According to numerous sources including CNN, Global News and Radio Farda, protests in Tehran continued today Wednesday June 24th in Baharestan Square. According to global news the protests turned extremely violent with security forces attacking the people mercilessly, beating them, shooting at them and throwing protestors off the bridge! There were also reports of militia groups running around with axes and attacking protestors with it. Tear gas was also used to try to suppress the protests.

Radio Farda confirmed the protests in Baharestan square, reporting on the fact that security forces were attacking and beating protestors with batons. Further at 10pm on Wednesday night thousands of people started shouting “Alaho Akbar” and “Death to Dictator” on their rooftops, this continued for about an hour on Wednesday night. Further according to Radio Farda Mir Hossin Mousavi has announced that the protests on Wednesday were not in any were organized by him and were in fact completely independent.

This is a video of a young protestor being shot to death and another video where protestors are shouting "Death to Dictator"

This is a CNN Video where a young student is describing what happened during the protest today. She indicates that around 500 security forces attacked the people on Sadi Bridge and threw some people off the bridge. They beat a woman so savagely that her husband who was there as well fainted. In Lalezar security forces were shooting people. She is asking the international community to help the Iranian people.

Also pro-democracy protests in major cities all over the world continue in support and solidarity with the Iranian people. In Toronto there is a pro-democracy protest everyday at 7pm in the Iranian Plaza on Yonge and Steeles. On Thursday June 25th 2009 the protest will be dedicated to Neda the young woman who was shot by security forces during protests as well as all freedom loving men and women who have lost their lives in the past two weeks. The organizers have asked that those in attendance bring a candle and a white rose in honour of their memories.
In Solidarity with Freedom Loving People in iran
Down with the Islamic Regime


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