Mr. Mostafa Kiyarostami was attacked during the Friday Prayer protests on July 13th 2009. He was hit on the head with a baton and was injured so badly that he called his mother so that she would come and get him. His mom took him to Kasrayi hospital where he died from a brain stroke, caused by the trauma he suffered on his head.

Mr. Ramin Aghazadeh Ghahremani had been charged with breaking the windows of a bank during the recent protests. Accompanied by his mother he turned himself in at the police station claiming his innocence. He was held in custody for two weeks and was brutally tortured. He died suddenly shortly after his release from prison.

Mr. Alireza Davoudi is another young man who lost his life in the recent days. Mr. Davoudi was 26 years old and an accounting student at Esfehan University. He was also a leftist activist and the editor of the “Khak” publication.

Mr. Davoudi was arrested, imprisoned and tortured during the recent protests. Once released from prison he suffered from depression and spent 20 days in the hospital when his heart stopped working suddenly and he lost his life.

News report provided by Arez Andaryari
Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

Mr. Shuresh Mehdikhani was executed in Sanandaj Prison on Thursday July 30th 2009. Mr. Mehdikhani was sentenced to death by Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj. His sentence was upheld by Branch 4 of the Appeal Court in Kurdistan.

The execution had been originally scheduled for March 5th 2009, however it was postponed and carried out yesterday. So far this year at least 231 individuals have been stoned to death or executed in Islamic Regime Prisons.

News report provided by Arez Andaryari
Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

Majid Saeedi a Prominent photojournalist forced to confess under torture
Mr. Majid Saeedi is a prominent award winning photojournalist, who has worked for various national publications since 1998, and has more than 20 years of experience in his field. Mr. Saeedi was arrested on July 11th 2009 in his home in the presence of his wife and children. His home was searched and his personal belongings confiscated. He then was taken to an unknown location.

Mr. Saeedi is currently facing charges of “having relations with foreigners and propagating to overthrow the Islamic Regime.” These are extremely serious charges which could lead to a lengthy prison term and even execution. It must be noted that these charges were laid against Mr. Saeedi after his “confession” that he had been in contact with foreigners who wanted to overthrow the Islamic Regime.

In light of numerous reports about the brutal torture of protestors in prison and even the death of numerous protestors under torture, it goes without saying that a “confession” under such circumstances has no validity and is absolutely void of any credibility.

Islamic Regime’s official news Agency IRNA has reported on Mr. Saeedi’s arrest and the serious charges against him. This has become cause of great concern for human rights activists in Iran and abroad, given that this might have serious implications for Mr. Saeedi’s immediate health, safety and well being. There is great concern that Mr. Saeedi may still be subjected to torture, and the “confession” he may have given under torture may lead to a very heavy jail sentence or even execution.

I urge all readers to contact various human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and urge them to take up Mr. Saeedi’s case. We must act today because in this care tomorrow might be too late...

Today was the 40th day of Neda’s death who was shot to death during peaceful protests in Tehran. To commemorate this occasion Iranian’s held protests in many major cities in Iran including Tehran, Shiraz, Esfehan, Mashad and Ahvaz. Please find below news reports pertaining to each city.

Protests in TEHRAN:

There were large scale protests in Tehran today including in “Vali Asr, Beheshti Street, Motaheri, Hafez Shomali Street, Zartosht and Fatemi. In Vali Asr street protestors set fire to garbage cans and shouted slogans such as “death to dictator” “Our Neda is not dead, this government is dead”, “unity, freedom, Iranian Republic (Rather than saying Islamic Republic), and “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid we are all together.” Those driving along were also honking their horns in support for the protestors.

Security forces attacked protestors and those honking in support of the protestors in Vali Asr, Takhte Tavous and Abbas Abad in their attempts to put an end to the protests, however protestors fought back by setting garbage cans on fire and continuing with their protests.

In Vezra Street people set a Basiji motorbike on fire. Number of people have been arrested in Abbas Abad and taken to unknown locations. There has also been reports of security forces firing at unarmed protestors.

As of 8:00pm Tehran time the protests were continuing and the number of protestors was continuing by each passing moment, in spite of attacks by Basij and other security forces. At least 6 people have been wounded so far as a result of attack by Basij and security forces and at least 12 people arrested.

Further hundreds of people gathered at Neda’s Grave (Beheshte Zahra); however they were surrounded and attacked by security forces. Number of well known film makers and directors who had gone to Beheshte Zahra to put flowers on the graves of those who have been killed during the protests have been arrested. Mr. Jafar Panahi and Ms. Mahnaz Mohammadi are among those arrested.

Protests in AHVAZ:

There were large scare protests taking place in the city of Ahvaz where at least 30 people have been arrested so far. According to eye witnesses this is one of the largest protests Ahvaz has ever seen. The protests took place in Kianpars area, where security forces attacked and beat the protestors. As of time of this report security forces were roaming the streets in large numbers.

Protests in RASHT:

People gathered in City Park (Parke Shahr) at 6:30 pm to commemorate the 40th day of Neda’s death. People were holding candles and pictures of Neda and Sohrab (another young person who was shot to death during the protets).

As soon as the police cars started arriving people started shouting “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we are all together” while holding out a “V” sign with their fingers. Police did not attack the protestors, only asked them to leave the park, however people did not listen and continued their protests. Basij forces arrived shortly after and attacked and beat the protestors.

Protests in SHIRAZ:

In Shiraz people gathered in Azadi Park and Falakey Gaz and sang “my classmate” (yare dabestani). They were also attacked by security forces who tried to put an end to the protests.

Protests in MASHAD:

People gathered in “Parke Mellat” to commemorate 40th day of Neda’s death. Police and security forces attacked the protestors; however protestors fought back and continued their protests. At least 3 people were arrested.

Protests in ESFEHAN:

Protestors gathered by Hotel Kusar and the park across from it, and shouted slogans such as death to dictator. Drivers honked their horn in support of the protestors. People were holding up V signs with their fingers and continuing their protests, even though they were being attacked by Basij and other security forces.

News reports provided by Arez Andaryari
Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

از دستگیری دستکم ۴۰۰۰ نفر در اعتراض‌های پس از انتخابات سخن می‌رود. گروهی از آنان، فعالان سیاسی، مدنی یا روزنامه‌نگاران شناخته شده هستند. اما اکثریت غالب را چهره‌های گمنامی تشکیل می‌دهند که کوچکترین خبری از آنها در جایی درج نمی‌شود. مهدی محمودیان می‌گوید: «ما نگران شهرستانی‌ها هستیم. در سال‌های گذشته که زندان‌های تهران معمولا بدون شکنجه و ملایم‌تر بودند، از شهرستان‌ها خبر بد می‌رسید. الان حتما وضع بدتر شده است».

مهدی محمودیان از احتیاط دردمندانه خانواده‌ها می‌گوید که ناشی از ارعاب و تهدید آنهاست: « از مادر یکی از کشتگان ۷ میلیون تومان گرفته‌اند. بعد تعهد نامه‌گرفته‌اند که بگوید بچه‌‌اش در تصادف کشته شده، بعد او را تهدید کرده‌اند که اگر موضوع را افشا کنی، شاید مجبور شوی سر قبر دو پسر دیگرت هم بروی».

دیدار نمایندگان از سلول های خالی اوين

روزنامه اعتماد: نمايندگان مجلس وقتي ديروز پايشان به زندان اوين رسيد که «فعالان سياسي بازداشت شده» چند ساعت قبل از آنجا نقل مکان کرده بودند. به اين ترتيب درهاي اوين به روي کميته ويژه مجلس در حالي باز شد که انتظار آنها براي ديدن بسياري از چهره هاي فعالان سياسي بي نتيجه ماند و مجلسي ها نتوانستند پيغام بياورند که وضعيت جسمي فعالان سياسي مستقر در زندان اوين به چه صورت است. به گفته داريوش قنبري بازداشتي هاي فعال سياسي به اصفهان منتقل شدند.

Transfer of Political Prisoners in Evin Prison to an unknown location in Esfehan

Number of political prisoners in Evin Prison have been transferred to an unknown location in the city of Esfehan.

On Tuesday July 28th 2009, members of parliament visited the Evin Prison, in order to do an inspection and meet with political prisoners. However a few hours before their arrival, the prisoners had been transferred to an unknown location in the city of Esfehan.

As a result members of parliament were not able to visit with many political prisoners and to report on their health and well being.

Threats Against the Families of Protestors who have been Killed During the Recent Protests

Mehdi Mahmoudiyan Reports: Regime agents have taken 7 million Tooman from the mother of one of the individuals who was killed during the recent protest. She was further warned to tell everyone her son was killed as a result of an accident, she was threatened that if she told anyone what REALLY happened to her son she might end up with three (3) dead sons instead of one.

Concern for the Health and Well being of “unknown” Political Prisoners

Mehdi Mahmoudiyan Reports: According to various reports around 4000 protestors have been arrested during the recent protests. Although some of those arrested are well known activists and journalist, the majority are people who are not well known, especially in smaller cities. There is great concern for the health and well being of all prisoners but in particular those who are imprisoned in smaller cities, where it is almost impossible to obtain any news from them.

News Reports above are provided by Mr. Arez Andaryari, a well known journalist, and translated by me.

According to news report from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, once again this morning, the families of the protestors who have been recently arrested gathered in front of the Revolutionary Court and the Evin Prison in Tehran, in hopes of obtaining news about their loved ones.

There was an expectation that a large number of protestors would be released on bail today, however only the names of 30 people were posted at 10:00am this morning. This caused great anger among the families who started condemning Khamenei for the arrest of their loved ones.

Families were also gathered in front of the Evin Prison. Many families were split up between the Revolutionary Court and the Evin Prison, hoping for some news about their loved ones.

New List of Individuals Arrested during the Recent Protests Published by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran:

1. Mr. Hamed Panahi (26)

2. Ms. Sheyda Agha-Beygi (23)

3. Mr. Mohammad Sharafti (28)

4. Mohammad Reza Younesi (30)

5. Ruzbeh Moradi (28)

6. Sadegh Ghiyahi (26)

7. Saeed Talashi (21)

8. Ehsan Hajizadeh (24)

9. Arman Nazem-Dust (31)

10. Alireza Babayi (26)

11. Kamran Honarvar (27)

12. Hooman Bagherpou (20)

13. Hessam Aledyin Ghazi (28)

14. Farshid Alizadeh Ardebili (25)

15. Behrouz Niyazi (32)

16. Morteza Mortazavi (23)

17. Bijan Mirzayi (29)

18. Nader Javadi (25)

19. Mohammad Hessam Hosseini (19)

20. Ashkan Haghighat Nazar (27)

21. Amir Zendi (25)

22. Ali Ehtesham (29)

23. Amir Mahmoudi (22)

24. Hossein Farahani (27)

25. Naser Talabi Najaf Abadi (31)

26. Farhad Kabiri (22)

27. Shayan Mtahari (28)

28. Amin misaghi (28)

Furthermore, recently a number of families have been given back the dead bodies of their loved ones who were killed under torture.

