Today was a day of victory for the Iranian people and the Lion and Sun Flag in Toronto. Despite threats from Regime Agents/Mousavi supporters Yonge Street was full of Lion and Sun Flags flying high.

Up until yesterday Regime Agents were handing out flyers and threatening people with street fights, if anyone dared to bring a Lion and Sun Flag to the protest. However something must have happened between yesterday and today because the Regime Agents were nowhere to be seen today. Instead Iranian people were united under the Lion and Sun Flag all along Yonge Street, starting around Sheppard and Yonge and continuing all the way close to Richmond Hill.

One thing has become very clear, Islamic Regime and its agents are terrified of the Lion and Sun Flag. The reason for this is that the Lion and Sun Flag is the only symbol that unites the Iranian people, regardless of their beliefs and ideas. This is the very last thing the Islamic Regime wants, because the Regime knows that if people are able to put away their differences and unite, they will become that much closer to freedom and democracy in Iran.

A clear example of this could be seen today, when the Iranian people gathered on Yonge Street, with different ideologies and beliefs, standing side by side under the Lion and Sun Flag. Regime Agents who were threatening and intimidating protestors yesterday were nowhere to be seen today. It is clear that when people unite the Regime Agents back down.

Today was a great victory for the Iranian people and the Lion and Sun Flag, in Toronto. I see the unity between us is growing, and continuing to become stronger every day; freedom of Iran is getting closer by this unity under our national Lion and Sun Flag

Reminder that we will have another protest on Sunday June 28th 2009 at Mel Lastman Square at 6pm. I hope to see everyone there with their Lion and Sun Flags. It promises to be a great event.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I agree that the lion and sun flag brings the unity to the people of Iran. The world need to see this symbol of unity and help us end to the current Islamic regime and bring freedom for the people of Iran.

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