According to news reports from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” Mr. Babak Dadbakhsh a political prisoner in the Central Prison of Erdebil has gone on a hunger strike. The hunger strike is in protest to Mr. Dadbakhsh’s inhumane treatment in prison, as well as his separation from other political prisoners. Mr. Dadbakhsh started his hunger strike on Tuesday July 21st 2009.

Recently the treatment of political prisoners in the Central Prison of Erdebil has worsened. Political prisoners have been separated from each other and put in different sections of the prison. Their visitation and phone privileges have been reduced. Further the prison officials have ordered that Mr. Dadbakhsh be transferred to solitary confinement.

Although the Attorney General of Iran has in numerous letters to the Prosecutor’s Office in Erdebil as well as to Hassan Zadeh the head of the Revolutionary Courts in Erdebil asked has stated that Mr. Dadbakhsh should be released, Hassan Zadeh refuses to sign Mr. Dadbakhsh’s release Papers.

Translation By: Sayeh Hassan


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