Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, the founder of the Kurdish Human Rights Organization, who was recently sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, has written an open letter to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon the Secretary General of the United Nations, from Section 8 of the Evin Prison.

In an open letter to Ban Ki-moon the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, a human rights activist and the founder of Kurdistan Human Rights Organization criticized the United Nations for its lack of attention to the plight of Kurdish Minorities in Iran.

Mr. Kaboudvand is in the midst of serving an 11 year prison sentence in the Evin Prison.

In his letter Mr. Kaboudvand states:

To the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-moon,

The presence of countries with terrible human rights records in the United Nations Commission for Human Rights and their prevention of any positive steps being taken by the Commission to improve and protect human rights globally and particularly in regards to the rights of Kurdish minorities in Iran have caused great concern for Kurdish activists.

Recently the Third Committee of the United Nations General assembly issued a resolution condemning the gross violations of human rights in Iran and in particular the human rights violations faced by the Kurdish Community as well as other ethnic minorities in Iran.

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

Are you aware of the fact that a part of the Iranian population consists of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities? This fact has been denied by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic Regime. They have denied a portion of the Iranian population to keep, protect and nurture their ethnicity, culture and mother tongue.
Although the Kurdish people compose the third largest ethnicity in Iran, their cultural, linguistic, social and political rights are continuously under attack. These people have been suffering for years from discrimination and oppression by the Islamic Regime. The Kurdish people have no social, political or linguistic rights. They have no representation in the national or even local governments in Iran. Kurdish political parties are not allowed to operate and even non-political organizations such as Kurdistan Human Rights Organization are under attack and not allowed to operate.

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

Although the Kurdish people consist less than 15% of the Iran’s population, they also make up about half of the number of people executed and subjected to political persecution in the past 10 years. Currently about 50% of the political prisoners consists of Kurds, who have been branded as “security prisoners” or anti-revolutionary prisoners.

Currently tens of these prisoners are on death row awaiting execution or serving very lengthy prison terms.

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

The Kurdish people and Kurdish human rights activists expect human rights organizations as well as international organizations such as the United Nations to take the persecution of ethnic minorities in particular the Kurdish minority seriously and not to ignore such atrocities Our respectful request is for the United Nations to take steps to stop such human rights violations against the Kurdish people in Iran.

Dear. Mr. Secretary General,

Kurdish human rights activists are extremely concerned about human rights violations in particular:

1. Increase in the number of executions, especially the execution of young offenders.
2. Physical and psychological torture in Ministry of Intelligence and police detention centres’.
3. “Legal torture” such as amputation of body parts, stoning, flogging and other physical punishment.
4. Legal inequality between men and women.
5. Lack of legal rights for political prisoners such as lack of access to courts and to a defence counsel.
6. Lack of social, political and human rights for religious minorities.
7. Lack of social, political and human rights for ethnic and linguistic minorities.
8. Lack of freedom for political and social activists and inability for the formation of active womens’ and students groups.
9. Lack of freedom of thought and speech, lack of freedom for the media.
10. Surveillance by the police and persecution of social and political activists.

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

Human rights activists in Kurdistan and Iran respectfully request that the United Nations and the United Nations Human Rights Commission pay special attention to the human rights violations in Iran, with particular attention to the persecution of Kurdish minorities and to take steps to help stop these human rights violations and to help the cause of human rights and democracy in Iran.

Yours truly,

Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand,
Founder of Kurdistan Human Rights Organization
Evin Prison, Tehran
December 12th 2008


  1. Anonymous said...
    what a joke! Why do you write in English if you want to help Iranians? Get a life bozo
    Shiro_Khorshid said...
    As long as people in Iran contact me and ask me to translate their news to English, and as long as I see that I am useful to them I will keep on doing what I am doing :) The opinion of cowards such as your self are very much irelevent, as usual ;)

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