Arrest of protestors in Iran continues on a major scale. According to news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists” in Iran not only are people being arrested on the streets, but security forces are actually raiding hospitals, rounding up wounded protestors and taking them to “unknown locations.”

Security forces and Basij are also raiding peoples’ homes, in search of protestors. At night they raid peoples’ homes who shout “Allaho Akbar” or “Down with Dictator” on their rooftops, arrest people and take them to unknown locations. Names of a few individuals who have been arrested so far are Mr. Akbar Aghayi (27), Mr. Omid Khatami (26), Mr. Ali Aghili (18) and Mr. Masoud Asgari. However these are only a few names, from hundreds of people who have been arrested so far.

There is also news of two students Mr. Hossein Rahimi and Mr. Amin Nik Zade from Ahvaz University, in the City of Ahvaz who have been arrested and taken to an “unknown location.”

Further, reports from “Payam News” indicate continued protests, by the families of protestors who have been arrested in the past two weeks. On Saturday June 27th 2009 once again the families of those arrested gathered in front of the Evin Prison trying to get information about their loved ones, however they were not successful, and prison officials refused to speak to the families.

According to other news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” brutal attacks on protestors also continue. According to this report at least 8 people were wounded yesterday (Saturday June 27th 2009) in Enghelab Square, Laleh Park and Keshavarz Blvd. between 7pm and 8:40pm. At least 3 women and 5 men were seriously wounded during these protests. The names of some of the individuals who were wounded are Mr. Mohsen Momeni (26), Mr. Keyhan Sohrabi (26), Mr. Ali Farali Bakhsh (20) and Ms. Farzaneh D.

Change for Equality Website reports on the arrest of mothers who have lost their children during these protests. On Saturday June 27th mothers of those who have lost their children during these protests gathered in Laleh Park in Tehran. There were no slogans, no flags or signs. Many of the mothers were carrying candles or the pictures of their children, and standing in silence, perhaps wanting their silence to speak for them. According to news from this site Laleh Park was full of security forces that attacked the mothers without mercy, insulted, threatened and beat them. At least 20 of these mothers were arrested and taken to an unknown location.

The struggle of Iranian people for freedom and democracy continues...
In solidarity with all the mother’s who have lost their loved ones in the past two weeks.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran


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