Just wanted to share a few videos of the recent protests in Iran. There are so many of them on facebook for all those who are interested.

Here is a video where people are shouting the slogan "death to Basiji" and then we can see the Basij shooting at the protestors. People are also shouting "don't be afraid we are all together" and "death to dictator."

Doctors and nurses protested in Tehran today. We can hear a woman protestor saying 8 people were killed last night and 28 wounded (refering only to the people who were brought to this perticular hospital). We can also hear a guy saying a lot of the people who attacked the protestors and were beating them or shooting at them were Arab nationals brought from Lebonan. He indicates that these Arab nationals were hitting women without any mercy.

Here is a video of a young man who has been shot in Tehran by Islamic Regime's security forces.

Here is a really nice video with tons of prictures from the protests in the past few days.


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