Mr. Masoud Hossein Panahi, a political activist residing in the city of Dehgolan was arrested on October 29th 2008. He was arrested in his home by security forces and taken to a detention center in the city of Ghorveh.

Mr. Panahi was previously arrested and imprisoned for one month in 2007 and again for 10 days in 2008, for his participation in a gathering protesting against the death sentence against Mr. Anwar Hossein Panahi.

There is no information about why Mr. Panahi has been arrested or what he has been charged with. His family has tried to obtain information about his whereabouts adn the reason for his arrest however they have not been successful. Mr. Panahi's family is extremely concerned about his safety and well being.

By: Ahmad Andaryari
Translation: Sayeh Hassan


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