Islamic Regime security forces in the province of Busher have attacked Mr. Ismail Jafaris' residence and too him to an unknown location.

Mr. Jafari is a brave journalist in Bousher who reports on the problems which the people in Busher face because of the Islamic Regime who has invaded Iran.
Because of the publications of photos of a protest by workers of "Daryayiye Sadra" Company he was arrested and sentenced to five (5) months of imprisonment. Although he had just received his jail sentence and was in the process of appealing it, unfortunately he was attacked by security forces and taken to an unknown location. The efforts of his family to find out information about his whereabouts have been unsuccessful so far.

The Marzeporgohar Party announces that it holds the Islamic Regime strictly responsible for the health and well being of Mr. Jafari.
The Marzeporgohar is extremely concerned about the health and well being of Mr. Jafari and urges all human rights and political organization to take immediate action to help free Mr. Jafari.

Long live Iran
Down with islamic republic
Marze por Gohar Party


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