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

Gathering of the Families of the Political Prisoners:

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran about 150 family members gathered today July 28th by the Evin Prison, all of them extremely frustrated about the lack of news and demanding to see their loved ones. Family members are extremely concerned about the safety and the well being of their loved ones, especially in light of reports of prisoners being murdered under torture.

Further about 100 people gathered in front of the Revolutionary Court today, waiting for a list of protestors who would be granted bail. Family members wanted from 8:00am to 3:00pm in hopes of any news about their loved ones. Any questions directed to revolutionary court workers were answered with brutality and insults. Families were told to check the list, and if the name of their loved one was on the list to bring their pay stub or a deed to the house, and if not to come back the next day.

New List of Individuals Arrested during the Recent Protests Published by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

1. Ramin Shojai (27)

2. Morteza Soltani Abhari (24)

3. Saeed Mohammad Rabii (26)

4. Vahid Ashtari (21)

5. Mekabil Melkan (29)

6. Farshad Lashgari (31)

7. Sina Kasmayi (24)

8. Mohammadd Mehdi Hashemi (26)

9. Mohammad Yaser Bahmani (26)

10. Ehsan Loghmani Chahar-Dange (32)

11. Amir Sahrayi (25)

12. Arash Mazinani (28)

13. Hassan Shamsi Moghaddam (20)

14. Sadegh Ghobadi (30)

15. Yousef Latifi (26)

16. Amir Mirzayi (31)

17. Ahmad Yousef Abadi (27)

18. Saber Farshchi (30)

19. Ali Ehteshami (20)

20. Armin Hassanzadeh (24)

21. Mohammad Reza Shojai (29)

22. Kaveh Kamali 25

23. Farzad Taleblu (26)

24. Kamra Homayouni (35)

25. Abdolhamih Farughiya (28)

26. Iman Mohseni (20)

27. Erfan Fahimpour (30)

Nightly Protests in Tehran Continues

According to reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, the nightly roof top protests continued tonight (July 28th 2009) in various areas in Tehran.

The protests took place between 10:00pm-10:30pm in areas such as Jenat Abad, Tehran Pars, Sadeghiye, Sedkhandan, Azadi, Mirdamad etc... Basij and other security forces watched these protests, unable to do anything to stop it.

Down with the Islamic Regime

Long Live Freedom in Iran

Translation of Reports to English by: Sayeh Hassan

According to news reports from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” on Monday July 27th Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani was once again subjected to torture and was temporarily transferred to Section 5 of the Gohardasht Prison.

On Monday morning an “Inspection Committee” made up of members of parliament arrived in Gohardasht Prison for inspection, and in particular inspection of Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison.

Prison officials wanted to remove Mr. Tehrani from Section 1 of the prison before the inspection; however Mr. Tehrani protested and wanted to know why he was being taken to a different section. As a result he was attacked by prison officials and beaten by electrical batons. According to eye witnesses he was beaten until his body was covered in blood and then temporarily transferred to Section 5 of the prison. After the “Inspection” Mr. Tehrani was once again transferred to section 1 also known as “dog house” and “torture chamber.”

It should be noted that due to significant international pressure, prison officials allowed a brief visitation with Mr. Tehrani’s family on July 25th 2009. According to this news report his family was shocked and disturbed to see the marks of torture on Mr. Tehrani’s body. His hands and feet were black and blue as a result of beatings, he suffers from internal bleeding and as a result of damage to his knees has great difficulty walking.

As a result of his inhumane treatment in prison Mr. Tehrani went on a hunger strike on July 14th 2009 and is still on hunger strike. There is great concern that prison officials maybe trying to put an end to Mr. Tehrani’s life.

Translation to English by: Sayeh Hassan

It should be noted that Mr. Tehrani is the last remaining prisoner from July 9th 1999 pro-democracy student uprising, and has spent most of the past 10 years in various Islamic Regime Prisons including Evin and Gohardasht Prison.

I urge all readers to contact various human rights organizations, in particular Amnesty International and urge them to take up Mr. Tehrani’s case. Amnesty International in particular has been silent about Mr. Tehrani’s situation for the past 10 years, it is time for them to speak out on behalf of this human rights activist before it’s too late…

قتل یک دانشجوی دیگر زیر شکنجه در زندان
روزنامه اعتماد: يکي از دانشجويان مديريت صنعتي دانشگاه آزاد قزوين در زندان درگذشت. به خانواده امير جوادي فر که در جريان تجمعات 18 تيرماه گذشته بازداشت شده بود اطلاع داده شده ساعت 9 صبح امروز، پيکر او را تحويل بگيرند. وي که در روز 18 تير به دليل شکستگي دست و بيني به بيمارستان منتقل شده بود، بعد از مداواي اوليه بازداشت شده بود.

Translation: Death of another Student under Torture
Mr. Amir Javadi-Far a student from Ghazvin University was killed under torture. His family were informed that his family should pick up his body this morning July 26th 2009. Mr. Javadi-Far was arrested after his participation in July 9th 2009 demonstrations.

فعال حقوق زنان در سلول انفرادی بند امنیتی 209
سایت میدان زنان: يكي از وكلاي شادي صدر، از احتمال حبس او در سلول انفرادي بند 209 اوين خبر داد. به گفته محمد مصطفايي اينكه موكلش از سه شنبه پيش تا كنون هيچ تماسي نگرفته مي تواند نشان از آن داشته باشد كه او را در سلول انفرادي حبس كرده و مكررا مورد بازجويي قرار مي دهند.

محمد مصطفايي، وكيل شادي صدر، وكيل و فعال بازداشت شده حقوق زنان به خبرنگار ميدان زنان گفت: "صبح امروز براي پيگيري پرونده موكلم به شعبه دوم بازپرسي امنيت دادگاه انقلاب مراجعه كردم. بازپرس پرونده به من گفت كه در حال حاضر منتظر گزارش وزارت اطلاعات است و پس از دريافت آن درباره زمان آزادي خانم صدر تصميم خواهند گرفت."

او درباره اتهام موكلش توضيح داد: "هيچ جواب قانع كننده اي درباره اتهام خانم صدر از بازپرس نگرفتم. در حالي كه طبق روال قانوني اتهام موكلم بايد در همان روزهاي اول به من ابلاغ مي شد، هنوز هيچ اطلاعي درباره اتهام او ندارم."

مصطفايي از بي خبري پنج روزه از شادي صدر ابراز نگراني كرد و افزود: "بازپرس پرونده درباره علت اينكه خانم صدر پنج روز است با خانواده خود تماس نگرفته توضيحي نداد و گفت كه موضوع تماس به مسوولان زندان بستگي دارد و كارشناس (بازجو) پرونده متهم در اين باره تصميم مي گيرد. اما از آنجا كه افرادي كه در بند عمومي در حبس هستند يا در سلول انفرادي همراه چند نفر ديگر نگه داشته مي شوند، معمولا اجازه دارند با خانواده خود تماس بگيرند، احتمال اينكه خانم صدر در روزهاي اخير به سلول انفرادي منتقل شده باشد وجود دارد."

شادي صدر از بيست و ششم تير ماه در زندان اوين در بازداشت به سر مي برد و از سه شنبه گذشته تا كنون هيچ تماسي با خانواده خود نگرفته است. اين مسئله باعث نگراني خانواده او، به ويژه دختر كوچكش، دريا شده است.

گزارشی از اعتراضات روز یکشنبه تهران
فعالین حقوق بشر ودمکراسی در ایران

ساعت 16:50 به ونك رسيديم اما اين بار اتوبوسهايي كه در ميدان ونك توقف مي كردند با فاصله چند صد متري از ميدان مسافرين را پياده كردند .مردم در دسته هاي مختلف كه اكثرا جوانان تشكيل مي دادند به سمت ونك مي آمدند تا از آنجا خود را به مسجد بلال برسانند ميدان ونك توسط نيروهاي گارد و لباس شخصي ها و بسيجي هاي سوار بر موتور محاصره شده بود در مواردي علاوه بر ماشين هاي نيروي انتظامي ماشين هايي با آرم سپاه ديده مي شد كه در اين مدت بي سابقه بود . نيروهاي لباس شخصي تمام ورودي هاي ميدان ونك را تحت كنترل داشتند.نيروهاي انتظامي از تجمع بيش از دو نفر جلوگيري مي كردند و مانع ايستادن مردم و حتي اتومبيل ها مي شدند .در جلوي دانشگاه خواجه نصيرتعداد نيروهاي گارد باتوم بدست و لباس شخصي بيشتر شد.كم كم كه به سمت بالا حركت كريم جمعيت پراكنده با هم يكي شد و جمعيتي در حدود800نفر شكل گرفت در همين حين تعدادي از بالا به سمت جمعيت آمدند و گفتند مراسمي در مسجد برگزار نشده و متفرق شويد اگرچه جمعيت تا حدودي متفرق شد اما جمعيت به حركت خود با سر دادن شعار الله اكبر ،‌مرگ بر ديكتاتور،‌برادر شهيدم رايتو پس مي گيرم،‌مي كشم مي كشم آنكه برادرم كشت ،‌نترسيد نترسيد ما همه با هم هستيم ادامه داد كه با سد نيروي انتظامي و لباس شخصي مواجه شديم كه دو گاز اشك آور به طرف جمعيت شليك شد و جمعيت در خيابان هاي اطراف پراكنده شدند .با اين حال شعار الله اكبر و مرگ بر ديكتاتورمردم حتي در خيابان هاي فرعي ادامه داشت بسيجي ها و لباس شخصي ها سوار بر موتور وارد خيابان هاي فرعي مي شدند تا در مردم وحشت ايجاد كنند و مانع رفتن آنها به خيابان هاي فرعي و تشكيل تجمع شوند.حدود ساعت 19 جمعيت پراكنده به سمت ونك و ولي عصر حركت كرد كه باز هم با سد نيروي انتظامي مواجه شد و حدود ساعت 19:10 جمعيت بكلي پراكنده شد.عده اي هم كه از طرف نمايشگاه بين المللي قصد رساندن خود به مسجد را داشتند با سد نيروي انتظامي مواجه و پراكنده شدند.

