after and attacked and beat the protestors.

Protests in SHIRAZ:

In Shiraz people gathered in Azadi Park and Falakey Gaz and sang “my classmate” (yare dabestani). They were also attacked by security forces who tried to put an end to the protests.

Protests in MASHAD:

People gathered in “Parke Mellat” to commemorate 40th day of Neda’s death. Police and security forces attacked the protestors; however protestors fought back and continued their protests. At least 3 people were arrested.

Protests in ESFEHAN:

Protestors gathered by Hotel Kusar and the park across from it, and shouted slogans such as death to dictator. Drivers honked their horn in support of the protestors. People were holding up V signs with their fingers and continuing their protests, even though they were being attacked by Basij and other security forces.

News reports provided by Arez Andaryari
Translation by: Sayeh Hassan


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