After the results of the presidential [S]elections were announced, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was selected for a second term, Iranian people took to streets and started extensive protests against the Regime.

There have been extensive protests in many different Iranian cities including Tehran, Gohardasht-Karaj, Tabriz, Babol, Zahedan, Esfehan, Shiraz and Ahvaz just to name a few. According to news from Radio Farda in the city of Shiraz security forces attacked the Eram building in Shiraz University and attacked the students. The students in return started a fire and burned Ahmadinejad posters.

In the city of Zahedan a number of students were arrested during protests. It must be noted that both in Shiraz and Zahedan ordinary people joined the students in protests against the Regime. It has been reported that atleast 4 people have been murdered by Regime agents during these protests, and there has been a large number of arrests.

It must be noted that people are fighting back, by shouting slogans, breaking windows of government buildings and setting fires to cars and other objects in the streets. People are shouting slogans such as “This Regime is not reformable, election was the last chance for reform”, death to dictator, death to the Islamic Regime.”

It has been reported that about 70% of people voted during these [S]elections and majority of them for Mousavi, however Ahmadinejad was selected. I hope this will be a waking call for all those who thought the Islamic Regime was democratic enough to care about their votes! We could not have had a clearer example of the type of dictatorship that we are dealing with, and now it has become quite clear why Mousavi and Karoubi were nominated, to get people to vote and give legitimacy to the Islamic Regime.

Let’s hope people have learned their lesson and have realized that this Regime cannot be reformed. The only way for freedom is the overthrowing of this Regime. I stand in solidarity with the Iranian people however my slogan is “My vote is NO to the Islamic Regime”


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