4 مرداد 1388 برابر با 26 ژولای 2009

آخرین گزارشها از گوانتاناموهای رژیم ضد بشری
آخرین اخبار دریافتی از انتقال بازداشت شدگان اخیر به زندان کهریزک و اعمال خشونت های غیر انسانی حکایت دارد.

سایت راه سبز (جرس): به علت پرشدن ظرفیت زندان اوین، بسیاری از بازداشتی های ناآرامی های اخیر در زندان کهریزک نگهداری می شوند. این زندان، در سال های اخیر برای نگهداری مجرمان مواد مخدر و معتاد ساخته شده و تا کنون نیز محل نگهداری این گونه زندانیان بوده است. اما بخشی از بازداشتی های ناآرامی های خیابانی اخیر را که اکثر قریب به اتفاق جوان هستند به آن جا منتقل کرده اند. اداره این زندان به سردار رادان از نیروی انتظامی تهران بزرگ سپرده شده است. گزارشات وحشتناکی از رفتار با بازداشت شدگان شنیده می شود که متأسفانه تنها با آن چه که از زندان گوانتانامو گفته شده قابل مقایسه است. از جمله شکنجه های اعمال شده، لخت کردن بازداشت شدگان و تحقیر آنها با فرستادن دستگیر شدگان کم سن و سال در بند قاچاقچیان مواد مخدر محکوم به حبسهای طویل المدت و اعدامی که در مواردی متأسفانه منجر به تجاوز جنسی به بازداشت شده های جوان شده است.

طبق آخرین اطلاع بهزاد نبوی، مصطفی تاجزاده و فیض الله عرب سرخی از رهبران سازمان مجاهدین انقلاب اسلامی را از زندان اوین خارج و ظاهراً آن ها را به زندان قصر فیروزه منتقل کرده اند. این زندان که در پادگان قصر فیروزه قرار دارد، در اختیار سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی است و از نظر امکانات وضعیت نامساعدی دارد. گزارشهای نگران کننده‌ ای از برخورد با زندانیان و نیز شرایط نگهداری آنها در زندان قصر فیروزه وجود دارد. وضعیت این سه نفر بسیار نگران کننده است. بهزاد نبوی ه دو سال پیش عمل قلب باز کرده، مصطفی تاج زاده به شدت از دیسک گردن و کمر حاد رنج می برد. گفته می شود، قرار است این دو نفر به عنوان «رهبران اغتشاش» معرفی شوند. با توجه به انزجار شخصی مقام رهبری از این زندانیان، دست بازجوها برای هر فشاری کاملا باز گذاشته شده است. لازم به ذکر است که این سه تن، تنها فعالان سیاسی بازداشت شده اند که به رغم طول مدت بازداشت، تا کنون مطلقا با منزل تماس نگرفته اند.

یکشنبه دوم مرداد، دکتر وجیهه مرصوصی در دیداری با همسرش دکتر سعید حجاریان در زندان اوین، حال وی را نامساعد تشخیص و رنگ چهره وی را کاملا زرد شده گزارش کرده است. به نظر دکتر اسدی از اعضای تیم پزشکی حجاریان، ناتوانی بهداری زندان از کنترل دز داروهای متعددی که حجاریان در طول روز باید مصرف کند، احتمالا به اختلال شدید کبدی منجر شده که می تواند خطرناک باشد. به گفته او حجاریان می باید هر چه سریعتر به محیطی آرام زیر نظر پزشکان متخصص منتقل شود. همسر سعید که از وضع نامناسب همسر معلولش به شدت نگران شده بوده، به بازجوها اعتراض می کند، اما بازجوها به این بانوی دردمند پرخاش کرده و می گویند دوستان شوهرت می خواهند او را بکشند و از شهادتش سوء استفاده کنند! حجاریان که در طول ملاقات با همسرش به علت ضعف مفرط نمی توانسته شمرده سخن بگوید، در تمام مدت می گریسته و اشک از پهنای صورت اش جاری بوده است. گفته می شود، برخی از بستگان حجاریان که در زمره اردوگاه اصول گرایان محسوب می شوند و در روزنامه کیهان و دیگر رسانه ها فعالیت دارند به تیم بازجوئی حجاریان مشاوره می دهند. در مصاحبه زینب حجاریان جزئیات بیشتری در این زمینه قابل پیگیری است.

بنابر مشاهدات و شنیده های خبرنگاران جرس، اخیرا در تظاهرات خیابانی تهران، تعداد زیادی از لباس شخصی ها با لباس مبدل در میان مردم عادی فرستاده شده اند. اکثر آنها کارت های شناسایی جعلی نظیر کارت خبرنگاری و ... دارند. وظیفه این افراد گرفتن عکس از تظاهرکنندگان، شناسایی معترضان، و همکاری با پلیس و نیروهای ویژه در هنگام حمله به مردم معترض و دستگیری افراد شناسایی شده است. د رتظاهرات، این دسته از لباس شخصی ها با دوربین های بزرگ به گرفتن فیلم از جمعیت تظاهرکننده پرداخته اند. این فیلم ها برای شناسایی افراد به کار می رود. معمولاً لباس شخصی ها با جلیقه «پرس تی وی» تحت پوشش خبرنگار شبکه تلویزیونی انگلیسی زبان نظام، اقدام به جمع آوری اطلاعات معترضان می کنند. این مأموران به ظاهر خبرنگار، توسط تعدادی مأمور لباس شخصی محافظت می شوند.

طبق اطلاعات واصله حدود دویست بازجو از نهادهای مختلف از قبیل وزارت اطلاعات، سپاه پاسداران، نیروی انتظامی و بسیج کار بازجویی از بازداشت شدگان را بر عهده دارند. این بازجوها زیر نظر سردار نقدی فعالیت می کنند. یک تیم سه نفره متشکل از سردار نقدی، حسین شریعتمداری و حجت الاسلام تائب فرمانده بسیج خطوط کلان بازجویی و سناریویی که باید در بازجویی ها به اثبات برسد هدایت می کنند. حجت الاسلام تائب همان «میثم» وزارت اطلاعات است که به دلیل جنایت هایی که انجام داد در زمان خاتمی از وزارت اطلاعات اخراج شد و به اطلاعات سپاه رفت. تائب از نزدیکان حجت الاسلام سید مجتبی خامنه ای است.

The Nightly Rooftop Protests in Tehran Continue:

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the nightly rooftop protests in Tehran continue. On Friday July 24th people took to their rooftops and side streets between 10:00pm-10:30pm shouting “death to dictator.”

The protests took place in many different areas in Tehran including “Sedkhandan, Mirdamad, Aghdasiye, Tehran Pars, Shams Abad, Azadi etc...” Security forces and BAsij were present in large numbers riding their motorcycles and trying to create fear among the people, however they were not successful and people continued shouting slogans without paying any attention to the security forces.

Protests of Families of Political Prisoners and their Concern for Their Loved Ones

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the families of those recently arrested continued to gather on Saturday July 24th and Sunday July 25th to gather in front of the Revolutionary Court and the Evin Prison in hopes of obtaining news about their loved ones.

According to this news report Regime Agents have started turning over the bodies of protestors who have been murdered during the protests, to their families. Regime officials are putting a lot of pressure on these families, preventing them from having public memorials for their loved ones.

Number of protestors have been killed under torture in the infamous Kherzik Detention centre, also known as the “death camp.” Most of those gathered were the mothers of those arrested who wanted someone to at least tell them whether their children were still alone or not.

Protests of Families of Political Prisoners and their Concern for Their Loved Ones

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the families of those recently arrested continued to gather on Saturday July 24th and Sunday July 25th to gather in front of the Revolutionary Court and the Evin Prison in hopes of obtaining news about their loved ones.

According to this news report Regime Agents have started turning over the bodies of protestors who have been murdered during the protests, to their families. Regime officials are putting a lot of pressure on these families, preventing them from having public memorials for their loved ones.

Number of protestors have been killed under torture in the infamous Kherzik Detention centre, also known as the “death camp.” Most of those gathered were the mothers of those arrested who wanted someone to at least tell them whether their children were still alone or not.

New List of Protestors who have been Arrested Recentlyas published by Human Rights and Democracy Avtivists in Iran:
1. Mr. Shahriar Mohammadi (23)

2. Mr. Nima Fatehi (19)

3. Mr. Mohammad Reza Salari (28)

4. Mr. Mohsen Yar Mohammadi (26)

5. Mr. Alireza Farji Sakuhi (29)

6. Mr. Said Reza Hashemi (21)

7. Mr. Mostafa Alizadeh Jomeh (26)

8. Mr. Sina Jafar-Nejad (27)

9. Mr. Abbas Sadat (32)

10. Mr. Amir Taghi-Nejad (24)

11. Mr. Kamran Mahmoudi (19)

12. Mr. Behrouz Hakimi (22)

13. Mr. Reza Mahsanipour (30)

14. Mr. Seyed Mehdi Abdollah Nejad (22)

15. Mr. Siavash Tehrani (28)

16. Mr. Farzad Gholami (25)

17. Mr. Amir Mohammad Ramezan Zadeh (20)

18. Mr. Shahin Nemati (24)

19. Mr. Mahmoud Razavi (35)

20. Ms. Sarah Sharifi (28)

21. Mr. Faramarz Ahmadi (26)

22. Mr. Mohammad Hossein Zargari (26)

23. Mr. Abdol Hamid Fatehi (30)

24. Mr. Omid Safari (27)

25. Mr. Sina Johari (20)

26. Mr. Farzin Nikraftar (29)

27. Mr. Kaveh Mehrjoo (22)

28. Mr.Moin Nezam-Dust

29. Mr. Mohammad Rezayi (25)

30. Mr. Ahmad Souri (29)

31. Mr. Alireza Mokhtari (25)

32. Ms. Fariba Vatankhah (27)

33. Ms. Masumeh Alikhani (25)

34. Mr. Mohammad Nazari (28)

35. Mr. Mehdi Haghighi (20)

36. Mr. Siavash Azmudeh (24)

37. Mr. Mohammad Hassan Moradi (23)

38. Mr. Saleh Ali Mohammadi (21)

39. Mr. Masoud Kakavand (34)

40. Mr. Ali Akbar Nabihi (27)

41. Mr. Hassan Sayadi (19)

42. Mr. Mohsen Khodadadi (24)

43. Mr. Shahram Hossein Khani (30)

44. Mr. Morteza Mothevi (28)

45. Mr. Abbas Mostafavi (28)

46. Mr. Sajad Mohammadi (36)

47. Mr. Ali Kazemi (25)

48. Mr. Behzad Darayi (22)

49. Farhad Semsari (25)

50. Mr. Kamran Hassani (28)

51. Mr. Mohammad sadegh Javadi Azad (30)

52. Mr. Abolfazl Separi (21)

There is great concern for the life and safety of those arrested, as many of them are transferred to Kehrzik Detention Centre also known as the death camp, and other detention centres known for torture and brutal treatment of political prisoners.

