According to “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” the families of those who have been arrested in the recent protests continue to gather in front of the Revolutionary court and the Evin Prison, in the hopes of obtaining news about their loved ones.

According to this news article about 100 people in front of the Revolutionary Court, waiting to obtain news from their loved ones. About 25 individuals were given bail on Wednesday July 22nd 2009, however the amount of bail was set at 10 million Tooman. This is an extremely high amount and many families have had difficulty meeting the bail. The families are extremely concerned and worried about their loved ones being under torture, or worse dead.

Below is a new list of some of the individuals who have been arrested recently:

1. Mr. Kaveh Sheikhi (23)

2. Mr. Sajad Abedi (21)

3. Mr. Hamid Taak (26)

4. Ms. Nazi Kalantari (27)

5. Mr. Ebrahim Ghanbari (54)

6. Mr. Soheil Ghahremani(24)

7. Mr. Reza Godarzi (28)

8. Mehdi MirKarimi (30)

9. Mr. Shahab Nazeri (19)

10. Mr. Rahim Hashempour (28)

11. Mr. Masoud Mardani (27)


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