Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani is an Iranian political prisoner. He was first arrested during the pro-democracy student demonstrations on July 9th 1999 (18 Tir) and he is the only remaining political prisoner from 18 Tir.

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, Mr. Behrouz Tehrani’s life may be in danger. Mr. Tehrani is currently being held in Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison which is also known as “the dark hole,” “dog house,” and “torture chamber.”

According to this news report Mr. Tehrani is being subjected to inhumane physical torture. He has been handcuffed, had his feet cuffed blindfolded and taken to a torture chamber on numerous occasions where he has been beaten by batons by numerous prison officials.

In protest to his current situation Mr. Tehrani started a hunger strike on Wednesday July 15th 2009. Mr. Tehrani has not been allowed any visitations with his family for the past month, and any other forms of communication with his family have been almost non-existent.

It must be noted that another political prisoner Mr. Behnam Mansouri has also been on a hunger strike for the past 10 days. There is a great concern for the health and safety of Mr. Tehrani and Mr. Mansouri.

Please help give a voice to these political prisoners whose cries for freedom are being silenced by Islamic Regime Agents.


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