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

It’s very curious that a lot of the Mousavi supporters in Toronto who come to these protests do not speak English, although all of them are young, and one would think they are students. I would not be surprised if the Islamic Regime has given these people a 3 month free vacation in Canada, with the only condition that they attend these protests and support the Islamic Regime.

I can have a lot of respect for a woman who is forced to sell her body to feed her children; I don’t consider someone like that a prostitute. These young men and women on the other hand who sell themselves so easily and so cheaply for a free vacation, a university bursary, or an Iranian passport, and choose to support Mousavi the murderer rather than being the voice for the Iranian people are the real prostitutes.

This letter is written by a well known film maker and human rights activist Ms. Lila Ghobady. Although it is about the hunger strike of Akbar Ganji I strongly believe it has much wider implications and deals with the so called "reform" movement and it's history. It's well worth reading.

An Open Letter to Noam Chomsky

Please think twice before going on a hunger strike!

Dear Mr. Chomsky,

As a human rights activist and a filmmaker who has made films documenting human rights violations of the oppressive Islamic dictatorship in Iran, I implore you to reconsider your support for, and participation in, the hunger strike which lead to support of Mousavi and the Reformist in Iran. Joining the hunger strike basically means supporting one part of an Iranian murderous regime against the other part. The so-called reformers are not committed to the human rights slogans they espouse. Instead, they are committed to obtaining for themselves the spoils of power that the hardliners now enjoy. Their goal is only limited to removing the Khamenei/Ahmdainejad band and installing the Rafsanjani mafia band in their stead.

The fact is that Rafsanjani/Mousavi and all other leaders of today’s so called reformist movement are yesterday’s killers. They are not fit to lead. Rather, they must first be brought to justice and go on trial for their involvement in the killing, torture and disappearance of thousands of innocent Iranian citizens who wanted nothing more than freedom and their basic civil rights. The imprisonment of reformists, such as Ganji, over the last few years and recent imprisonment of Hajarian does not lend any credibility to their movement. These detainments simply reflect a corrupt power struggle within a corrupt regime and have nothing to do for the fight for democracy. Hardliners and reformists are two sides of the same coin. They are like foxes in the henhouse, fighting over who will get to steal the eggs and eat the hens. It is ridiculous to suggest that either of them have the interests of Iranian citizens at heart.

The power struggle following the recent presidential [s]election has only one goal, to prevent and control a real grass-roots democratic movement by not letting it develop and by dissipating its energy in the illusion of reform. It is hard for Westerners, who take their freedoms for granted, to understand that the current reformist movement is a conspiracy in service of continued oppression; a tool of the Islamist regime designed to protect itself from a hungry and oppressed Iranian people, who might otherwise be able to develop a real reform movement that would replace the current corrupt regime.

Those who have planned the hunger strike at the UN have the blood of Iranians on their hands. They have been part of the current regime for years, including Ganji and Sazgara. Their only desire is to regain power for themselves, by deposing the Khamenei/Ahmdainejad thugs and replacing them with the Rafsanjani/Mousavi mafia. The hunger strike has nothing to do with the Iranian people’s fight for freedom. Rafsanjani, his family, and his mouthpiece Mousavi are inseparable from the appalling human rights abuses and economic corruption that stain Iran’s recent history. What were people like Ganji doing during the 80s to protect Iranian political prisoners? They controlled Iranian prisons and it would not have made sense for them to go on a hunger strike to protect prisoners while torturing prisoners as part of their day job!

We may live in an allegedly “reformist” era, but nothing has changed. Today people like Ganji still exist only to serve themselves and not the tortured and abused Iranian people.

Mr. Chomsky, before attending the hunger strike, please do your research. Don’t just take my word about the backgrounds of Mr. Ganji and his followers and their role in keeping the murderous Islamic regime in power and in killing thousands of innocent people over last 30 years – do your research. You might respond “yes, but people change”. To this I would say, “perhaps, but that is rarely the case with murderers, torturers and rapists”. Indeed, reformists in Iran do change tactics and they do give lip service to secularism and democracy. But they do these things without belief or conviction; they do it to increase their chances of obtaining and maintaining power. Of all people, you should know what crocodile tears are. Take Mr. Ganji as an example and read his manifesto where he still has claimed that Ayatollah Khomeini as his Imam (Ideal leader)! Yes Khomeini; a man known above all else for extremist despotism and murder.

In 1979, the Iranian people supported the revolution against the Shah dictatorship. Supporters of the revolution later hoped that an Islamist government would usher in respect for basic civil and democratic rights along with independence from foreign influences within Iran.

As history has proven, their hope that Islam and religion leaders could answer their cry for freedom, independence and basic rights was a disastrous illusion. When Ayatollah Khomeini obtained power, Iranians were cruelly deceived. A part of Iranian society tried to claim back their stolen revolution, in 1981, there was an uprising against the new self-proclaimed Islamic regime Thousands of students, political activists and ordinary Iranians demonstrated in the streets and chanted: “Down with Khomeini!”
What was their reward for claiming back what was rightfully theirs? The demonstrations were savagely put down. Thousands were massacred by the Revolutionary Guard and the Islamic regime militia, jailed, tortured in the most horrific ways. In one of Iran’s darkest summer of 1998 those who were jailed were executed on Khomeini’s direct order even though most had been jailed for years and were required by law to be freed after their terms had been served.
These thousands of Iran’s best sons and daughters where are they now? They lie forgotten in mostly unknown, mass graves.

Today’s “Reformists”: Mr. Ganji, and Hajarian were at the top of the Islamic regime and headed up the secret police in Iran. They worked hard to maintain the new Islamic dictatorship that gave them so much power, and their hard work, massacring and torturing their own people, succeeded in securing for them the power they wanted.

In the West, most people have never heard about the 1981 uprising and subsequent crackdown because news rarely made it out of Iran to the mainstream media, except through horror stories recounted by the millions of refugees who had managed to escape the murderous prison that Iran had become.

Even while they called the Iranian Islamic dictatorship a threat the world, Western governments supported the new regime because it was exactly what they needed to control the Iranian people and to have access to Iran’s oil wealth. It was a deal with the devil: Western governments supported the regime by supplying it with weapons and other means of oppression. In return, the Islamic regime ensured Western access to Iranian resources. Real democracy in Iran would not have served Western governments nearly so well. A free, secular society would put the West at risk of losing easy access to one of the largest supplies of oil in the world. In 1954, Americans supported a coup to prevent democracy in Iran from taking root. What is different now? A puppet, Islamic regime that guarantees access to Iranian resources is what Western governments wanted. It is what they continue to want.

No Western government has ever supported a true democratic uprising in Iran. They simply closed their eyes to human rights concerns, purchased the oil, sold the weapons and enjoyed the ride. Western leftists and intellectuals have been equally blind and complicit in human rights violations in Iran. They supported Khomeini’s regime simplistically, because they had the illusion it was anti-Imperialist!

Despite all that, over the last 30 years, many Iranians continued to fight against the Islamic regime and basic human rights, while the regime fought to prevent real change through a people’s movement that could have developed organically from within. After the regime had killed or suppressed all real opposition inside and outside Iran, it created a false opposition movement from within to create the impression that there was a real political discourse within the country, as a means to keep itself in power. Iranians suffered and continue to suffer enormously. In a country of great wealth, 70 percent of the people live in poverty while those at the top of the corrupt regime enjoy great riches that they deposit in European banks while creating alliances with European governments who support their agenda of exploitation.

As the power struggles within Iran continued, the so-called reformist Khatami came to power as president of Iran in 1997. Mohammad Khatami became the favourite of the Western media, because he spoke beautifully about freedom of speech, civil rights and dialogue between cultures. But in 1999 there was a crackdown on a student uprising; the same students who voted for him. Many were killed, many disappeared, and many were tortured. Artists, authors and intellectuals disappeared and were found “mysteriously” murdered. The smooth-talking president Khatami, whom westerners loved, never tried to stop the violence and never showed sympathy to his supporters. Instead, he openly avowed that his responsibility was to respect the wishes of the supreme Islamic leader, Ayotollah Khamenehi, and to protect the security of the Islamic regime.

To get a sense of who Khatami the “reformist” really is, consider this: the Monster, Mohammad Lajevardi, who was in control of Evin prison was personally responsible for raping many teenage girls who were imprisoned in 1980. These rapes were carried out one night before their execution. Why? Because Islamic myth has it that virgins go to heaven. To prevent these innocent young women from going to heaven, Iranian religious leaders authorized the rapes! This man who carried out the rapes was eventually shot dead. Khatami (the “reformist”) publicly mourned the death of this monster rapist, whom he described as a “brave son of the revolution”!

Today’s so-called “reformists” are part of the Islamic regime who had better deals with Western companies and who wanted to profit from the capitalist/liberal system, in opposition to the hardliners, who wanted to be in charge themselves and to maintain their power game in the region and throughout the world. But this entire power struggle between two corrupted sides of the same regime has nothing to do with the majority of hungry and oppressed Iranian people fight for freedom from the whole corrupted system of oppression inside Iran which is the Islamic regime.

Western supporters of the reformist movement deliberately refuse to acknowledge that the Islamic regime itself brought Khatami to power to create the illusion of change, in order to prevent real reform. But Khatami’s record is proof of who he really is. After eight years as president of Iran, there was no improvement at all in the civil rights and economic freedoms of Iranian citizens. The only success of Khatami’s presidency was to sabotage the grass roots movement for change and to keep the oppressive Islamic dictatorship in power for another 12 years.

