Dear Readers,

I have not been able to keep my blog updated in the last little while, as I have been extremely busy with a number of projects. I have received numerous emails from readers who are concerned about the lack of updated news on my blog for the last little while so I thought I would fill everyone in on what I have been working on.

1. As many of you may be aware recently the Islamic Regime has started a major crackdown on Kurdish Students, which has included expulsion, arrests and extremely lengthy and unusual prison terms. I have been working with some friends inside and outside of Iran on a campaign in this regard. It will be a little while before we get that going, but that has taken up a lot of my time.

2. I recently received numerous emails and comments on my blog asking me to focus on religious minorities who are facing persecution in Iran, and in particular to write more about the persecution of Bahai Community. To that end I have made contact with the Canadian Bahai National Centre in Toronto to become more informed and up to date about the persecution of Bahai Community in Iran. (In fact I just came back from a meeting with them) I will write something about this group and their activities as well as our meeting in the very near future. As well expect to hear a lot more about the persecution of Bahai Community in Iran in the near future.

3. Recently an article was published in the Macleans Magazine titled Why did the Foreign Affairs Department rebuff a witness in the Kazemi affair? Which indicates that the Canadian Government has turned away a very valuable witness who may have been helpful in the prosecution of those responsible for Zahra Kazemi’s death. I have also been trying to publicize this issue as much as possible in any way that I can.

4. Of course I have also been translating, translating and translating...

5. I have also been looking into making a website which I think would be much more effective than a blog.

To make the long story short I am here and working very hard, although my blog may not reflect that at the moment. Currently I am in an “organization” stage which I think is crucial if I want to be effective in what I do. Please remain tuned for all the new developments which should be on my blog very soon. In the meantime please keep your comments and suggestions coming...

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  1. sepehr said...
    az mehvarhayi ke baraye kar entekhab kardid va talashi ke darid khoshhal shodam
    dar khosos daneshjoyane mahrom az tahsil alan 2 ta goroh dar dakhele iran baraye peygiri in mozo tashkil shode ke khobe ba onha ham dar tamas bashid , shoraye defaa az haghe tahsil va anjoman hamiyane haghe tahsil
    2- dar morede bahaiyan , be shedat feshar ro roye onha ziyad kardan , alan 7 rahbar bahayi iran dar zendan hastand va bish az 24 nafar dige , 51 bahayi o ham dar shiraz majbor kardan kelas tablighat eslami beran va khoshhalim ke shoma masaleye bahaiyan ro ghasd darid bishtar peygiri konid
    3- dar morede mozo zahra kazemi motevajeh nashodam ke aya shoma kare khasi darid anjam midi ? filmi az reza malek moavene sabeghe etelaat ke shahadat mide dar morede ghatle zahra kazemi akhiran montasher shode va dar youtub hast ke khobe bebinid
    movafagh bashid

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