Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: According to news which has been confirmed by Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan, Ms. Hanna Abdi a student, womens’ rights activist and a member of Azarmehr Organization was sentenced to five (5) years of imprisonment and exile to Garmi Prison in the city of Garmi. Ms. Abdi serverd 14 months of pre-trial custody, before being sentenced, and was imprisoned in the detention centre for the Ministry of Intelligence in the city of Sanandaj as well as Sanandaj Prison.

However Branch 4 of the Court of Appeal in Sanandaj reduced her sentence to 1.5 years and her exile to Razn Prison which is near the city of Hamedan. During her transfer however she was transferred to the Hamedan Prison.

While in prison Ms. Abdi requested a leave from prison, which is the legal right of prisoners, however on seeing her request, the judge on her case indicated that he had not been made aware of her exile to Razn/Hamedan Prison, and once again her case was sent to the court of appeal for investigation.

After follow up from Ms. Abdi’s Family the court of Appeal has stated that Ms. Abdi will be exiled to Meshkin Shahr Priosn, which is in the province of Ardebil to serve the rest of her sentenced.
Furthermore Ms. Ronak Safazadeh, another student activist has been in pre-trial custody for more than a year in Sanandaj Prison.

Although there has been great support for both Ms. Abdi and Ms. Safazadeh, from Iranian as well as the international community, the judiciary continues its abuse of these two student activists, causing great concern both for their families and human rights activists.


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