Over last few weeks, we have seen another uprising of Iranian citizens. For whom that supported the bad that is Mousavi’s party against what they perceived to be a worse option – the current hard-line dictatorship headed by Ahmedinejad, [s]election day proved to be nothing more than a power struggle between hardliners and reformists, with the reformists seeking to get back in power to re-gain control of the country’s resources, especially for the Rafsanjani mafia family. The reformists’ agenda was supported by western governments and media, who, deliberately or through ignorance, misrepresented the reformists as supporters of an uprising toward real democracy and real change. However, Rafsanjani/Mousavi and their so called Reformist movement have no credibility as democrats and defenders of the Iranian people.

The fact is that both Western governments and the Iranian regime do not want real change, because it would jeopardize their cozy economic arrangements that serve their interests at the expense of the Iranian people. They are frightened that they might lose their ability to control Iran’s resources for their own benefit if a real movement for democracy and civil rights gains control of the country.
Reformist leaders make sure that western governments have every reason to support them. Recently released documents and information prove that the CIA and most European secret services supported the so-called reformist movement in one way or another. In fact bringing news out to mainstream media and capturing the world’s attention with evidence of the brutality of the Islamic regime for the first time in 30 years was part of their agenda to support the so-called reformists, and put them back in power, because they would be more western-friendly than the hardliners and that has nothing to do with the ongoing human rights violation in Iran, which was deliberately ignored by western governments/media over the past 30 years and specifically during 1981 and 1999 people and student uprising.

Mr. Chomsky,

As a well-known, independent thinker and promoter of human rights, your participation will effectively lend credence and legitimacy to those, such as Rafsanjani/Mousavi, who have participated directly in the arrest, torture, murder and disappearance of thousands of brave freedom loving Iranian and human rights activists over last 30 years.
I would have thought that of all people, you would support true independence for Iranians and freedom from continued western economic imperialism in the Middle East. I had always thought you would take the side of the people against puppet regimes, and that you would have recognized that the reformist movement in Iran is just a different mask on the same puppet.

Mr. Chomsky, I hope you will take some time to look clearly at the reality in Iran, a reality that is far more complex than what the western media reports. I hope you will learn to recognize that those reformists who shout about democracy and human rights do so for their own purposes and to ensure continued support from the international community they have duped. Verify for yourself the dark, bloody history of today’s reformist leaders and their link to the economic imperialism of American foreign policy in Iran.

Mr. Chomsky, please consider the fact that the current reformist movement began from the middle class urban city populations. It was not supported by a majority of Iranians, and especially by workers. By comparison, the 1979 revolution and the 1981 uprising were grass roots movements for freedom and independence. Why? Even though the Iranian people are fed up with the corrupt Islamic dictatorship, they know that the so-called reformist movement is in fact part of the current regime, inseparable from it. Workers, teachers and the poorest in society know that no matter who leads an Islamic government presided over by religious leaders, their country will be governed by the most corrupt and dangerous economic mafia in the Middle East, backed up by corrupt foreign policies of its western allies.

As one who has lived in Iran and seen the suffering that today so called “reformists” (formers hardliners) inflict on the Iranian people, I implore you;

Please support the poor, hungry people with no international voice who make up 70% of the population of Iran instead of taking part in a hunger strike, organized by well fed, rich, criminal and corrupt supporters of one part of the same regime, who are the real cause of poverty, hunger, brutality and human rights violations in my motherland.

Please support Iranian people independent fight for a free, secular independent democratic Iran and do not support those who would kill and oppress us.

Lila Ghobady is an exiled Iranian writer-journalist and filmmaker. She has been involved with human rights since working as a journalist in Iran at the age of 17 and continued her work in Canada when she arrived as a refugee in 2002. She worked as a Producer and Associate Director of internationally-praised underground films alongside fellow exiled filmmaker Moslem Mansouri before leaving Iran. As a journalist, she received the title of BlogHer of the Week for her Review piece on Slumdog Millionaire in March 2009. Lila received her Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. For more information, please read her blog at: Lila can be contacted by e-mail at:

According to “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” the families of those who have been arrested in the recent protests continue to gather in front of the Revolutionary court and the Evin Prison, in the hopes of obtaining news about their loved ones.

According to this news article about 100 people in front of the Revolutionary Court, waiting to obtain news from their loved ones. About 25 individuals were given bail on Wednesday July 22nd 2009, however the amount of bail was set at 10 million Tooman. This is an extremely high amount and many families have had difficulty meeting the bail. The families are extremely concerned and worried about their loved ones being under torture, or worse dead.

Below is a new list of some of the individuals who have been arrested recently:

1. Mr. Kaveh Sheikhi (23)

2. Mr. Sajad Abedi (21)

3. Mr. Hamid Taak (26)

4. Ms. Nazi Kalantari (27)

5. Mr. Ebrahim Ghanbari (54)

6. Mr. Soheil Ghahremani(24)

7. Mr. Reza Godarzi (28)

8. Mehdi MirKarimi (30)

9. Mr. Shahab Nazeri (19)

10. Mr. Rahim Hashempour (28)

11. Mr. Masoud Mardani (27)

According to news reports from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” Mr. Babak Dadbakhsh a political prisoner in the Central Prison of Erdebil has gone on a hunger strike. The hunger strike is in protest to Mr. Dadbakhsh’s inhumane treatment in prison, as well as his separation from other political prisoners. Mr. Dadbakhsh started his hunger strike on Tuesday July 21st 2009.

Recently the treatment of political prisoners in the Central Prison of Erdebil has worsened. Political prisoners have been separated from each other and put in different sections of the prison. Their visitation and phone privileges have been reduced. Further the prison officials have ordered that Mr. Dadbakhsh be transferred to solitary confinement.

Although the Attorney General of Iran has in numerous letters to the Prosecutor’s Office in Erdebil as well as to Hassan Zadeh the head of the Revolutionary Courts in Erdebil asked has stated that Mr. Dadbakhsh should be released, Hassan Zadeh refuses to sign Mr. Dadbakhsh’s release Papers.

Translation By: Sayeh Hassan

According to news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” there is no news about the well being of Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani, an Iranian political prisoner who has been o hunger strike for the past eight (8) days. Mr. Tehrani went on a hunger strike in protest to the physical and psychological torture he was being subjected to, while in Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison. Section 1 of this prison is also known as “the dark hole” “dog house” and “torture chambers.”

Mr. Tehrani’s family is extremely concerned about his health and well being, especially in light of the fact that they have not been able to visit him or speak to him by phone for the past month.

Prior to his hunger strike Mr. Tehrani was being subjected to brutal torture. On numerous occasions he was cuffed and blindfolded, taken to a torture chamber and beaten brutally by prison officials. As a result his entire body was swollen and he was having difficulty walking.

Individuals involved in Mr. Tehrani’s torture are:

1. Ali Haj Kazem- The warden of Gohardasht Prison
2. Ali Mohammadi
3. Kermani
4. Nabiollah Furnejad
5. Khadem-head of section 1 of the Ghoardasht Prison

In light of the “suspicious” death of numerous political prisoners in Iran including Mr. Akbar Mohammadi, Mr. Amir Hossein Saran, Mr. Vallioallah Feyze Mahdavi and Mr. Abdoreza Rajabi, there is great concern for the life and safety of Mr. Tehrani.

I urge the readers to contact human rights organizations such as Amnesty Internatinal and Human Rights Watch, who have chosen to remain silent on this case so far, to act immediately and to help save Mr. Tehrani’s life.

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the nightly rooftop protests which has been going on since the [s]election continues, despite desperate effort by Basji and other security forces to put a stop to it.

In many different areas in Tehran including “Tehran Pars, Azadi, Saadat Abad, Sedkhandan and Tajrish” people are taking to their rooftops or side streets and shouting slogans such as “death to dictator.”

Although Basij and security forces have tried very hard to put an end to these protests, they action has only increased people’s motivation to continue with the protests. There are also reports of physical fights between the people and the Basij forces.

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran Mr. Omid Salimi, a journalist who was arrested on June 14th 2009 has been transferred from the Central Esfehan Prison to Section 209 of the Evin Prison in Tehran. According to this news report Mr. Salimi is currently in very poor health.

Mr. Salimi’s family has gone to the Revolutionary Courts in Esfehan on numerous occasions to try to obtain information about Mr. Salimi, however they have been treated extremely disrespectfully and rudely by the officials in Branch 12 of the Revolutionary Courts in Esfehan. Mr. Salimi’s family was finally able to have a brief meeting with him last Thursday.

It must be noted that Mr. Salimi is 31 years old, is married and has 2 children.

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran those arrested during the recent protests in the City of Esfehan, in particular the younger people are currently under brutal torture.

Arrests in Esfehan continue as security forces attack people’s homes and arrest people. Among those arrested are individuals as young as 15 or 17 years old. The location of some of those arrested is unknown and there is great concern for the safety and well being of these individuals.

The families of those arrested are under great pressure from the security forces not to give the names and details of their loved ones who have been arrested.

Today there was a protest in Ehsan Boulevard in the city of Shiraz in Iran. These are two video’s from today’s protests. A second big protest is scheduled for this Friday July 24th 2009 at “Baba Koohi Street.”

Let’s work together to spread the news of protests and demonstrations in different cities, and help give courage and hope to brave Iranians who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

It has come to my attention that Islamic Regime Supporters in Toronto, a group of “unknown” Iranians who refer to themselves as “Committee for Solidarity in Iran”, are once again organizing a protest on July 25th 2009 from 11:00 to 2:00pm. The rally is to start at University and Collage, and it is to continue southbound on University towards Queen Street.

Those of us who live in Toronto have become quite familiar with the “Committee for Solidarity in Iran.” This is a group who organizes protests supposedly in solidarity with the Iranian people and for human rights, yet they deny protestors some of the most basic rights, such as the right to freedom of expression. On numerous occasions this group has asked and even threatened people with physical assault if they bring a flag with a logo to the protests.

The Islamic Regime thugs hired by this Committee have attacked, and threatened protestors on numerous occasions. I was personally surround by 5-6 Islamic Regime thugs on June 26th 2009 and yelled at and threatened for having a Lion and Sun Flag, and shouting “Down with the Islamic Regime.” I was still lucky, because other people have been physically attacked by these thugs.

This Committee has two main goals: To make sure people do not bring Lion and Sun Flags to the protests, and to make sure people don’t shout anti-Islamic Regime Slogans during the protests. The reason for this is very clear, as long as there are no Lion and Sun Flags, and no anti-Islamic Regime slogans the protests could still be about the elections. However once there are Lion and Sun Flags and anti-Islamic Regime slogans in a protest it becomes very clear that the protest is against the Islamic Regime as a whole and not just about the elections.

