Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: Although 14 months has passed since the arrest of Hana Abdi and two months since she was exiled to Razn Prison in the City of Hamedan, her family’s efforts to secure a 10 day prison leave for her have not been successful.

A few days ago Ms. Abdi’s family went to the Revolutionary Courts in the city of Sanandaj to follow up on her case, however the judge in charge of Ms. Abdi’s case claimed that he knew nothing about her exile, and the file was transferred to the court of appeal for review.

The fact that the Judge on her file has claimed that he knows nothing about her exile has caused her family great concern.

Ms. Abdi has been charged with acting against national security and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and exile to Razn Prison in the city of Hamedan.


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