According to the Payam website many cities in Kurdistan of Iran have boycotted the [S]elections. You can find on the hour updated news about different cities on this website.

The Kurdish people have shown their opposition for the Islamic Regime by refusing to participate in this [S]election, rather than deciding to choose between the bad and the worst. I applaud the strength and the unity of the Kurdish people. Once again they have shown how honourable they are.

Shame on those who voted. If people had boycotted the [S]elections we could have said that people boycotted and Ahmadinejad remained the president. Now we have to say 70% of people voted and Ahmadinejad was elected!! I hope this will be a lesson for all those who supported participation in this [S]election. There is no such a thing as an election in Iran, now Ahmadinejad is president and he has credibility because people went out and voted.

Shame, Shame…


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