People of Toronto have been fighting long and hard against the “Committee for Solidarity with the Iranian People” and we have managed to have our Lion and Sun Flags flying high and proud in all major protests in Toronto, despite threats of physical assault by this Committee. It has come to a point where in their latest advertisement for the upcoming protest there is no mention of flag, and no threats or warnings for people who might want to bring the Lion and Sun Flag.

This is a great victory for the freedom loving Iranians in Toronto. We must keep on pushing and keep on being present with our Lion and Sun Flags and our anti-Islamic Regime slogans, to make sure that the voices of our innocent brothers and sisters in Iran are heard. We cannot leave the protests to Islamic Regime supporters who want to remain silent in the face of atrocities that are taking place in Iran right now. The only way to make sure the voices of Iranians in Iran are heard, is for us to raise our voice in solidarity and say “Down with the Islamic Regime, Long Live Freedom in Iran.”

According to news report from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” hundreds of family members of those recently arrested continue to gather in front of the Revolutionary Court and the Evin Prison in Tehran on a daily basis, in hopes of obtaining some news about their loved ones.

According to this news report some Revolutionary court officials have told the families that they should not give any interviews if they want their loved ones to be released soon. This has caused anger among the family members who have indicated that they have NOT been giving any interviews but that they would start if their loved ones were not released soon.

The families are extremely concerned about their loved ones and particularly of the fact that their loved ones are very likely being subjected to physical torture. According to this news report the mothers of those arrested started shouting slogans such as “Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, we hope one day you mourn your children, we hope you will be overthrown soon.”

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran have published a new list of some of the individuals arrested during the protests.

1. Mr. Javad Sadighifar, (29)

2. Mr. Mohammad Kazemzadeh, (24)

3. Mr. Ashkan Aghazadeh (26)

4. Mr. Farhad Lashkari (26)

5. Mr. Jalil Nourifar, (30)

6. Mr. Mohammad Hossein Vasighi (32)

7. Mr. Mohammad Ali Salehi (22)

8. Mr. Amin Maghbeli (25)

9. Mr. Salar Nejarzadeh, (31)

10. Mr. Arash Mohammadi, (27)

11. Mr. Reza Eskandari, (26)

12. Mr. Hossein Heydari (28)

13. Mr. Ali Aghdasiniya, (24)

14. Mr. Armin Nouri, (21)

15. Mr. Ahmad Hosseini (29)

16. Mr. Hadi Molavi, (27)

17. Mr. Fariborz Golkuhi, (30)

18. Mr. Hesam Eldyin Ebrahimi Dari, (28)

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

According to news from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran Tehran saw a new wave of protests today (Friday July 17th 2009) when thousands of protestors took to the streets, especially around the area of Tehran University where Friday Prayer’s was to take place. Protestors shouted slogans such as “death to dictator” and “free political prisoners.”

After Friday prayer demonstrators continued their protest by continuing to walk around Tehran University and streets around it and continuing to shout slogans such as “death to dictator.” Security forces including Basij and Sepah attacked the protestors, beating them with batons and using tear gas against them, in their attempt to suppress the protests. Many protestors were wounded while many more were arrested and taken to unknown locations.

Further, nightly rooftop protests continue, as once again people took to their rooftops tonight around 10:00pm shouting slogans such as “death to dictator.” There were also people gathered in the main streets of Tehran shouting slogans, while cars passing by honked their horn to show support and solidarity with the protestors. The rooftop protests continued past the usual 10:30pm.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

Amnesty International fears the wave of arrests of civil society activists in Iran is intensifying after lawyer and human rights activist, Shadi Sadr, was violently arrested in Tehran this morning on her way to Friday prayers.

Shadi Sadr was walking with a group of women’s rights activists along a busy road when unidentified plain clothed men pulled her into a car. She lost her headscarf and coat in the ensuing struggle but managed briefly to escape. She was quickly recaptured and beaten with batons before being taken away in the car to an unknown location.

“This was an illegal, arbitrary and violent arrest in which no attempt was made by the authorities to show identification or provide any explanation for their action,” said Malcolm Smart, Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Programme."

“This is the latest of a continuing series of high profile arrests of Iranians - students, journalists, intellectuals, political and civil society activists – in the wake of protests over the disputed outcome of the presidential election.”

Amnesty International is calling for Shadi Sadr to be immediately and unconditionally released.

Shadi Sadr is the defence lawyer of Shiva Nazar Ahari, a human rights defender and member of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, who was arrested at her home in Tehran on 14 June 2009, shortly after the presidential election, by security officials who searched her house and took away personal items. She is now believed to be held in Section 209 of Tehran’s Evin Prison where Shadi Sadr, her lawyer, had not been able to gain access to her.

Shadi Sadr, lawyer and journalist, was the director of Raahi, a legal advice centre for women until it was closed down. She founded Zanan-e Iran (Women of Iran), the first website dedicated to the work of Iranian women's rights activists ( and has written extensively about Iranian women and their legal rights. She has represented activists and journalists, several women sentenced to execution, whose convictions were subsequently overturned. She is also involved in Women's Field (, a group of women's rights activists who have launched several campaigns to defend women's rights, including the "Stop Stoning Forever" Campaign.

Shadi Sadr was among 33 women arrested in March 2007. Most had gathered outside a Tehran courtroom to protest peacefully against the trial of five women – Fariba Davoudi Mohajer, Shahla
Entesari, Noushin Ahmadi Khorassani, Parvin Ardalan and Sussan Tahmasebi – who were accused of “propaganda against the system”, “acting against national security” and “participating in an illegal demonstration” in connection with the 12 June 2006 demonstration. Four of those on trial were also among those arrested, along with Shadi Sadr, a lawyer. Initially held in the Vozara detention centre, some were later transferred to Evin Prison. Most were released after several days, but Shadi Sadr and Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh – who is also involved in the "Stop Stoning Forever" Campaign – were held for over two weeks before being released on bail.

At a Revolutionary Court session in August 2007, which their lawyer was not allowed to attend and during which they were also questioned about their NGOs and their activities in the “Stop Stoning Forever”campaign, they were charged with illegal assembly, collusion against national security, disruption of public order and refusal to obey the orders of the police.- see for example p9

وبلاگ زیرزمین

خانواده ترانه موسوي مي گويند جنازه سوخته او را يافته اند

دوستان ترانه موسوي، از بازداشت‌شدگان هفتم تير در درگيري‌هاي مسجد قبا، گفته اند كه خانواده‌ي وي از يافتن جنازه‌ي سوخته‌ي ترانه در حومه‌ي قزوين خبرداده‌اند.
يكي از دوستان ترانه موسوي ديروز براي پيگيري وضع ترانه با منزل پدري او تماس گرفت و با خبر مرگ ترانه و يافتن جنازه سوخته‌اش ـ بين كرج و قزوين ـ مواجه شد. خانواده ترانه از بازگويي مكان و زمان تشييع جنازه وي خودداري كردند و گفتند نمي توانند توضيحات بيشتري دهند. پس از پيگيري ها و تماس هاي مكرر دوستان ترانه با منزل وي، خانواده موسوي از آنان خواستند كه ديگر تماس نگيرند و در برابر سخن يكي از دوستان ترانه كه گفته بود خانواده او بايد نوع مرگش را به جامعه اطلاع دهند و به رسانه ها بگويند كه ترانه دستگير شده و پس از دستگيري به اين سرنوشت دچار شده است شنيده بودند كه ما صلاح كار خود را بهتر از شما مي دانيم و نمي خواهيم در تشييع جنازه اش كسي حضور داشته باشد.
ترانه موسوي به گفته يكي از دوستانش - كه نمي خواهد نامش فاش شود - روز هفتم تير در حوالي تقاطع ميرداماد و خيابان شريعتي كلاس آرايشگري داشته است. او اتومبيل خود را در يكي از خيابان هاي فرعي بين حسينه ارشاد و ميرداماد، پارك مي كند و پس از ديدن تجمع مردم در خيابان قبا و اطراف حسينه ارشاد با يكي از دوستان خود تماس مي گيرد و به او مي گويد كه پيش از رفتن به آرايشگاه بهتر است سري به مسجد قبا بزنند و با دوست خود در نزديكي مسجد قبا قرار مي‌گذارد. وي كه به گفته دوستش مانتوي سبز به تن و شالي سبز به سر داشته است درحاليكه در خيابان شريعتي منتظر يكي از دوستان خود بوده است از سوي مأموران حكومتي دستگير مي شود و در هنگام دستگيري، دوست وي كه به محل قرار نزديك مي‌شده از دور وي را مي بيند. ترانه را سوار به وني مي‌برند. شواهد دستگيري ترانه به همين جا ختم نمي شود و چند نفر از دستگيرشدگان واقعه مسجد قبا در تماس هايي با خانواده‌ي وي، خبر دستگيري اش را به آنان اطلاع مي دهند. ترانه موسوي در زمان دستگيري شماره منزل و يكي از دوستانش را به چند نفر از دستگيرشدگان مي دهد و از آنان مي‌خواهد در صورت آزادي با خانواده اش تماس گرفته و خبر دستگيري اش را به آنان اطلاع دهند. كساني كه در آن روز همراه با ترانه به ساختماني در حوالي پاسداران منتقل مي ‌شوند گفته اند كه او مدام گريه مي كرده و مي گفته است نه براي تجمع كه براي شركت در كلاس آرايشگري در آن محل حضور داشته است. اما برخي از دوستانش خبر داده اند كه ترانه در راهپيمايي هاي مسالمت آميز روزهاي 25، 26 و 27 خرداد شركت داشته است و حتا پيش از انتخابات نيز با حضور در زنجيره سبز، حمايت خود را از اصلاحات و آزادي در ايران ابراز مي كرده است.
به گفته يكي از دوستان ترانه، پس از دو هفته از دستگيري او، فردي ناشناس با منزلش تماس گرفته و به مادر ترانه خبر بستري بودن وي را در بيمارستان امام خميني كرج مي دهد. اين ناشناس به مادر ترانه مي گويد كه مردم دخترش را پس از تصادف، به آن بيمارستان رسانده اند. مادر ترانه به ناشناس مي گويد برخي تماس گرفته اند و ترانه را در درگيري هاي مسجد قبا و در بازداشگاه ديده اند اما ناشناس مي گويد ترانه ربطي به حادثه مسجد قبا ندارد و احتمالن قضيه اش ناموسي ست؛ چراكه مي خواسته با شلنگ سرم خودش را حلق آويز كند. او پارگي رحم و مقعد را نيز دليل بستري شدن ترانه ذكر مي كند. خانواده ترانه به آن بيمارستان مراجعه مي كنند اما مسوولان بيمارستان بستري شدن ترانه موسوي را تكذيب مي كنند و تنها يكي از پرسنل مي گويد كه دختري را با موهاي بافته شده ديده است كه چند نفر با ظاهري به گفته او «حزب اللهي» بيهوش مي آورند و بيهوش مي برند.
جملاتي كه اين ناشناس در مكالمه تلفني با مادر ترانه بيان مي كند نشان مي دهد كه ماموران وزارت اطلاعات و لباس شخصي ها مي خواسته اند ذهن خانواده ترانه را از سياسي بودن قضيه منحرف كنند و به آنان بقبولانند كه دخترشان از نظر اخلاقي مشكلاتي داشته است تا خانواده نيز پس از شنيدن خبر مرگ فرزندشان، از پيگيري و پي جويي درباره چند و چون مرگ وي خودداري كنند.
ممانعت خانواده ترانه موسوي از دادن اطلاعات درباره تشييع پيكر وي و چگونگي درگذشتش عجيب به نظر نمي رسد؛ چراكه تمامي خانواده هاي قربانيان حوادث اخير از سوي حكومت و وزارت اطلاعات تهديد مي شوند و به آنان گفته مي شود در صورتي كه تشييع پيكر عزيزانشان و مراسم كفن و دفن و ختم آنان با حضور مردم و با شيون و ناله برگزار شود مشكل حاد ديگري براي يكي ديگر از عزيزانشان اتفاق خواهد افتاد.
ترانه موسوي اكنون تنها به خانواده اش تعلق ندارد و متعلق به همه ايرانيان است؛ بنابراين پيگيري وضعيت او و چگونگي درگذشتش وظيفه تك تك ماست. اين كه من نمي توانم با نام خود اين اخبار را منتشر كنم؛ اين كه دوست ترانه نمي تواند نامش را بگويد؛ اين كه خانواده ترانه درباره فرزندشان هيچ حرفي نمي زنند همه از خفقاني حكايت دارد كه امروز بر جامعه ما حاكم است. من از دوستاني كه وظيفه خود مي دانند به راحتي و به سرعت اين نوع اطلاع رساني را محكوم كنند مي خواهم به جاي نشستن و محكوم كردن اين و آن، درباره ترانه تحقيق كنند و خبرهايش را به گوش نخست ايرانيان و سپس جهانيان برسانند تا شايد از بيش از اين شاهد قرباني شدن ترانه هايمان نباشيم.
لازم است بگويم عكس ترانه را نيز يكي از هنرجويان آموزشگاه آرايشگري و از دوستان ترانه در اختيار وبلاگ زيرزمين قرار داد.

