Tonight I am dedicating my post the real heros’ of the student movement, those who are fighting against the Islamic Regime IN Iran. In the past few days I have come across these amazing videos, of brave Iranian Students questioning and standing up against the Regime. To be in Iran and do what they do is nothing short of amazing.

These are the two videos I found of the 16 Azar Demonstrations Video 1, for those of you who do not speak Farsi, in the first video the students are playing the pre-revolution national anthem “Ey Iran”, and seconds later it seems like the students are being attacked by the Regime Agents, perhaps the Basij who are screaming “mikosham, mikosham, harke baradam kosht” meaning I will kill, I will kill whoever killed my brother.

In the second Video In the second video the students are chanting “Marg bar dictator” meaning death to dictator, and “Niruye Entezami khejalat, khejalat” meaning Security Forces, shame, shame.

This one is of a student in Shiraz University Video I am still amazed about this one, to be in Iran and to say I hate Ahmadinejad... to be in Iran and oppose the Regime knowing the risks, while so called student leaders in the United States are insisting on working within the legal framework of the Islamic Regime...

The student movement is strong and very much alive, no doubt about it...There are real heros, faceless, brave and strong and tonight I am dedicating my post to all of those faceless Iranian Heros.

Long Live the Student Movement


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