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, the nightly rooftop protest in Tehran Continues. Every night from 10:00pm to 10:30pm people take to their roofs and shout “death to dictator.”

Further tonight (Thursday July 16th 2009) young people gathered in various streets in Tehran and shouted the slogan of “death to dictator” while drivers in the Navab area raised their hands with the sign of victory while shouting similar slogans.

Although Islamic Regime Agents have been using every method imaginable to put an end to these nightly rooftop protests they have not been successful.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

According to Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran on Wednesday July 15th 2009about 150 of the family members of those arrested during the recent protests gathered in front of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, while about 200 family members gathered by the notorious Evin Prison in hopes of obtaining news about their loved ones.

According to this news report, these gatherings are held from 8:00am to 3:00pm every day in hopes of obtaining some news from their loved ones. Many of these individuals have come to Tehran from smaller cities and have to spend nights in public parks because they do not know anyone in Tehran.

Following is the names of 33 individuals currently being held in custody in the Notorious Evin Prison:

1. Ms. Sahar Khorrami (23)

2. Ms. Sadighe Khangah (36)

3. Ms. Mahnaz Torabi (29)

4. Saba Mazaheri (26)

5. Ms. Elahe Kashfi (23)

6. Mr. Amir Seyed Kazemi (21)

7. Mr. Arman Ghanbari (27)

8. Mr. Behzad Kamrani (25)

9. Mr. Nader Ghazi Mir-Said (24)

10. Mr. Mohammad Kashkooli (42)

11. Mr. Mehrshad Matinpour (19)

12. Mr. Mohammad Amin Amiri (20)

13. Mr. Hamed Nikfar (34)

14. Mr. Saeed Ghanbaripour (28)

15. Mr. Ismail Ghore Gazlu (27)

16. Mr. Farhad Bahadari (25)

17. Mr. Bahman Madah (35)

18. Mr. Iman Ghadyani (27)

19. Mr. Samad Ghore Daghi (30)

20. Mr. Reza Mardani (29)

21. Mr. Mojtabi Shahsavari (22)

22. Mr. Alireza Varmazyar (19)

23. Mr. Vahid Khandan (27)

24. Mr. Abdollah Azizi (34)

25. Mr. Aref Moaven (25)

26. Mr. Alireza Saatchi (20)

27. Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Amini (23)

28. Mr. Majid Tahmourat (24)

29. Mr. Mohsen Ebrahimi (36)

30. Mr. Mehdi Mohammadi (26)

31. Mr. Vahid Hosseinpour (19)

32. Mr. Mohsen Jalaliyan (28)

33. Mr. Mostafa Ajarlu (29)

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani is an Iranian political prisoner. He was first arrested during the pro-democracy student demonstrations on July 9th 1999 (18 Tir) and he is the only remaining political prisoner from 18 Tir.

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, Mr. Behrouz Tehrani’s life may be in danger. Mr. Tehrani is currently being held in Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison which is also known as “the dark hole,” “dog house,” and “torture chamber.”

According to this news report Mr. Tehrani is being subjected to inhumane physical torture. He has been handcuffed, had his feet cuffed blindfolded and taken to a torture chamber on numerous occasions where he has been beaten by batons by numerous prison officials.

In protest to his current situation Mr. Tehrani started a hunger strike on Wednesday July 15th 2009. Mr. Tehrani has not been allowed any visitations with his family for the past month, and any other forms of communication with his family have been almost non-existent.

It must be noted that another political prisoner Mr. Behnam Mansouri has also been on a hunger strike for the past 10 days. There is a great concern for the health and safety of Mr. Tehrani and Mr. Mansouri.

Please help give a voice to these political prisoners whose cries for freedom are being silenced by Islamic Regime Agents.

Hundreds of protestors in Toronto gathered on Mel Lastman Square on Thursday July 9th 2009 between 6pm-10pm to mark the 10th year anniversary of July 9th 1999 student uprising in Iran.

Hundreds of protestors gathered around the main stage on Mel Lastman Square, with hundreds of Lion and Sun Flags, listening to speeches from various artists and activists as well as singing the national anthem and listening to various revolutionary songs.

Tens of leftist activists staged their protest at the entrance of Mel Lastman Square, while tens of protestors with candles staged their protest in the mid section of Mel Lastman square. It must be noted that this was the only section of the demonstration that was relatively silent, while both leftist activists and those with Lion and Sun were very vocal with their slogans of “Down with the Islamic Regime” “Down with Khamenei” “Down with Rafsanjani” “Mousavi is an excuse the entire Regime is marked” and “freedom, Equality” etc...

The most memorable moment of the protest came around 9:00pm when the group of “silent protestors” who were mostly young students came and joined the “Lion and Sun” protestors. They were welcomed with open arms and some of them took to the stage and started shouting slogans such as “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we are all together” and “free political prisoners”. Later on all protestors held hands regardless of their beliefs and ideas and regardless of whether they were holding a Lion and Sun Flag, a green sign or nothing at all, and started singing “Yare Dabestani” (my classmate) which is associated with July 9th 1999 student uprising.

Many of the protestors holding the Lion and Sun flag also lit candles which they were given by young students, and some of the protestors were so overwhelmed by the gesture of these young students, that they were in tears. It was a beautiful, unifying moment for Iranians in Toronto and it certainly made me proud to be an Iranian.

Near the conclusion of the program one of the speakers thanked the Honourable Prime Minister Stephan Harper for supporting the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and democracy in Iran.

Last night’s protest united the Iranian people and I hope to see this unity continue. I will finish with one of the most popular slogans both in Iran and Toronto “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we are all together” and for the Islamic Regime “be very afraid, be very afraid, because we are all together.”

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

According to one of my contacts in Tehran there were thousands of Basiji and Revolutionary Guards in the streets of Tehran today attacking the protestors. He witnessed a mother and her child get beaten savagely by Basij forces during the protest.

The main slogan people were shouting was “death to dictator” and “death to Khamenei”. There are also numerous videos on Youtube showing protestors setting fire to garbage cans in the streets and shouting “death to Khamanei” and “death to Dictator”

A piece of good news was that according to numerous sources most of the security guards on the streets were Basij and Revolutionary Guards, not Nirouye Entezami (The Army/Police). This may very well be because Nirouye Entezami does not support the Islamic Regime and does not necessarily want to get involved in the beating and arresting of protestors. I certainly hope that in the near future the Army will join the people in their fight against the Islamic Regime.

There have also been reports of protests in the City of Tabriz however this news has not be confirmed by any official news agency.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

According to Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, thousands of protestors have gathered in “Enghelab Square”, “Azar” and “Karegar” streets. Security forces have attacked the protestors with batons and tear gas. Those protestors trying to reach Enghelab Square through side streets have been prevented to do so by security forces.

In Enghelab Square alone at 7:30 pm 16 people have been arrested. The number of those injured is much higher. As security forces attack and arrest protestors, protestors are shouting “death to dictator” and “death to Khamenei.”

Further many store owners in Tehran closed their stores at 1pm today in solidarity with the 18 Tir (July 9th) protests in Tehran.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Rooftop Protests in Tehran

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 18 Tir (July 9th 1999) pro-democracy student demonstrations, residents of Tehran took to their rooftops and shouted the slogan of “death to the dictator.” According to reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran people also used this opportunity to advertise and inform each other of the 18 Tir demonstrations which are to take place in most major cities in Iran tomorrow. The rooftop protests lasted until approximately 10:30pm.

According to reports from Payam News the Basiji forces attacked protestors who had gathered in the Saadat Abad area in Tehran, by beating and using tear gas on them. According to this news report the Basij attacked protestors in response to their shouting of slogans such as “death to the dictator.”

Furthermore according to this news agency in order to suppress any possible 18 Tir protests in Tehran thousands of security guards most of them on motorbikes, are circulating the city and in particular the area around Tehran University and its dormitories.

Arrest of Students in Coffee Net’s in Kermanshah and Sanandaj

According to Payam News the security forces have attacked numerous coffee net’s in Kermanshah and Sanandaj arresting many students. Thos arrested have been charged with viewing anti Islamic Regime news websites.

Torture of Students of Nourshirvani University in the City of Babol

According to Payam News Mr. Nima Nahvi and Mr. Ali Taghipour have both been transferred to solitary cells in the detention centre of Ministry of Intelligence and are being subjected to severe torture.

Five other students Mr. Iman Sadeghi, Mr. Mohsen Barzgar, Mr. Hamid Jahantigh, Mr. Siavash Saliminejad and Mr. Ehsan Bagheri have been transferred to Babol Prison after spending 10 days in the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence and being subjected to brutal torture.

18 Tir Protests in Toronto

A reminder that there will be an 18 Tir Protest in Toronto tomorrow. I encourage everyone to attend with their Lion and Sun Flags and their down with the Islamic Regime Slogans.

Where: Mel Lastman Square
When: July 9th 2009, 6pm-10pm

A reminder that Regime sympathizers (Committee for Solidarity with Iran) will be at Mel Lastman Square from 8-10 pm according to their facebook page. Let’s make sure our Lion and Sun Flags are flying high and proud.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom Iran Iran

It has come to my attention that “Committee for Solidarity in Iran” in Toronto is organizing a demonstration in honour of 18 Tir (July 9th 1999 pro-democracy student demonstrations where thousands of students were beaten, arrested, tortured and killed by Regime Agents).

Their Facebook page states that there will be a human chain starting from Mel Lastman Square extending all the way to Elgin Mills Road, from 8pm to 10 pm on Thursday July 9th. There is also a request to bring candles in solidarity with the Iranian people. Not surprisingly this time Committee for Solidarity with Iran has not threatened people who might bring a Lion and Sun Flag, however they have decided to skip the issue entirely by asking people to bring candles only.

To give a bit of background information about 18 Tir demonstrations and its significance for those who might not be familiar with it, in July of 1999 thousands of students took to the streets and protested against the Islamic Regime. This was the biggest demonstration Iran had seen since the revolution and it lasted for five days. The Islamic Regime killed tens of students, arrested tens of student leaders and thousands of demonstrators. Behrouz Javid Tehrani is the last remaining prisoner from the 18 Tir Demonstrations, and he has been in prison for the past 10 years.

Artists, authors and intellectuals disappeared and were found “mysteriously” murdered. It must be noted that all of this took place while Mohammad Khatami, the well known reformer and a close ally of Mir Hossein Mousavi was the President. The smooth-talking president Khatami, whom westerners loved, never tried to stop the violence and never showed sympathy to his supporters. Instead, he openly avowed that his responsibility was to respect the wishes of the supreme leader, Ayotollah Khameni, and to protect the security of the Islamic regime.

Every year on July 9th freedom loving Iranians gather and demonstrate against the Islamic Regime both inside and outside of Iran. This has been going on for the past 10 years, and the demonstrations have never been silent, there has never been lighting of candles, these have all been very vocal anti-Islamic Regime demonstrations. However Mousavi supporters in Canada have never attended a single 18Tir protest, because in reality they sympathize with the Islamic Regime, so for them to try to use the demonstration this year in order to get publicity for Mousavi is extremely disrespectful to the say the least.

I am disturbed to see a group that has been created very recently and clearly sympathizes with Mir Hossein Mousavi trying to highjack the 18 Tir demonstrations. The people that died during those demonstrations or had to spend years of their youth in prison were fighting for democracy in Iran, they were not fighting for reform and to claim anything else is ludicrous.

If we really want to commemorate that day we have to be very vocal about what 18 Tir was all about and what the students wanted. Lighting candles for those who have lost their lives maybe a great idea but not on a day that has been marked as a day for pro-democracy demonstrations all over the world in the past 10 years.

I encourage all freedom loving Iranians to come to this demonstration with their Lion and Sun Flags and with the slogan of down with the Islamic Regime. That is the only proper way to remember and commemorate 18 Tir. Let’s not allow Islamic Regime sympathizers in Toronto to hijack such an important day.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

This is a wonderful article written by Ms. Donna Hakimian about the possibility of peace in Iran.

As I stare at the moon on this summer evening in Vancouver, I think about the sun that is rising in Iran. The bright sun that is shining on my brothers and sisters in Iran. The sun, that illumines Tehran, that allows the inhabitants of that city to see one another, to gain strength from one another. To continue, to stand up for their freedom. A freedom (of belief, of association, of women’s rights and others) and I wish I could also be there, standing along side them, and doing my part to help.

But really what do we know of their struggle? I stand in solidarity, but I also stand humbly back in awe at the courage and fearlessness of millions of Iranians. I am one with them, but I know their courage outweighs mine.

I do know that the best kind of courage is coupled with vision and wisdom. Vision enables one to see past their current predicament to a better and brighter future. With the events in Iran unfolding so rapidly and so violently. I began an impassioned quest for shelter, for a mental direction with which to conceive of peace.

In the document, ‘The Promise of World Peace’ by the Universal House of Justice I found my answer:

It states, “Whether peace is to be reached only after unimaginable horrors precipitated by humanity's stubborn clinging to old patterns of behaviour, or is to be embraced now by an act of consultative will, is the choice before all who inhabit the earth.”

The document outlines ways of conceiving the societal processes leading to, and others, which act as a hindrance to world peace. It reminds us that the, “aggression and conflict” that has, “come to characterize our social, economic and religious systems”, must not be viewed by us as the only way humanity can conduct and orient itself.

It is noted that several, among many, social ills must needs be addressed in a conversation surrounding peace. Namely, ‘racism’, ‘the inordinate disparity between rich and poor’, ‘unbridled nationalism’, ‘religious strife’, ‘the emancipation of women’, ‘the cause of universal education’, and ‘the fundamental lack of communication between peoples’, are among the central issues that humanity must direct its attention to in this critical time in our history.

The following paragraph has particular application to the current situation in Iran, it states, “Unbridled nationalism, as distinguished from a sane and legitimate patriotism, must give way to a wider loyalty, to the love of humanity as a whole. Bahá’u’lláh’s statement is: “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” The concept of world citizenship is a direct result of the contraction of the world into a single neighbourhood through scientific advances and of the indisputable interdependence of nations. Love of all the world’s peoples does not exclude love of one’s country. The advantage of the part in a world society is best served by promoting the advantage of the whole. Current international activities in various fields which nurture mutual affection and a sense of solidarity among people need greatly to be increased.”

The prospects of peace are a tangible possibility for those that inhabit the earth in this, the summer of 2009. While I have been separated from my homeland most of my life, and now see it torn apart by violence and bloodshed. I know that she, Iran, holds the keys to a beautiful future, as can aspects of this beauty be seen today. As it is stated in the words of ‘The Promise of World Peace’, “We join with all who are the victims of aggression, all who yearn for an end to conflict and contention, all whose devotion to principles of peace and world order promotes the ennobling purposes for which humanity was called into being by an all-loving Creator.”

By: Donna Hakimian

All quotes taken from, “The Promise of World Peace” found at

Arrest of Students in “Nourshirvani University” in the City of Babol

According to “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” security forces attacked the “Nourshirvani University” in the city of Babol today, and arrested at least two students. One of the students who were arrested was Mr. Nima Nahvi. The second student was Mr. Ali Taghipour, both of these students have been taken to an unknown location.

Further four (4) other students, Mr. Iman Sadeghi, Mr. Mohsen barzgar, Mr. Hamid Jahan Tigh and Mr. Siavash Saliminejad have been arrested in the past few days, and there is currently no information about their whereabouts. It must be noted that those arrested are at risk of severe torture and their lives may be in danger.

Torture of Protestors Arrested During the Recent Protests

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran report on the torture of those arrested during the recent protests. According to this news report, those arrested are first beaten with batons, kicked and punched mostly on the head. The protestors are then blindfolded and transferred to prisons, where once again they are attacked and beaten with batons; many suffer from broken nose, head, arms or legs during these beatings.

Prisoners are subjected to lengthy interrogations, sometimes up to eight (8) hours at a time where they are subjected to brutal torture. There have been occasions where a prisoner has not been brought back to his cell after these interrogations, because they have died under torture. Many of these protestors are forced to sign “confessions” of setting mosques on fire or similar accusations.

Some of the protestors currently detained in the notorious Evin Prison are:

1. Mr. Ali Soleymani Nejad (18)
2. Mr. Daniel Amiri (23)
3. Mr. Mehdi Zovalghadr (29)
4. Mr. Sohrab Salimi (25),
5. Mr. Arash Alavi (27),
6. Mr. Mahmoud Hamidi (25)
7. Mr. Behrouz Mostaghavi (20)
8. Mr. Saeed Reza Mousavi (19)
9. Mr. Mohsen Beygi (30)
10. Mr. Naser Samadi (24)
11. Mr. Erfan Asadi,
12. Mr. Sadegh Mahdipour (25),
13. Mr. Hamed Ismaili (19)
14. Mr. Vahid Kavousi (24)
15. Mr. Yasin Barzgar (22)
16. Mr. Sina Afshar (23)

It must be noted that these are names of only 16 protestors among 1000’s that have been arrested so far.

Strong Presence of Security Forces in the City of Tabriz

According to Payam News, yesterday Tuesday June 30th 2009, security forces gathered in the main square in the city of Tabriz, attacking those who wanted to protest. Protestors were forced to leave, however not before they shouted anti-Islamic Regime slogans.

Protests in Tehran-July 1st 2009

Payam News further reports that thousands of protestors in Tehran tried to gather around Vali Asr and Enghelab Square this afternoon, however 100’s of security forces attacked the protestors and tried their best to prevent the protest from taking place, however it has been reported that people fought back and were not passive by any means.

Finally tonight many protesters in Tehran took to their roof tops between 10:00pm-11:00pm tonight and shouted “Allaho Akbar” and “Death to the Dictator”, while security forces and Basij threw rocks at people’s homes and tried to break down the doors of people’s homes with batons. It has also been reported by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran that tonight people also started shouting “Death to Khamenei” who is the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Regime.

Down with Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran